Girlfriends Luis Coronel Has DatedLuis Coronel is a well-known singer of Mexican music that he presents in a modern way and that is adored by millions of people all across the globe. His talent and eye-catching good looks attract girls worldwide. So, no wonder he is very popular among female fans. For now, he can boast of two relationships. So, let’s see who these lucky ladies are! Callherdayday 2012 – 2013 It is no secret that since 2012 and up till 2013, the celebrity had been romantically involved with a girl who went by the username Callherdayday on Twitter. Unfortunately, nowadays, all the pictures featuring her and Luis are deleted. In addition, her real name remains disclosed. Christina Bernal 2016 – present time After the break up with his first girlfriend, Coronel had been single for a while. However, in 2016 he made his new relationship Instagram official by posting a picture with his soul mate named Christina Bernal. In addition, he added a post, saying that love wasn’t supposed to be easy, it was supposed to be worth it. Like many other celebrity couples, Coronel and Bernal do their best to keep their romance under the radar. Despite this, they are very vocal about their feelings on social media, uploading mutual pictures and short videos of them being together. It would be also interesting to know that Christina is an Instagram celebrity with over 200.000 followers who regularly follow her romance with the artist. On top of that, from time to time, both of them give interviews to different magazines, sharing their happy moments and demonstrating love. Finally, the two love birds are often seen together at various public places that only confirms their relationship status. Today, the couple keeps going strong. So, let’s keep the fingers crossed for these two. Do you want to see more? Subscribe!
Who is Raven-Symoné Dating? (Girlfriends and Boyfriends)Raven-Symone is a famous actress, singer and songwriter, who is an open lesbian. Despite this, before coming out, she dated both men and women and refused to be sexually categorized. So, let’s get to know more about her past affairs as well as current relationship status. Marquis C. 2000 – 2003 Both celebrities had been going strong as a couple for three years until they called it quits for unknown reasons. Orlando Brown 2003 They got acquainted on the set of That’s So Raven, where they were co-stars. After that, it was rumored that they briefly dated but it was never officially confirmed. And while the actress was silent about it, Orlando stated that they had a sexual relationship. In addition to that, he tattooed Raven-Symone’s face on his chest. Yet, she didn’t comment on that at all. That’s why it still remains unclear whether they were together or not. “Lil J” McDaniel 2003 – 2007 These two love birds got to know each other while acting in Raven’s Home. In that show, they got married, parented two kids and then divorced. For millions of the show fans, they had on and off-screen romance. In real life, they had been romantically involved for four years after which they decided to go separate ways. Jussie Smollett 2007 – 2011 Having split from Lil J, the celebrity moved on with a movie star and singer Smollett. Both of them were a part of the Empire with Symone having a guest role there. They were rumored to be dating from 2007 and up till 2011. At some point, many sources started saying that the artist is pregnant with Jussie’s baby. But the celebrity’s team quickly explained that she was never pregnant to begin with. Afterwards, in one of the interviews, Raven claimed that they were just close friends and never experienced romantic feelings. In 2016 Smollett came out as gay. AzMarie Livingston 2012 - 2015 She is known as a fashion model, an actress, a singer and even a DJ, who had been romantically involved with Raven-Symoné for three years. They could be compared to any other ordinary pair that enjoys spending time with each other, watching TV shows, traveling, supporting, caring for one another and doing many other important things. And even though they were very close, they never really focused on their union seriously. They didn’t consider marriage, kids, thinking that they still have lots of time for that. Instead, they were enjoying career heights and achievements. As a result, this bright romance lasted three years. AzMarie is the last known Raven-Symoné’s girlfriend. Do you want to see more? Subscribe!
