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meet, vantage (my own cosplay!)Minor Suggestion: Give the test dummies in the Firing Range Low Profile and Fortified so that different weapons and their damages can be tried out on all three hitbox types.30-30 but legoAll Gaiden event skin reference Watson is naruto octane is luffy Mirage is deku revenant is an evangelion unit fuse is Edward from fullmetal alchemist brotherhood bloodhound is ken kaneki from Tokyo ghoul crypto is goku seer is tuxedo mask from sailor moon Bangalore is sailor Saturn from sailor moonThe Real-Life VK-47 Flatline- Korobov TKB-408. This gun is from 1946, and went up against the AK-47 in trials.They even had the gall to shoot my dead body at the end of the game.I can't be the only one right? New Seer skin.Revenant can't stop being revived because his head moves facilities every time the security is breached, his head is now on ANOTHER planet, to be accurate, Psamathe.Found this cursed image on my old phonejust turned on the old xbox, was met with this surpriseR99 here!Who gets the next reactive skin?Can someone explain why she has a barcode on her head please?All the octane stimsHow many people would like to see Control as a permanent game mode?Banned for saying Slava Ukraine?A concept art of a 30 kill badge hope y’all like it :)Heirloom shop got a sexy new makeoverApex Legends "Warriors" Collection Event TrailerRat Ash - skin conceptFriends And Family DiscountI still pick these thinking they're gonna fitIs it still possible to get the luffy skin?Can we all take a moment to hate on crypto, rampart, and maggie for looking the wrong way on the select screenI 3D printed my own shield battery key chainWas visualising something similar when reading the quest dialogue. Amazing work. Credit artwork: Jessica LeeTo avoid confusion can we all agree to call this guy “Oldcastle”What do you think about wattson cyberpunked recolor

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