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Anyone else ready for what rolls through the doors on Halloween this year?I created a bunch of illustrations as tribute for some of the people who’ve inspired me the most as a nurse.Proof that administration doesn't know wtf is actually important.Thought it was funnyOh scomo🧐I drew a silly nursing comic after a bad shiftGotta have professional solidarityFor the Mask Bandits among us.🤣Cool visualWe never escape the fuckeryThe. Truth.What do we wanna do today?Why are you the way that you are?The Anatomy of a nurse’s brainWhich one of y'all did this? 😂Wer macht das noch?Confused but cuteUs OR nurses are buff af, manlook for this answarSask. nurse who was disciplined over Facebook comments wins court appealRaise your hand if your sure your shift lead or higher would do exactly this!I’ll take all three for $200 AlexThanks Doc!A doctor said this to me towards the end of a VERY difficult day. ❤️ (We had been going back and forth almost all day about one problem after another with our patients)Low quality, but a friend just sent me this and I couldn’t stop laughing.Get back to bed, Agnes!Spread those wingsAppreciating your colleagues and coworkers.You know someone is gonna be a Karen about this.I work on tele floor. Two pts last week: "that positive test is because of something the ER nurse gave me " haha.Well here’s an ideaSuddenly hand washing compliance improved who knew?Made me chuckle.“Nuuuurse!”Doctor advice Very NiceIdk what else to do here...Me everyday at work.It was a good day. Had to get a covid screening test but free lunch! 3 nice thank you cards from families in my work mailbox. And a very nice lady gave me a homemade cookie. Today was a good day.It’s hurt since 1957Lol !! Its halloween is comingAs an ER nurse in metro Detroit who worked her butt off during this pandemic, I find this post by my cousin so hurtful. Seeing that my mom loved this post and then my sister supporting this. Would any other healthcare worker in the trenches of this pandemic be as butt hurt as I am by this?We would have so much fun!Take your pickfun fact: the big H on the building stands for hotel and not hospitalEveryday nurse lifePsych nurse lifeWhen you’ve been waiting to go to the bathroom all shift and your patient says “Oh I have the best story about that!...”Dear Florence Nightingale, don't fuck shit up for me today!It do be like thatLolPerineal pruritis. Stolen from code blue memes. But as CC float pool who loathes CV, this speaks to meAll. Y’all.For the love of God, don't call your kid Saxenda or Jevity!Healthcare people are people too.Please, let me do my job.Polish nurse, humanitarian and social worker Irena Sendler who saved 2,500 Jewish children from Warsaw ghetto during the WW2High flow oxygen delivery guideBig brother/sister nurse who has our back

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