Gaten Matarazzo Girlfriend: Lizzy Yu (Dating Timeline)Gaten Matarazzo is a gifted American movie star who rose to prominence thanks to featuring in sci-fi TV series Stranger Things. In terms of career, he is more than successful but what is known about his personal life? Is he dating someone one or is he single? Let’s find out everything about his dating history right now! Lizzy Yu 2018 – present time Apart from being the celebrity’s girlfriend, Yu is also a well-known figure in the entertainment business. She is a musical theatre actress and an Instagram model, who is followed by hundreds of thousands of fans. The two love birds began dating in spring of 2018 and in 2019 they became an official couple. In addition, Lizzy has already met her boyfriend’s parents and they simply fell in love with her. Gaten’s parents approved their relationship, saying that she is a really lovely girl. On top of that, the actor’s siblings also liked Lizzy and enjoy spending time with her. It would be interesting to know that Matarazzo’s co-stars also adore his soul mate and frequently post pictures with her on social media. In March 2019 the pair celebrated their first anniversary. The film performer uploaded a picture with his girlfriend, sharing that he couldn’t believe he was with such a gorgeous girl for the whole year. In such a way, he congratulated her with the anniversary. In May 2019, he posted even more heartwarming picture from their junior prom. It is obvious that Matarazzo and Yu enjoy being together, no matter where they are. For instance, they often attend awards ceremonies and other public events together. And even though both of them have hectic working schedules, they always manage to find time for one another. This cute couple is adored by millions of people all across the globe, so we can only wish them to stay happy. Do you want to see more? Subscribe!
Chumlee Girlfriends List (Tanya and Olivia)An American businessman and a reality television personality Chumlee had been in long-term relationships with several women and is married now! Would you like to know more about his exes and wife? Just keep watching further. Tanya Hyjazi 2013 – 2016 When these two love birds started dating in 2013 nobody really knew who Tanya was. With the time, she started rising to fame and is now a well-accomplished woman. She is a professional chef, who works in a Lebanese restaurant that is located in Las Vegas. The beginning of Chumlee and Tanya’s relationship was very intense. After meeting for the first time, they quickly realized they wanted the same things in life, which was love, family, kids, etc. In such a way, the romance sparked between the two. Perhaps, they would keep going strong as a couple, if police didn’t raid the businessman’s home in the beginning of March 2016. It happened because he was accused of several sexual assaults. As a result of a search, the police found crystal meth, firearms, marijuana, Xanas and other kinds of drugs. He was immediately arrested and it left Hyjazi really devastated. After his release, they saw each other a few more times but decided to go separate ways for good. Olivia Rademann 2016 – present moment When the celebrity got in legal trouble for possession of drugs and weapons, Olivia was by his side. That’s why when he broke up with Tanya, he moved on with Rademann, who is a student at UNLV now. After two years of being together, they got engaged while on vacation in Hawaii. He proposed with a one-and-a-half karat ring and of course, she said “yes”. Upon arrival home, they organized a pre-wedding party that was attended by some celebrities as well as family and friends. In August 2019 the couple tied the knot officially. Nowadays, they are thinking of a business venture for Olivia, who desires to have a chain of eyelash salons. We are sure, the husband will 100% help her with that! Do you want to see more? Subscribe!
Jesse James Girlfriends List (Dating History)In case you look carefully at Jesse James’ dating history, it is not hard to notice that he was scarcely single. He tied the knot several times, he dated quite a few well-known women in his life and of course, has kids. So, let’s have a look at these ladies and their relationships with a TV star. Karla James 1991 – 2002 Other than being widely known as an ex-wife of the celebrity, she is also a popular adult model. Some of the modeling agencies pay great attention to her non-standard body measurements and large breasts. Or it can be even said that her breasts helped her to find her way in the modeling industry. Despite the fact that she had been married to James for 11 years, there is absolutely no information about their love story. However, it is no secret that they share two kids. Janine Lindemulder 2002 – 2004 After the first divorce, it didn’t take Jesse a long time to move with a producer and an adult film star Janine. It would be interesting to notice that Karla and Janine even looked alike: they were both blondes with big breasts. The couple got hitched in 2002 and a year later the porn star was arrested for beating her spouse. In 2004 they were already officially divorced. In a marriage, they parented a daughter Sunny, who lives with dad, as he has full custody. Sandra Bullock 2005 – 2010 These two love birds met back in 2003 when the actress came to see the Monster Garage set with her godson. The chemistry soon sparked between the two and they began dating. In 2005 they got married and had been going strong for 7 years. Sandra was very nice with all her husband's kids, treating them as if they were her own. Unfortunately, it seemed too good to be true. The trouble in paradise started when a woman named Michelle “Bombshell” McGee told everyone that she had been having an affair with Jesse for almost a year. Of course, it resulted in a split and James being one of the most reviled men in Hollywood. Michelle “Bombshell” McGee 2010 The stripper claimed to have slept with the celebrity for about 11 months. As a proof, she even showed photographic evidence of their romance. In an interview with InTouch, Michelle stated she would never sleep with him if she knew he was a married man. Katherine von Drachenberg August 2010 – September 2011 The rumors about the romantic feelings between these two started appearing in summer of 2010 and soon their relationship status was confirmed. They were seen several times together and in January 2011 announced their engagement. Despite this, they called it quits within a month. According to an insider, Katherine had been with James just to get back to her ex. Alexis DeJoria 2013 – 2020 In 2012 the TV star got romantically involved with a professional drag racer and a year later proposed to her. They had been married for 7 years but are divorced now. The reason for it was James’ multiple times of cheating. According to The Daily Mail, he literally “begged” women to have sex with him on such apps as Instagram, Facebook and others. They say he cheated on Alexis over 20 times during their 7-year marriage. Do you want to see more? Subscribe!
