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TOKYO BY NIGHT 2/2 by @paiheme_studio —A website's typography is one of the most impactful influencers of user experience. Today on the blog, learn how to choose the right typefaces for your web design projects—"Learning code opened my eyes to a whole other technical side of problem-solving that has complimented my creativity as a designer in so many ways." Should designers code? Here's 4 reasons why 🎉 – https://t.co/5RebLKIl7w Art bytriangle studio by Stefan Mallette —Idea - 3D Character by Outcrowd –Out of the Park by BluBlu Studios –Liquid State by @folioart —📸 "Consistency is key with any design element, and photography is no exception." Give it a try! Learn 7 photography tips to enhance your UI designs ⚡️ – https://t.co/asRkNsJcfV Art by tubikHome, sweet home by @getcraftwork —Kiki by Darya Semenova —Urban Lights – Condé Nast Traveler x MGM Resorts by Andrew Nye🏡 Working from home? Here are the top 5 challenges of remote work and how to overcome them — https://t.co/ZApSL9JnkO Shot by GaspartHow to use Illustration as a powerful marketing tool for your brand ⭐️ Contrary to popular belief, illustration is more than just pretty visuals! –Let Change Bloom by @jessienewhouse —Bio icon! by @nouroumousse —Cave of the Crystals by Maya Nguyen for Fireart Studio –✨ What does strong personal branding look like in a design portfolio? Today on the blog, our friends at @Squarespace share 9 examples of portfolio sites that do a stellar job at incorporating personal branding. Check em' out! —One Year of Freelancing by Ray Dak Lam –Portland Oregon Badge by @vconti_design —It's Friday the 13th! by Marcell Szűcs –✨ Building your personal brand? Here are 3 steps to boosting your online presence as a professional designer so YOU get noticed. — https://t.co/D4Dqz8nBkz Shot byWorkshop @EditorX and Dribbble are joining forces with the acclaimed web designer and agency founder, Michael Janda (@morejanda). Discover how to execute profitable website projects that delight your clients every step of the way! ✨The bird and the bear by Sebastian Abboud –Bolt Exploration by Ahmed creatives –Shirts by @PetraSitaru —My Fav iMac by @raphaellopesph —A Beginner's Guide to Learning 3D Design & Illustration ✏️ Everything you need to get started in 3D design and #illustration. Learn the right 3D tools to use, where to learn, and the best industries for you to explore. – https://t.co/N32WQl5cDu [Art by"Cold emails open up a world of opportunity for freelance designers." Keep these cold email templates in your back pocket the next time you’re looking for new work opportunities! – https://t.co/zlFeUL9xXc Art by Darya SemenovaArt Gallery by Halo Graphic for Halo Lab –We are heartbroken to witness the lives and dreams of Ukrainians suddenly shattered by conflict. 🇺🇦 At Dribbble, we believe creativity thrives when human beings are free to design their lives without fear of violence.The Lunchbox by Alex Anderson —Abstract by Laura Calvo —Coffee business by Rokas Aleliunas —Today on the blog, we're rounding up 5 powerful @TEDTalks to help unlock your full creative potential — https://t.co/9UwiiG1HFT Shot byLearn the 11 core principles of design and how to apply them to your graphic design work: https://t.co/nvK6FHBQ2o Art byLearn 11 core principles of design and how to apply them to your graphic design work. Check out visual examples of essential design principles. – https://t.co/dxbxQX3IAF [Featuring art by:Little Wizard by @romanklco —⏳ "These days, we’re faced with multiple notifications and alerts all vying for our attention—especially in remote work environments." Today on the blog, @Dribbble's Head of Ops shares 4 tips for reducing distractions and achieving deep, focused work! —Want to get hired in UX design? What are hiring managers looking for in design candidates? We talked to recruiters, hiring managers, and UX coaches to bring you this ultimate guide to getting hired in UX design. – https://t.co/4vH2L3Fokb Art by UranCoffeen mobile app by @pariaszewski_p —How cool are these?! 😍 36 Days of type by @ethnfndr; All Destiny 2 themed (video game):Monday by @katiedaugherty —Community Poster by @mattpamer —Art by @lebassis 1. YouTube Pride Dinners 2. RuPaul's Drag Race 3. some kind of wonderful :)💸When you need extra income as a designer, there are plenty of options to consider. Over on the blog, we're sharing 3 additional income streams worth exploring — https://t.co/cU1UVcuXvI Shot byTriste Gusano by @vals421 —Flower Power by @elenwinata —🧠 The psychology of design: 15 principles every UI/UX designer should know – https://t.co/8JG54ZZSzm Art by Vladimir HadzicJelly Bean WordPress blog theme by Little Theme Shop Buy now for $30 -Forward is the way by Elen Winata –Amy Adams by @JulianBurford —

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