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This is the mountain viscacha, also known colloquially as the sensei rabbit. Despite their name, they are most closely related to chinchillas. Females usually give birth to two babies.Sensei Lawrence supporting the best band in the worldColored version of my previous art. Redraw from Horikoshi Sensei's sketch[Art] - Illustration by Motomi Minamoto celebrating the release of the final volume - Sensei wa Koi wo OshierarenaiDubbletalk Episode 57 - Assassination Classroom Season 2Rumiko Takahashi’s star continues to glow brightly, as she was honored by being inducted into the Harvey Awards’ Hall of Fame! Congratulations, Takahashi Sensei!Uraraka Redraw from Horikoshi Sensei's sketchDorman (SC) high school basketball highlightsColored version of my previous art. Redraw from Horikoshi Sensei's sketchAngry Sensei (made by me Insta: @tish.kawaiart)Pollàri - llàrKelly (Directed by Cole Bennett)Big Think Interview with Dennis Genpo Merzel Roshi | Big ThinkCobra Kai: There Will Be A New Sensei In Season 3Cat loaf ready for shipping. His name is Nyanko Sensei, Kyo for short.Steelseries Diablo III Mouse Unboxing & First Look Linus Tech TipsI drew Aizawa sensei in a ponytail for my friend's birthday!As 2021 draws to a close, let's celebrate with this year's award winners! Tatsuki Fujimoto won The Harvey Award's "Best Manga" category with the smash hit, Chainsaw Man!  Congratulations, Fujimoto Sensei!Two Ninja MovesFall 2017 Anime in a NutshellKrav Maga Martial Arts Workout | Strength Training Exercise | Fit How ToLEGO NINJAGO 70604 Tiger Widow Island - for Collecrors - Collection Ninjago (11/46)Good Night~ (via Eromanga Sensei)This is my piano sensei.Lego Ninjago 70734 Master Wu Dragon - Lego Speed buildSensei - The Shintaro Higashi ShowMasters of Spinjitzu: Stealth Mission | NinjaGo | Cartoon NetworkWhen you roll Nogi your Sensei, and he gets his grips...The coolest sensei (art by me!)Momo Yaoyorozu from mha. ref: Horikoshi Sensei's sketchWho Defeated Their SENSEI? - CHUMP | Rooster TeethJiraiya Sensei fan art by RealExiite (me)[DISC] Sensei, We're With You! (Threeshot part 1)The worst character is Sensei Ira. He takes advantage of Dwight, makes him do menial tasks without pay, makes Dwight pay thousands of dollars to take the classes, and exploits his desire for power by having him continually strive for a black belt. (Which sensei Ira never gives him)LEGO NINJAGO 70725 Nindroid MechDragon - for Collecrors - Collection Spinjitzu (31/46)[ Sensei wa Koi wo Oshie Rarenai ]An advice from Rinko Sensei.LEGO NINJAGO 70505 Temple of Light - for Collecrors - Collection Spinjitzu (36/46)@junjiitofficial was also recognized as the Best U.S. Edition of International Material—Asia for Remina. 👏 Congratulations, Ito Sensei and translator Jocelyn Allen[Art] Yoshitaka-sensei colored by me [Sensei wa Koi wo Oshierarenai]Japanese Whiskey Commercial with Nicolas Cage Pt. 3Steelseries Sensei "Tournament Grade" Wireless Gaming Mouse[ART] your happy and cheerful YUI sensei (Boys abyss)[ART] Akane kurokawa by oshi no ko artist mengo senseiCongratulations to Ito Sensei for his two EisnerAwards! Junji Ito won Best Writer/Artist for his 2020 works, Remina and Venus in the Blind Spot! Remina was also recognized as the Best U.S. Edition of International Material—Asia.@junjiitofficial landed an Eisner Award in the Best Artist/Writer category with Remina and Venus in the Blind Spot. Congratulations, Ito Sensei!One of the greatest harem manga of all time. No reader was left unsatisfied. I lived for the sensei route [Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai]Which tale will Takahashi Sensei spin today? via Came the Mirror & Other TalesGood Night 🌙 (via Eromanga Sensei)Drinks with Sensei (@hotaru_iori)AK Miracles - Legacy | Channel Mengucci

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