Matt Smith Girlfriends List (Dating History)Matt Smith is an English movie star who is successful not only professionally but also romantically. It is no secret that he dated several well-known women but has never been married. So, let’s have a look at his past relationships, current girlfriend and dating rumors! Billie Piper 2006 The actors had a short-lived affair in 2006 when both of them worked together on The Ruby in the Smoke and Secret Diary of a Call Girl that could be seen on BBC. They were seen several times holding hands and definitely enjoying each other’s company. Despite this, none of the parties ever confirmed the relationship status. They remain close friends till present days. Mayana Moura 2009 She deals with modeling as well as acting. The two love birds met on a holiday in Brazil. The chemistry quickly sparkled between the two and they became a union. They were doing great as a couple and it seemed like they were really in love with each other. The only problem was that Smith lived in London and Moura had properties in New York and Rio de Janeiro. So, the lovers could barely find time for each other. As a result, long distance ruined their love story and they split. As one source stated, they really adored each other but just the timing wasn’t right. Daisy Lowe May 2010 – January 2013 She is a gifted actress as well as model, who was first linked to Matt in 2010. They had been in a relationship for three years before calling it quits. It is said that the movie star dumped Lowe just because he was getting too cozy with her and it caused some fear for him. However, despite the split they were spotted together several times, which only proved that Smith was in love with her. A year after their breakup both celebrities became victims of a photo hack when their nude pictures were leaked online. Karen Gillan 2012 While in a relationship with Lowe, Smith was rumored to have a romance with a Scottish filmmaker and actress Karen Gillan. However, during one of the interviews, Gillan stated that even though she was spotted with Matt several times, they were just really good friends. Lily James 2014 – 2019 These two met on a set of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Romantic feelings quickly arose between the co-stars and their dating history began in 2014. According to some sources, the pair had been regularly under strain. Even though it was the actor’s longest relationship, they had their ups and downs within these 5 years. In 2019 Matt and Lily split because of hectic working schedules and his friendships with female stars. The breakup was difficult for both of them but they stayed civilized and didn’t create any drama out of it. Do you want to see more? Subscribe!
Bruno Mars Girlfriends List (Dating History)Bruno Mars girlfriends Bruno Mars is one of those celebrities who prefer to keep their private life under wraps. However, it is no secret that he had relationships with several women and is currently not single. So, who are they and how long did their love stories last? Let’s find it all out right now! Chanel Malvar 2007- 2012 A famous singer started dating a backup dancer Malvar in 2007 and the couple had been together for the next five years. During their relationship, they were very open about their romantic feelings and Chanel often posted photos with her stellar boyfriend on her MySpace page. Unfortunately, this union was ruined when she found out about Bruno’s cheating with someone he had been working with at that time. The split was quite complicated for both of them as they have spent five wonderful years together. When it was over, the artist wrote a song called It Will Rain that was clearly dedicated to Malvar. Rita Ora 2009 – 2011 In an interview with a German magazine Bravo, Rita shared that she got romantically involved with Mars in 2009. She added that it was love at first sight and an amazing experience she would never forget. According to her, he was hired to write songs for her and that’s when the chemistry sparkled between the two. She called him the greatest guy in her life. They were young and ambitious and thought they could overcome everything. Nonetheless, within a short period of time both of them rose to stardom, which made them go separate ways because of hectic working schedules. After the split the two love birds were seen together at a disco but there was no way back to their love story. They remained close friends. Jessica Caban 2011 – present time She is an American fashion model and actress, who was born in New York. It would be interesting to know that as soon as they started seeing each other, she was harassed by the singer’s fans. For instance, they used to write posts on social media, saying that she wasn’t good enough for him. Despite all this, the couple has been going strong for almost a decade now. They appear together at various public events, such as, for instance, Grammys, different festivals, etc. The musician even dedicated his soul mate a song Just the Way You Are. In one of the interviews, he confessed that at some point he felt like losing the love of his life and that’s when that song came to his mind. Today, the couple lives together in the celebrity’s mansion that is worth 3 million dollars. Do you want to see more? Subscribe!
