Andrew Kleek
Andrew Kleek is a serial entrepreneur and empire builder, with brands, companies and business associates spanning the globe. Located in Manchester, UK.
Andrew Kleek Explains How Technology Has Influenced Event ManagementTechnological innovation has propelled event management into a new era, changing many aspects of the industry as it continuously expands its reach. Events contribute $115 billion dollars to the United States gross domestic product (GDP), according to Meeting Professionals International, while nations like India, Japan and the U.K. are also experiencing significant growth. Any expansion requires technology that will suit the customers' needs and develop an easier method of executing event production. Every industry is influenced by mobile modernization and, in the case of events, it is being highly utilized for ticket purchasing systems. Andy Kleek points out that this approach allows tickets to be available to all fans in all places. Essentially, anyone in possession of a mobile smartphone can now become a ticketing point-of-sale. Consumers are adamant about having fully accommodated mobile experiences during the events, as research indicates that usage rates for mobile apps can reach as high as 94 percent at certain events. Event organizers and promoters are committed to understanding who the attendees are that arrive to their shows. Since much of this information is available on the internet's numerous social media outlets, promoters realize that technology gives them a massive opportunity to collect data about their fans for future marketing purposes. Technology such as scannable QR codes, often used for online ticketing, can serve event professionals tremendously. Near Field Communication (NFC), an example of a location-based tracking used by companies like Google, can provide further insight into a consumer's experience. Virtual reality (VR) is presenting the possibility of fans receiving a 360˚interactive experience from their selected seat prior to even entering a stadium. Our future might consist of eliminating the need for physical attendance at live events altogether, if VR's steady evolvement proceeds. Soon, cashless events could be the norm in live events, with mobile payments such as Apple Pay and social payment platforms like Venmo already replacing cash transactions. Andrew "Andy" Kleek is a serial entrepreneur and empire builder, with brands, companies and business associates spanning the globe. Andy’s main passion and business interest is events. He has set up a string of successful events and brands over the past decade, the highlight of which is the For the Love of Sci-Fi experience, a new event concept created by Andy which crosses a comic con / fan convention with a movie theme park. To get more info, please read the source material of this video: https://knowtechie.com/andrew-kleek-explains-how-technology-has-influenced-event-management/ For more information about Andrew Kleek and his work, please visit any of the following links: andrewkleek.com www.andykleek.com www.facebook.com/monopolyevents twitter.com/monopolyevents1 www.monopolyevents.co.uk www.crunchbase.com/person/andrew-kleek mix.com/andrewkleek www.behance.net/andrewkleek