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The First Men In The Moon, by H G Wells. Amazing Stories, December 1926.Today in pulp: the ladies of RC Modeler! Oh how they love a lightweight balsa..."A realistic story..." Farm Hussy, by Sylvia Erskine. Carnival Books, 1954.In January 1919 a new magazine heralded the dawn of the Weimar era. Its aesthetic was a kind of demented Jugendstil, and its stories were dark gothic fantasies. This is the story of Der Orchideengarten...The Inland Printer, October 1901.Happy StarTrekDay everyone!Executive Assistant. Tall, Blonde And Evil by Greg Hamilton. Midwood Books, 1964.Batman teaching children how to cross the road. London, 1967.Cocteau twins! The Miscreant (1960) and The Impostor (1961) from Digit Books.Ella Van Hueson, 1928's Miss Universe winner from Chicago.Is this a great use of negative space, or just a badly composed photo? Killer's Wedge, by Ed McBain. Penguin, 1970."Man-Hungry Nymph Who Stole Red China's Secret 'Super MiG'." Men Magazine, December 1966. Art by Earl Norem.Catflexing*, by Stephanie Jackson. Ten Speed Press, 1997. (*requires enough room to swing a cat)How it started vs How it's going...Death Says Thumbs Down! Wings, vol 6 no 11, March 1935.Debbie Harry, April 1979.Secret File No 1: The IPCRESS File, by Len Deighton. Panther Books, 1962. Cover by Raymond Hawkey.Today I'm looking at the fabulous work of Margaret Brundage! Come this way...Murder! Insanity! Death! Tea? Anti-narcotics newspaper advert, 1935.East Coast Frolics (1933). Poster by Frank Newbould.The man-machine interface. Gebrauchsgraphik, December 1928.Helen Mirren in The Seagull. Plays and Players, January 1976.You know what I'm in the mood for? Wildcat Adventures! Be warned: these may involve daring, danger and death... BY SNU SNU!Today in pulp... a question. Is it better to be maximalist when it comes to interior design? For this I'll need to revisit the ideal homes of the 1970s. Come this way. Yes, we do take our shoes off in this house...We can stamp out venerial disease! Plus: sinus trouble. Physical Culture magazine, Feb 1936.Girl Gangs: The Shocking Problem of Teen-Age Delinquency, by William Allan Brooks. Padell Books, 1952.Yes, but what happens when we run out of radio?The Three Stigmata Of Palmer Erdritch, by Philip K Dick. DAW Books, 1983. Cover by Bob Pepper.Many readers have asked me "Why do so many pulp covers feature women in ripped red blouses standing in swamps while a man who looks a bit like David Bowie fights off an unusual animal attack?" The answer is: pulp artist Wil Hulsey...Science at work: she is LITERALLY injecting McAfee antivirus into that PC! Računari, March 1992.The bus of the future from 1952.No 1: Licenced To Love And Kill, by Robin Smyth. Corgi, 1979. I've watched this film twice so you don't have to. You can thank me later.Today in pulp... let's look back at a somewhat forgotten British post-war publisher: Digit Books!Medieval emojis: - smiley 😀 - poo 💩 - lol 😂 - OMG 😱Fish Men Of Venus, by David Wright O'Brian. Amazing Stories, April 1940.Of course, cycling’s a lot safer now…Flash Gordon's spaceship.Visit the zoo by coach. 1950s travel poster by Daphne Padden.Life on Ganymede: cats in spanx ride dinosaurs all day long. Bless... Art by Frank R Paul from Amazing Stories.Today in pulp... let me introduce you to Mark Hardin: The Penetrator!Be kind to animals (1934).Today in pulp I head back to 1967! "I read the news today, oh boy..."Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, 1941 edition...Today I had 'the talk' with my kids: they're seeing social media full of dire clickbait about nuclear war from influencers with nothing better to do. They're feeling afraid. I'm no expert, but I am a dad, so I thought I'd share what I had to say.Must get my winter cycling tweeds down from the loft…The Ride Of The Valkyrs: pen and ink illustration by Lawrence Sterne Stevens from Famous Fantastic Mysteries magazine, June 1946We Can Build You, by Philip K. Dick. DAW, 1982. Cover by: Bob Pepper ."She leans backwards and I lean forwards. That's called the oversway!" The Twist. Dell Comics, July 1962."I faced the seemingly impossible task of making a lady out of a Dance Hall Pickup!" Young Romance, December 1949.Sex Stories, December 1926. I only read it for the jazz reviews...And that's it for my pulp trip back to 1962. Time for tea I think...Nobody wanted Spaces. Nobody wanted Fleets. Nobody wanted Moments. Nobody wanted Stories. Nobody wanted Tip Jar. Nobody wanted Twitter Blue. All we wanted was an edit button...Well that escalated quickly...Avengers assemble! Now, exercise... The Mighty Marvel Comics Strength and Fitness Book, 1976.Initially Space Cat was apprehensive about visiting the Moon...A City on Venus: finally pterodactyls are made to earn their keep! Art by Frank R Paul for Amazing Stories.Today in pulp... I shall mostly be tweeting old computers!Nobody: Absolutely nobody: One lone comic artist genius: "Hey, let's make a Frank Cannon comic book! In Colombia!!" Cannon: Detective Privado, issue 2. Editorial América, 1979.Franz Kafka and Ayn Rand in the last ever issue of Famous Fantastic Mysteries, June 1953.10 GOTO CHURCH 20 LOOKUP GROOM 30 RUN Till Death Do Us Part. Starblazer issue 219, 1988.Hake's Atom Bomber target game, 1946.Is 19oz too heavy for shagpile?

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