Bill Belichick Girlfriends List (Dating History)Bill Belichick Girlfriends If you are interested in football, then you definitely know the New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick. In point of his professional career, he is more than successful. But what about his personal life? Has he ever been married? How many girlfriends did he have? Let’s find it all out! Debby Clarke 1977 – 2006 She is a businesswoman but is mostly recognized as an ex-wife of a head coach. She was born in Nashville and studied in Wesleyan University, where she met Bill. The two started dating and had been together throughout the college as well as after it. In 1977 they got hitched. While Bill was building his career, Debby decided to be a housewife and raise the kids. In a marriage the couple parented three children named Amanda, Steve and Brian. Amanda is the firstborn in a family and she currently works as a head of the women's lacrosse team. Steve is the middle kid and he is a safety coach as well as Patriot’s secondary trainer. The third child Brian is a scouting assistant for the Patriots. Bill and Debby were going strong as an item for a few decades but things changed in 2004 when Belichick started seeing a receptionist of New York Giants, Sharon Shenocca. It was even reported that he presented her a house worth 2 million dollars, not already talking about monthly cash gifts. That same year Clarke filed for a divorce that was finalized in 2006. Sharon Shenocca 2004 – 2007 The New York Giants receptionist became known to millions of people after her affair with Belichick. However, it would be interesting to know that during that romance, she was married to a construction worker Vincent Shenocca. They had been married for over a decade until Bill came to light. During the divorce proceedings, it was found out that Sharon had a huge secret source of income which was of course the football coach. He paid over 50.000 dollars for her vacations, sent her 150.000 dollars in cash and had been even paying her 3000 dollars monthly cash for three years. Despite the fact that both Sharon and Bill became single and could have built a couple, nothing worked out and they went separate ways. Linda Holliday 2007 – present time A former participant of beauty pageants and a current executive director of the Bill Belichick Foundation, Linda, met Bill at a nightclub, where he was having a nice time and she was enjoying a girls night out. At that time she dated another man but broke up with him to build a relationship with a football coach. In one of the interviews, Holliday shared that the next day after their first meeting, Belichick sent her flowers saying thanks for a wonderful evening. The rest remains a history. With an 11 years age gap they are still together and like spending time together traveling the world. Do you want to see more? Subscribe!
Rob Dyrdek Girlfriends List (Dating History)Rob Dyrdek Girlfriends List Rob Dyrdek is a multi-talented person, who deals with acting, producing, TV hosting, etc. In addition, he is a former professional skateboarder. He achieved many goals in his career. But is he that successful in personal life? Let’s find it out! Erika Schaefer 2010 She is an American actress who briefly dated Dyrdek in 2010. Bryiana Noelle Flores 2013 – present time A stunning model met Rob when he achieved lots of career heights. However, it was she who brought stability and love in the celebrity’s life. The two love birds began seeing each other in 2013. The artist was really impressed with Bryiana’s beauty and wanted to surprise her by taking her on a helicopter ride on the first date. From that same moment, Rob knew she was the girl of his life and dreams. They were going strong, supporting, loving and taking care of each other for the next two years. In April 2015 the producer proposed to the love of his life in a very unusual way. He chose Disneyland as a place of engagement. During the Aladdin show, he appeared on top of an elephant and told Genie that he had three wishes. The first one was to participate in a show, the second one was for his girlfriend to join the stage and the third one was to marry her. Of course, Noelle said “yes”, turning it in a very emotional moment. In her Instagram post she wrote that she would love to spend the rest of her life with her true destiny Dyrdek. In September 2015 the two love birds had an amazing wedding. The newlyweds also shared this news with millions of their fans by uploading pictures and short videos. In September 2016 they welcomed their firstborn, a son Kodah. Rob shared this news in his social media, announcing the kid’s birth date and name. Within a short period of time, Noelle decided to surprise everyone with her second pregnancy in a unique way. She asked her spouse to buy 100 white balloons and then presented him several gifts with hidden clues. Dyrdek couldn’t understand them for a few minutes until Bryiana handed him a positive pregnancy test. The TV host was over the moon as he wanted a daughter a lot. And that’s exactly what he got in December 2017. They named her Nala. Do you want to see more? Subscribe!
