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Tomorrow at noon: Learn how artists such as Cory Arcangel, Nam June Paik, Lynn Hershman Leeson, and Laurie Simmons have addressed the changing nature of the self in our increasingly media-saturated reality. Join Teaching Fellow Xin Wang on Zoom. Register:Nam June Paik - Magnet TV, 1965,FunFact Nam June Paik bought the Buddha statue for his work "TV Buddha" (1974) from an antique store!Kpop costumes, Parasite sets, and artworks by the likes of Nam June Paik will go on display this September. See more:🔴🔵🟢 In "Three Camera Participation" (1969-2001), Nam June Paik invites you to enter a live feed + create images with your presence. Each of the three CCTV cameras is connected to one of the primary colors of a video signal: red, blue + green.Counting down on NYE  What better way to say farewell to 2020 than with an artwork that is also a clock made out of televisions?  ⏰: Nam June Paik, “T.V. Clock,” 1963/1981Nam June Paik: "[Holography] is the next horizon... in fact, new discoveries are made in this field every day."TV BUDDHA, Nam June Paik, 1992Nam June Paik, Egg Grows, 1984-1989,Have you seen Nam June Paik's Sistine Chapel (1993/2021) yet?Nam June Paik, John Cage, 1990,Nam June Paik - Blue Buddha, 1998,Drumroll please.... introducing the winners of this year's pumpkin contest! Swipe to see all of the smashing contenders made by SFMOMA staff. 1st place entry by Emmy Mickevicius: Zoom Pumpkin Inspired by Nam June Paik's "TV Buddha" (1974)Nam June Paik: "The Egyptian pyramids are the first example of a combination of high art and high tech."Happy birthday to Nam June Paik, who was born OnThisDay in 1932. Commonly hailed as the father of video art, no artist had a greater influence in revealing the artistic potential lurking behind television’s flickering facade than Paik.SFMOMAMinis Nam June Paik!Nam June Paik- Dadaikseon (The More, The Better), 1988,Nam June Paik - Charlie Chaplin, 2001,Nam June Paik - Untitled (Piano), 1993,Rubber boots, electric shocks and Zen Buddhism – this is what a 1970s visit to Nam June Paik’s studio was like...Nam June Paik, Elephant Cart, 2001,During 1980-1990, Nam June Paik created robot tributes to friends, collaborators + historical figures with his series "Family of Robot." He dedicated these robots to his friends John Cage + Merce Cunningham by incorporating elements that reflected his relationships with them.Let’s channel artist Kota Ezawa’s creativity on TeacherAppreciationDay  Ezawa made this playful mechanical TV in homage to his one-time teacher, Nam June Paik. Turning the wooden spoons changes the “channel.” Kota Ezawa, “Choco Drink TV,” 2012For "The Worlds of Nam June Paik" in 2000, visitors were invited to experience an uncanny fusion of the natural and the technological as the museum's iconic rotunda was transformed by Paik's relentless explorations of the moving image.Nam-June Paik, Video Chandelier No.1, 1989,Tune in to a live webcast of Afterlude/Prelude: Artists Respond to Nam June Paik tomorrow from 2:30 - 9 p.m. PDT.Nam June Paik, Family of Robot: High-Tech Baby, 1987,Works by video art pioneer, Nam June Paik. Uncle (1986), TV Buddha (1974), and Electronic Superhighway: Continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii (1995).

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