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Turrets #3 & 4 on the wreck of the USSArizona in Pearl Harbor, 75 years ago TDiH 1942:Letter from Mrs. Morton Livingston Regarding the School Lunch Program, OTD in 1946 “There are several children in our school who cannot afford to pay the full price for their lunches and this is the only well balanced meal some of them have per day.”"Trackwomen, 1943. Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Company" Series: Women Working In Industry, 1940-45“Now before any Negro can register [to vote] he must go into a little side room and read and write to the entire satisfaction of one or two white men . . . “ Letter from C. Dearborn to Pres. Taft, OTD, 1912Bird's Eye View of Sioux Camp at Pine Ridge, South Dakota, 11/28/1890 This photo was taken just one month prior to the Wounded Knee massacre."Post Office deplacing 1st class mail. Central post office, Bourges, Cher, France,"100 years agoHappy Lunar New Year! Wishing everyone a great Year of the Tiger. Chinese Ambassador to the United States Chai Zemin handles a baby tiger, 6/1/1980.2nd Lt. le Beau serves the first Coca Cola to Major Adams, at the grand opening of the battalion's new snack bar, OTD in 1945. The 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion was the only African American women’s unit to serve overseas in World War II.President Gerald R. Ford and Boxer MuhammadAli in the Oval Office, 45 years ago@EvergladesNPS established 70 years ago, OTD 1947. Documerica photo of Chokoloskee Rookery in Everglades National Park, 7/1972. More photos in the @USNatArchives catalog:Sure Cure Headache and Neuralgia Powders, 1/31/1901 Not sure what’s in this? None of us are! This label was trademarked in 1901, before the 1906 Pure Food and Drug Act which required identification of active ingredients in drugs.R. Knaffl Guitars, patented OTD in 1873.A group of Black women in DC wrote to Congress, OTD in 1872: “We are told . . . to acquire all the conditions & surroundings of free citizens; and yet, we are subjected to mortifications, insults, & injuries, such as no free women can endure.”"Franklin D. Roosevelt and Churchill in Quebec, Canada," 75 years ago OTD https://t.co/Bvq9mZRpoi via“ . . . citizens of the District of Columbia pay more Federal taxes than the citizens of 15 other states.” Letter re Congressional representation, OTD in 1977. Today, DC residents pay more Fed taxes than 12 states, and more per capita than any state.Now that Thanksgiving is over, who has started decorating for the holidays? Barney and Miss Beazley Participate in a Filming for Barney Cam in the Red Room of the White House, OTD in 2005“Freedmen’s Bureau,” [part of page] from a Columbus, Alabama newspaper, OTD in 1866. “There was never a time that the freedman needed the interference of such a system to protect him from those who had been, and are still, his best friends . . . “"Soldiers of the 4th U.S. Infantry Division look at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, after the French capital had been liberated on August 25, 1944." 75 years ago“SKATE ME TO THE WAR ON TIME,” 50 years ago OTD https://t.co/r36FMeoptb Remembering VietnamCleaning the statue "Study the Past" in front of @USNatArchives 45 years ago OTD 1972:This vintage poster promoted @NASA’s “Spacemobile”–a traveling educational & outreach program, OTD in 1965Petition of Mary Katherine Goddard for Reinstatement as Postmaster of Baltimore, 230 years agoAbandoned German front-line trench in Flanders Fields, OTD, 1917. Photo: @I_W_M, via the Records of the [U.S.] War Department.President Gerald R. Ford Talking with Chevy Chase, Saturday Night Live Producer Lorne Michaels, John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, and Others at the 32nd Annual Radio and Television Correspondents Association Dinner, OTD in 1976“US Marine Corps (USMC) Marines and US Navy (USN) Sailors…wait in line to call their loved ones back home, while deployed at Camp Fenway, Iraq, during Operation IRAQI FREEDOM, 4/16/2003″ 15 years agoOglala Sioux chief Young Man Afraid of His Horses (his name is more accurately translated They Fear Even His Horses). Photo taken at Pine Ridge Agency, OTD in 1891Fundraising at an American Red Cross Parade, Birmingham, Alabama, 100 years ago OTD May 21, 1918, the anniversary of the founding of the @RedCross on 5/21/1881:“MOTORISTS WITH ODD-NUMBERED LICENSE PLATES COULD OBTAIN GASOLINE AT THIS STATION THE LIMIT WAS 15 GALLONS,” 45 years agoRough sketch of the area where U.S. Indian Agent police convened to arrest Sitting Bull at his house. A fight broke out. Eight Indian Police and eight Lakota, including Sitting Bull, were killed. OTD, 1890."This U.S. Air Force B-26 light bomber of the 3rd Bomb Wing has its 14 forward firing .50 caliber machine guns tested prior to a night mission against enemy targets in North Korea…" 65 years ago OTD 11/27/1952:“Civil Rights Act of 1964,” 55 years ago“…I am ready to place a company of fifty lady sharpshooters at your disposal.” Famed sharpshooter Annie Oakley volunteers her service to POTUS McKinley as tensions rise between the U.S. and Spain, 120 years ago OTD 1898:This political cartoon from 100 years ago OTD captures the Republican elephant and the Democratic donkey seated on the same log fishing in a different kind of pool...the "campaign issues pool."