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https://i.imgur.com/okggXf1.jpgDe quién es?El tío BernardoThe name of the weed my boyfriend came home with lolGolditoImmigration puns are borderline offensivesomedaysI listen to Los Tigres del Norte, somedays I listen to Tupac. ‍♀️i can’t name a single chicano rapper that isn’t passing 30 lolLa abuela la pelaIllegal imageMarc Anthony narrates anti-Trump ad targeting Puerto Ricans: 'Vote him out'My grandmother speaks Mayan. Something I’ll never get to learn I wish I hadI've always known every Latino has a scary story in their family what's yours?Hi! I’m one of the filmmakers of this new doc about Walter Mercado called “Mucho Mucho Amor” which premieres today on Netflix. For a lot of us growing up, Walter was the time we had to be absolutely quiet or Abuela would flip out on us. We hope you’ll watch! Mucho Mucho Amor to you all! ❤️After complaining about acid reflux (brought on by too much spicy food) and pushing myself to work out, I had these + Tajin before I even got home from workout. Thought some of you may be able to relateWhen you get a chance to work but society has another idea.A little history I just learned.Im burning everydayNombran “Griezmann Mbappe” al primer bebé nacido en el 2022 en la región de Atacama, Chile… 🙃🙃🙃Queremos pastelThis is beautiful!Legal drinking age.Para que se eduquenBaja mamíCon todo, porfisPues fíjate que le salió marihuaneraLatinos be like:They grow up before your eyes 🥺YAHWEHGet realI know this won't make it far, but I'm sick of discrimination against Latinos being so widely accepted from other marginalized groups! The comments don't even understand Latinos can be born in America!Let’s call a spade a spade.Rollo de guayabaNoten como cambia la tipografía en la última palabraasi soy yoYou are what you eat ¯\_(ツ)_/¯No mames weyRed right hand bandNo self respecting Mexican household ever bought those shitty ass products, your mom even warned you the beans were going to be weird that day because the store only had Goya.LiteralPhil didn’t have to go so hardPinche trockahttps://i.imgur.com/87KwhoS.jpgDe nada...Blowing white and non Latino Chef’s minds today...It’s Amazing how many people in the states don’t know this.Se pasanSe sabe

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