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Dutch fashion models Sonja Bakker and Femke van de Bosch in Moscow. Photo by Paul Huf, USSR, 1965Lev Anisimov, the first Soviet fashion model, 1970sSunbathers. Photo by Mikhail Ladeyshchikov, USSR, 1980s."TV presenters". Photo by Lev Porter, USSR, 1960"We are peaceful people" painting by Mikhail Borisov, USSR, 1983"Comrades, wash your hands with soap and water before eating" Soviet pocket calendar, 1983.This shirt features a 1944 vintage US map of the Soviet Union with the caption 'The Russian Bear Sharpens Its Claws'. 🐻Soviet girl, 1930sDutch fashion models Sonja Bakker and Femke van de Bosch at Belorusskaya station of Moscow metro. Photo by Paul Huf, USSR, 1965New Year's carols in the city of Rakhov. Photo by Igor Vinogradov, Ukrainian SSR, 1965Soviet tanks in Budapest. Photo by Erich Lessing, 1956Soviet Cosmonaut Matryoshka"Smena" (Change) Soviet magazine cover, 1961Soviet fashion model. Photo by Evgeny Umnov, 1966Gorky park. Photo by Henri Cartier-Bresson, Moscow, USSR, 1954Post-Soviet visual. 1980s mosaic panel in the courtyard of Research Institute for Long-Range Radio Communications in Moscow, Russia. Photo by Natalia Samover, 2018"Bird in a cage" sculpture by Yulia Segal, USSR, 1972"V.I. Lenin in the mountains of Switzerland" painting by Fyodor Lepeshkin, USSR, 1925"Girl with an oar" sculpture by Ivan Shadr, Moscow, USSR, 1935Post-Soviet visual. Gorby no Pipeline Daisakusen was a puzzle video game where the player assembles water pipe segments for a pipeline from Moscow to Tokyo in order to strengthen Japan–Soviet Union relations. It was published by Tokuma Shoten in 1991. H/t toBeer drinkers. Photo by Vsevolod Tarasevich, USSR, 1960sKGB spy gadget: a device for picking up radar and air defense system signals disguised as a tree stump, with the capacity to relay information by satellite.Cameraman. Photo by Rustam Mukhametzyanov, Almetievsk, Tatar ASSR, 1969Military drill. Photo by Eleazar Langman, USSR, 1934Photo by Viktor Akhlomov, Moscow, USSR, 1970."The Red Army is the Defense of the Proletarian Revolution" Soviet poster, 1919"Help, brothers!" Soviet film poster, 1988"A new day has begun for us, a clear, beautiful, working day!" Soviet Ukrainian poster, 1964.Kitchen factory. Photo by Arkady Shaikhet, USSR, 1930Soviet advertising poster, 1973In the shop. Photo by Valentin Khukhlaev, Kazakh SSR, 1959Photo by Wilfried Glienke, Moscow, USSR, 1982"Kosmos" cafe, Perm, USSR, 1960s"Ghost. Fascism" painting by Galina Sevruk, USSR, 1967Distribution of gas masks on Mayakovsky Square in Moscow. Photo by Arkady Shaikhet, USSR, 1941.Post-Soviet visual from the 90s. "Mum, dad and me" via Olga DehanovaFishermen. Photo by Daniel Simon, Moscow, USSR, 1981"Father and Son" photo by Igor Gnevashev, USSR, 1960s"Had a shot, had two ..." Soviet anti-alcohol poster, 1980sPost-Soviet visual. Kharkiv school No. 134. Photo by Nacho Doce, Ukraine, 2022."Our demand: down with foul language!" 1981 Soviet poster Shirt:GAZ-M20 Pobeda Sport Soviet car prototype, 1951Red Army soldier in Budapest. Photo by Evgeny Khaldey, Hungary, 1945Slava Soviet wrist watch, 1970s.Soviet salt and pepper caddy, 1980s.Soviet fashion. Photo by Vitaly Sozinov, Vladimir Yatsina, 1985."Winter. Oranges" painting by Anatoly Volkov, USSR, 1960s"Take care of the cleanliness of rivers and reservoirs!" Soviet environmental poster, 1989Soviet ashtray, 1950sThe Little Prince band. Soviet vinyl record cover, 1989🌽🌽🌽 Soviet poster 'Make way for corn!' Shirt:"My aunt on the Red square, Moscow, USSR, 1971" via ცოტნე ქარცხიაFire in Moscow. Photo by Vladislav Kivrin, USSR, 1960Photo by David Turnley, Norilsk, USSR, 1991."My 85 years old grandpa wants to find his friend from Ukraine 🇺🇦 and they have one beautiful photo together dated 1959. Her name is - Ludmila Pavlovna Podlipniak He is — Givi Shalvovich Lomidze, Tskhaltubo, Georgia. Maybe someone recognizes her" via AríðuÁst Str"Grandmother, Eter Dolidze. She was soloist dancer of Georgian national dances. (Batumi, Georgia)" via Mariam Makharashvili"Young Technician" Soviet magazine cover, 1979

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