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Maritza Morales Casanova: The New Noah's Ark | Nat Geo LiveFive Americans started to climb up Mount Ararat in Turkey, today in 1949, to determine whether Noah's Ark was thereNoah and his Followers building the arkhippo view 2, noah's ark golf, myrtle beach, south carolina, 1979The Problem With Noah’s Ark Repopulating The WorldNoah's Ark Tea KettleThe Atrahasis is the Akkadian/Babylonian epic of the Great Flood sent by the gods to destroy human life. Only the good man, Atrahasis was warned of the impending deluge by the god Enki (also known as Ea) who instructed him to build an ark to save himself.Dr Irving Finkel holding a 3770-year-old clay tablet, that tells the story of the god Enki speaking to the Sumerian king Atram-Hasis (the Noah figure in earlier versions of the flood story) and giving him instructions on how to build an ark which is described as a round 220 ft diameter coraclePatrolling the Ark's deserts almost makes you wish for a Flood outbreakNoah’s ark is shown as a round, domed vessel, with birds and animals peering out of the portholes, with Noah and his family staring through a large opening on the main deck below. Image credit: British MuseumIllustration of Noah’s Ark from the Book of Bedford Hours, Unknown Author (1410)Controversial Museum Re-ignites Creationist Debate (2012)This lion, bear, and tiger were inseparable after being rescued together over a decade ago. The lion recently passed due to illness - Noah's Ark Sanctuary, Locust Grove, GAoverall view, noah's ark golf, myrtle beach, south carolina, 1979Best depiction of Noah’s Ark, ever. Looks as though Noah & fam have dropped anchor off the coast of Capri to catch some rays. [From a German Bible of 1483; printed by Anton Koberger.] Also, in Noah’s day, mermaids carried compacts!The Rumbling VS The Great Flood (Analysing the morality of the Rumbling using religious beliefs)"Every Living Creature" A modern-day Noah's Ark. https://t.co/vcRk9SxMKc (byDr. Irving Finkel holding a 3370 year old tablet telling the story of the god Enki telling the Sumerian king Atram-Hasis (Noah, according to the bible) how to build an ark. The ark is described as a round 220 foot diameter coracle.The Rumbling VS The Great Flood (Analysing the morality of the Rumbling using religious beliefs)What Makes a Mountain Historically Sacred? One Common CharacteristicThe Noah’s Ark of vasesnoah's ark view 3, noah's ark golf, myrtle beach, south carolina, 1979In THE ENIGMA PROJECT, CIA agent Richard Camellion engages in religious philosophy on a quest to locate Noah's Ark. But, we've got the real story behind this adventure in the Middle-East. Read our review for DEATH MERCHANT #25 today atCalifornia builds a 'Noah's Ark' to protect wildlife from extinction by fire and heat

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