Harry Styles Girlfriends List (Dating History)Harry Styles Girlfriends A handsome and talented singer Harry Styles has quite an exciting dating history, as she is handsome, fun and intelligent. So, no wonder the list of his exes is so long. It includes models, actresses and other well-known women. Let’s have a closer look at them! Caroline Flack 2011 She is a popular presenter, who worked on the X-Factor, where she met a future star. In her autobiography she stated that once Harry was noticed coming out of her house and people immediately started calling her a pervert or a pedophile because he was just 17 at that time and she was 15 years older. Negative public attention and reaction on their affair made the two split. Emma Ostilly 2012 The romance between the singer and a model started in 2012 when they were seen kissing in New Zealand. After that she featured in One Direction’s music video. However, it never turned into something serious and quickly led to a break up. Emily Atack 2012 After Ostilly, the artist moved on with a British actress Atack. In an interview with Reveal Magazine, Emily stated that they never were a boyfriend and girlfriend. It was just a short-lived fling with a bit of fun. Caggie Dunlop 2012 Well, looks like 2012 was quite busy for Harry. That same year he also briefly dated a star of the reality show called Made in Chelsea. Taylor Swift 2012 – 2013 The two pop stars got romantically involved in late 2012. They were spotted together in Central Park and many other places. For the pity of millions of their fans, the relationship ended within less than a year. And moreover, it tanked not on the best of terms. After that Swift wrote a couple of songs that are most probably dedicated to Styles. Nicole Scherzinger 2013 Another short-term hook up was a lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls. At that time Nicole was on a break from her partner Lewis Hamilton and so, didn’t mind having a fling with Harry. Kimberly Stewart 2013 Perhaps, no one would even know about their romance if Kimberly’s father didn’t spill the tea. He mentioned seeing the artist’s car in his driveway one morning. He also added that Harry was a very kind and funny guy. Kendall Jenner 2013 – 2014 At first, everyone thought that these two were just friends until they were not spotted having dinner in one of LA restaurants. Nonetheless, the union didn’t last long and they called it quits within a year. Erin Foster 2014 The rumors of Harry and Erin's relationship began flying after they were seen together at a pumpkin patch. Good or not but they went separate ways very quickly. Perhaps, the 12-year age gap played its role. Nadine Leopold 2014 – 2015 It is no secret that Styles is into models and Leopold is a Victoria’s Secret runway model. They were linked together after several dates. It looked like everything was serious between the two until their sudden split in March 2015. Sara Sampaio 2015 She is another model of a Portuguese origin Harry had romantic feelings for. They were photographed together entering the hotel and the next morning, Sara left it, wearing the same clothes. Georgia Fowler October 2015 The singer and a model briefly dated in 2015. Georgia posted a video on her Snapchat showing how they played games together. Kendall Jenner 2015 – 2016 These two love birds reunited in 2015 and spent the New Year together on a yacht. After that they were seen shopping together in LA as well as having dinner. Whatever it was but their relationship status wasn’t confirmed. Pandora Lennard January 2016 During the reunion with Kendall, Harry was seen leaving Lennard’s house after spending the night there. We do really hope that it was just a rumor and there was no cheating thing. Tess Ward 2017 She is a food-blogger and a chef, who had a short affair with Styles. She left him after a few months to be with her ex. Camille Rowe 2017 – 2018 She is another Victoria’s Secret model the performer had been with. The two were going strong as a couple and Styles even introduced her to parents. Unfortunately, they broke up after a year of being together. Despite the split, they remained close friends and can be often seen together, grabbing lunch or having a walk. Kiko Mizuhara 2019 Kiko is a high-fashion Japanese-American model. When rumors about their relationship started spreading, she quickly shut them down, saying she didn’t know Styles. But she was then seen at the singer’s 25th birthday that he celebrated in Tokyo. Maybe they were not hugging or kissing but it was obvious that they knew each other. Do you want to see more? Subscribe!
