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Top 5 Biggest Problem Can Be Solve By Technology | ALLTechFactsTOP 5 BIGGEST PROBLEM CAN BE SOLVE BY TECHNOLOGY! There are some most important problems which can be resolved by technology. The following content is the top 5 solutions by which we can resolve the problem of people. Technology is responsible for solving the problem. Know about the technical facts from ALL Tech Facts: 5: QUALITY EDUCATION: Turn over the end of the 20th century; the education sector has not changed much from a technology point of view. The biggest technology revolutions of the last few centuries have passed by the education sector, with only printing making a significant crash. Technology is now remaking the education sector and causing disruptions to business models globally. 4: GENERATING NEW ENERGY: It is probable on paper to produce all our energy from renewable sources, the costs are prohibitive. A large switch to renewable would also need substantial re-engineering of our industries, which is why most projections posit only small and gradual increases in the share of renewable in our energy mix up. Big technology breakthroughs over the decade can change this. 3: CLEAN WATER: Water lack is primarily caused by human activity, and so it is natural to assume that humans can solve it without much difficulty. Some of our purported technology solutions — like big dams and linking of rivers — have a serious environmental impact. For example, it can help get better efficiency by monitoring our usage closely. Toilets of tomorrow will use considerably less or even no water (40% of the water in homes is used for flushing). Newer technologies in industry will utilize dramatically less water. 2: FOOD FOR EVERYONE: As our crop yields decline due to frequent extreme weather, genomics technologies can help boost yield by 20-30%. Genetic engineering can produce crops that can tolerate extreme temperatures. Extensive use of information technology can reduce water and fertilizer use in farms and robots – called farm bots – can reduce back-breaking work. Smart technologies – driven by sensor networks – can fine-tune our food supply chains and cut down waste significantly. 1: HEALTHCARE TECHNOLOGY: We can hope that our better understanding of biology will result in new drugs for killer diseases over the next decade, much of it tailored to specific individuals. But new healthcare delivery technologies will have a big impact on our lives even if we do not get many new drugs in the near future. Blog: http://bit.ly/2rq8w37 Twitter: https://twitter.com/alltechfacts Subscribe us: http://bit.ly/352Vwz4 Note: "This content is under copyright Content ID claim ACT, which can not be used in creative commence any other way or can not be reuse"