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Tchaikovsky at Cambridge University, wearing doctoral robes. June, 1893. One of the last photos of Pyotr.Karajan's Tchaikovsky 4th: a brief pause that's just too perfectTONIGHT at 8 p.m. ET: The Library of Congress presents, Tchaikovsky & His Poets. Join us for a musical evening:May 1927, Rachmaninov said in an interview (The musical observer) that he composed his Trio élégiaque No.1 in tribute to Tchaikovsky after Rachmaninov heard about his death. What do you think about this piece ? It is one of my favorite chamber music pieceEvgeny Kissin - Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No.1Tchaikovsky #5 Horn Masterclass (Zander)Dueling Pianos - Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto 11893: Composer Peter Ilitsch Tchaikovsky dies from cholera. The Times called his death "a serious loss to music."The full contents of Loom #bigboxgame (Lucasfilm, 1990), one of the most beautiful of its time: superb graphics and magnificent soundtrack based on Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake, which also came on audio cassette inside the box. A jewel for collectors. #retrogaming #retrogames229 Years ago today, the world lost the man Tchaikovsky claims to be the Musical Christ of composers: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. He spent his dying days completing his Requiem & was only able to write the first eight bars of this before he passed away, leaving instructions to his pupil to complete itTchaikovsky: Souvenir de Florence [One of my top five Tchaikovsky pieces of all time!]NowPlaying: From her first solo album in five years, soprano Anna Netrebko discovers all the bittersweet beauty in an aria by Tchaikovsky.I finally own 4/5 of Adrian Tchaikovsky‘s limited edition novellas!Happy Birthday our dear TchaikovskyCarlo Balzaretti - Das Ende. Studio sugli Accordi No. 2Understanding measures 53-60 from Tchaikovsky's Valse SentimentaleHappy birthday Brahms AND Tchaikovsky! Its a big day!I guess comic book pop culture sites are celebrating Tchaikovsky's birthday too now?Colorized version of young TchaikovskyAny love for Tchaikovsky's Symphony 2?A youngish Tchaikovsky sporting a massive fur coat, 1867Tchaikovsky in color. Hope you all have a good day!Trust me Tchaikovsky 1812 overture op.49 gets real good at the 13 minute 50 second part... Shits a rollercoaster that just keeps getting better1981: AMAZING toddler knows all the classical COMPOSERS | That's Life! | Music | BBC ArchiveKeychain 2 - デメル チョコ Comparison of DEMEL chocolate and replicaWhy does Wikipedia gotta do Tchaikovsky like that? First Sentence in this articleTchaikovsky oil painting I just finished :D

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