John J Byrne Comm Cr
Using Water as a Feng Shui RemedyIn Feng Shui practice, common remedies to balance rooms include the use of the five natural elements. The five natural elements are water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. Water is the “Shui” of Feng Shui, which literally translates as wind/water. The recommendation and application to use water should be specific and unique to the property being evaluated. There ARE bad locations for water, so it should be understood that water is not a general panacea for all Feng Shui flaws. When Water Is Used as a Feng Shui Remedy First, let’s define water a little more thoroughly. Water is literally H2O. While pictures of water and lakes might serve some other relaxing or subliminal purpose, in traditional Feng Shui, when water is called for, the real thing is needed. Water should be clean, and I’ve noticed it is about twice as effective when it is gently circulating. The sound of water can be relaxing, and care should be taken to make sure the water does not move too quickly or make an unpleasant sound. The volume of water is also important. Many people use too little and only get a little result. Gallons of water may be needed to make a big impact on a room, and thousands of gallons might be needed to impact a whole building. The use of blue or black color on a large scale, like a whole wall, can emit some of the water energy, but real water is preferred, as in a fountain or fish tank. The way to determine the best location for water in and around your properties, long-term as well as for annual purposes, is based on calculating when your house was built and what direction it is facing. While this is not rocket science, training is needed to understand how this is done.... Continue Reading