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OTD in 1879, a memorial service for Secretary Joseph Henry was held at the U.S. Capitol. Future President James A. Garfield, General William Sherman, and other national leaders gave addresses. Read them with @BioDivLibrary ➡️Today’s the day y’all!! Here’s a picture of William Sherman for no particular reason.The General Sherman Tree stands proudly in this image captured by photographer Michael Nichols in California's Sequoia National Park.Today in History: Union forces under Gen. William T. Sherman capture Fayetteville, N.C., 1865American General William T. Sherman on horseback at Federal Fort No. 7. Atlanta, 1864. Photo taken by George N. Barnard.An elderly William T. Sherman, 1888 ,203]1976 “NOT FOR OURSELVES ALONE” DEPT. OF DEFENSE BICENTENNIAL FILM 1976 26524General William Tecumseh Sherman, 1860. Colorized by me.A friend of mine next to the General Sherman. I couldn't get the whole tree in the picture.The American Presidential Election of 1880OtD 12 Jan 1865 20 Black leaders met with Union gen William Sherman in Savannah, GA. The "40 acres & a mule" plan was devised to seize 400,000 acres from Confederate landowners to freed Black families to help defeat the Confederacy. Pres Johnson reversed it.General Sherman approvesGeneral Sherman, Sequoia National ParkYall ever seen General Sherman? Now thats a unitGeneral ShermanThe worlds largest tree, General Sherman, has been wrapped in foil to protect it against incoming wildfiresGeneral Sherman TreeGeneral Sherman, the largest tree in the world.General Sherman Tree: 83.8 m (275 ft)Aerial view of the ruins of the city of Richmond after General Sherman's "March to the Sea" campaign which began in Atlanta on November 15, 1864, and ended in Savannah on December 21, 1864.[Patsperfect on IG] The Patriots have placed Myles Bryant and William Sherman on the Reserve/Covid listOn this date in 1864, Union Gen. William T. Sherman began his “march to the sea,” driving his army from Atlanta to Savanah, Ga., to destroy anything considered of military value & cripple the enemy war effort.William Tecumseh Sherman in retirement, 1885 .The American Presidential Election of 1864William T. Sherman 1860. Colourised by meThe bottom of General Sherman, Sequoia National Park

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