“Granada Relocation Center, Amache, Colorado. Fourth grade girl–Diane Wallace–weeding the school victory garden.” 75 years ago OTD 6/4/1943:Cartoonist Clifford Berryman pays tribute to fallen veterans on this Armistice Day with the wreath-covered tomb of the unknown soldier at Arlington National Cemetery, OTD in 1927A member of the 82nd Airborne Division lands in a drop zone during combined Army and Air Force training, OTD in 1977. (I love this color palette 🤩)“EVACUATION–A Bus overflowing with Namo residents reaches safety after appeal to evacuate town prior to air strike.” During the TetOffensive 50 years ago OTD 1968:A “wash and tie girl” tying stoppers to bottles. This is one of the few unskilled jobs for women in the T. C. Wheaton Co. glass factory, OTD in 1937.Members of a joint U.S./Vietnamese anthropological team sift through ground and stones in an effort to locate personal effects of an American pilot whose aircraft crashed at this site during the war in Vietnam. OTD in 1991Telegram from California hop growers protesting proposed Federal prohibition on brewing beer during WW1, OTD 1917Sonoran Desert Tortoise, from @USFWS’ National Digital Library, OTD in 2010. Reptile Twitter, how old do you think this tortoise is?E Miller's Restaurant in Wallabout Market, OTD, 1941 At the beginning of WWII, the U.S. Government claimed the Wallabout space to expand and secure the Navy Yard. Soon after these photos were taken, all of the buildings of the market were razed.R.M. Moyle M.d. Liquid Inhaler, OTD in 18711868 Treaty of Fort Laramie between the U.S. Government and the Sioux Nation signed 150 years ago OTD on April 29, 1868:Proposed profile drawing for the Battleships USS North Carolina & USS Washington (shown). Dated 5/4/1937Suffering from cold feet? Perhaps you'll like this #invention. A, Greely's PatentDrawing for a Foot Stove, OTD in 1815Letter from George Washington to the President of Congress Regarding the Safeguarding His Papers, OTD in 1776 “They are all contained in a large Box nailed up ... to be delivered to Congress, In whose Custody I would beg leave to deposit them…”“FBI Wanted Poster of John Dillinger,” 85 years agoExamination in Aerial Gunnery from the @USArmy's School of Military Aeronautics, OTD 1917:Treaty Between the United States and the Hunkpapa Band of the Sioux Indians Signed at Arikara Village, OTD in 1825Korean War-era "Newsmap" poster from April 13, 1953 includes news from around the world, including the possibility of truce talks in the ongoing conflict. "U.S. Northeast Command - Vital Bulwark of Defense" on reverse:“We the undersigned, students of the Civics classes in Lyons Township High School, having studied the merits of the Keating-Owen Child Labor Bill, feel that we should like to aid in some small measure such a worthy cause.” OTD in 1916Minnie Thomas, 9 years old, showing the average size of the sardine knife as large as this. Minnie works regularly, mostly in the packing room, and when very busy works night. She says she earns $2 some days packing. Eastport, Me., OTD, 1911SSGT Michael Peterson, 4th Brigade, 23rd Infantry Battalion, demonstrates the correct technique for ice climbing while traversing the Sheridan Glacier, OTD in 1982President RichardNixon, BobHope, JimmyStewart, and FredMacMurray at Lakeside Golf Course in Los Angeles (Toluca Lake), CA, 50 years agoNurses from @JohnsHopkins stop in New York City before heading to France, 100 years ago OTD 1917:"Parade and review of Marines, Second Division, Washington, D.C. Company marking time in column of squads" 100 years ago“Smoke rises from the site of the World Trade Center.” 17 years agoFancy a scone? In this letter from Queen Elizabeth to President Eisenhower, she explains her recipe for drop scones: "Queen Elizabeth’s Letter to President Dwight D. Eisenhower," 60 years ago OTD https://t.co/wASxwuk9LS Scone Recipe:Frankline D. Roosevelt and Churchill in Casablanca, OTD in 1943.Vocalist Denyce Graves performs during a social lunch honoring President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia at the White House, 3/21/2006"Pathfinder Dam site; view looking up the North Platte River showing the dam site" OTD in 1905

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