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ASMR ⚛️ Big Bang Theory (with Whisperwind ASMR/Official Rayna Tamarin ASMR/Crystal Ball ASMR)How to speak monkey: The language of cotton-top tamarins - Anne SavageEmperor Tamarins at London Zoo | Making Animal Babies | BBC StudiosIn 1972, golden lion tamarins were facing extinction. It was estimated that there were only about 200 individuals left in the wild. That’s when @NationalZoo’s Dr. Devra Kleiman stepped in to establish the Golden Lion Tamarin Conservation Program. (:SIA16-165)The moustache on the Emperor Tamarin Monkey always make me smileThough they be but little, golden lion tamarins are fierce. On Friday, 4/29 at 12 p.m. ET, join archivist Jennifer Wright for a presentation and film about the history of the @NationalZoo's golden lion tamarin conservation program. 🎟️:Yoina, a member of the Matsigenka tribe with her pet saddleback tamarinCan you see where the cotton-headed tamarin gets its name? This small monkey, which lives in forests in northwestern Colombia, only grows to a maximum of around 1 pound (0.5 kilograms). It feeds mostly on insects, but also eats fruit, nectar, and sap.Native to forests in northwestern Colombia, the cotton-headed tamarin only grows to a max of ~1 lbs (0.5 kg). It’s one of South America’s most endangered primates, with deforestation and trapping for pet trade posing the biggest threats. [: christophlorse, flickr]Tamarin - Official Trailer | gamescom 2020The Margay, while quite adorable is a vicious and intelligent predator. One of its many hunting techniques involves mimicking the call of a baby tamarin to lure in adults who are then caught by the Margay and devoured.Margay: The Cat That Thinks It's a MonkeyDoes this Friday have you feeling as golden as the golden lion tamarin? This critter’s name refers to its lustrous coat color & signature lion-like mane. It inhabits the Atlantic Forest that runs through Brazil, where it enjoys hanging out with its family in the tree canopy.Tamarin - Launch Trailer | PS4The emperor tamarin ist wearing the (imo) bestlooking Animal Beard.Leap into the 3D-platforming world of Tamarin, out today on PS4Tiny baby Tamarin joins the family hunt | Primates - BBCTamarin - Action Trailer | PS4Riddle Challenge!!! -- 54321 #16The tamarin is a small monkey of the genus Saguinus native to the New World. There are 13 members of the genus and they live in the treetops in the jungles of the Amazon basin and other parts of Central and South America. Along with their jungle habitat, most species are endangered.Emperor Tamarin tree-dwelling monkey that lives in extended family group.Lightweight enough to forage for fruit and insects on the outermost tips of tree branches.Physical Characteristics: gray with a silvery-brown crown and a reddish orange tail. A prominent feature is the elongated mustach.Cotton-top tamarin, as depicted by Jacques de Sève for Comte de Buffon's Histoire naturelle, générale et particulière (1754). See lots more of the wonderful illustrations from the book in our brand new post:

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