Kristen Stewart Girlfriends, Boyfriends List (Dating History)Kristen Stewart Boyfriends and Girlfriends A gifted movie star Kristen Stewart has been in the spotlight for many years. And we are talking not only about her professional life but also personal. It is no secret that she dated quite a few well-known men as well as women. So, let’s look at her interesting dating history. Michael Angarani 2005 – 2009 They were co-stars of Speak and that’s when they started seeing each other. The union lasted 4 years until they decided to go separate ways. Robert Pattinson 2009 – 2012 The celebrities got romantically involved as soon as they began featuring in Twilight. In 2009 they were openly spending time together but the public pressure on their romance was gradually ruining the item. However, they managed to keep their love away from the public eye and Pattinson even considered proposing to Stewart. Everything turned upside down when the actress got into a cheating scandal that ruined her love story with Robert. Rupert Sanders Circa July 2012 He is a recognized director, who had a short-lived affair with the celebrity. Us Weekly posted exclusive photos of their makeout. Both of them denied any romantic feelings and Kristen was then seen begging Pattinson to be with her again. Robert Pattinson September 2012 – May 2013 After a short fling with Sanders, the movie star apologized to Pattinson and they reunited. However, they didn’t manage to make it work and within less than a year it all fell apart. In an interview with Esquire UK, the actor shared that they were both young and perhaps it was normal but nothing could help them repair the relationship. In her turn, Kristen stated that Robert was the strongest love of her life. Lane Garrison 2013 – 2014 These two love birds were co-stars of Camp X-Ray as well as an item for a year until the split. Alicia Cargile 2014 – 2016 The chemistry between an actress and her personal assistant sparkled in 2014. It would be interesting to know that the celebrity’s mother was more than fine with it, as her daughter felt happy. She even called Alicia a “lovely girl”. Despite it, they split after two years of being together. Soko March 2016 – May 2016 Stephanie Sokolinski more known as Soko is a French singer who had been romantically involved with Stewart for three months in 2016. The musician claimed that she was very much in love. Indeed, the couple was spotted many times holding hands, hugging and kissing each other. That’s why their breakup after just a few months surprised everyone. St. Vincent October 2016 Her real name is Annie Clark but in the world of music she is known as St. Vincent. The actress and the singer appeared together a couple times at public events and somehow their relationship ended as soon as it started. Stella Maxwell December 2016 – October 2018 These two love birds were first linked together after the 2016 Met Gala. Then the model visited Kristen on the set of a film Lizzie, making it obvious that they are a real deal. In addition to that, they moved in together and were quite vocal about same-sex marriage. In 2018 they appeared at the Cannes Film Festival but after their trip to Amsterdam that was in October, things went south. Their split was confirmed that same month. Sara Dinkin December 2018 – April 2019 After Maxwell, the celebrity moved on with a stylist and a blogger named Sara. The two were often spending time together, walking their dogs, hiking, roaming around holding hands, etc. Furthermore, they were photographed kissing at the Coachella Festival in April which made millions of fans believe that they are serious about each other. Nonetheless, they broke up and an ex girlfriend Stella was to blame. Stella Maxwell May – August 2019 Kristen and Stella rekindled their romance and were soon seen having dinner in LA. In summer they enjoyed a great vacation in Italy, yet their ways parted once again and the actress was soon dating a new girlfriend. Dylan Meyer August 2019 – present time A curious fact – they both knew each other for a long time but romantic feelings arose just in summer of 2019. Kristen was seen kissing a screenwriter Dylan in New York and later they were spotted literally everywhere: in restaurants, karate classes, film festivals, etc. The movie star confirmed that she is in love with Meyer and is considering making things official. She also added that she fell in love just a few weeks after meeting Dylan and immediately wanted to have kids with her. Do you want to see more? Subscribe!
Celine Dion Boyfriends List (Dating History)Celine Dion Boyfriends List A worldwide known singer Celine Dion has one of the most beautiful voices ever. So, no wonder she has millions of fans across the globe. Many men were and still are attracted to her but her heart still belongs to the one and only man in her life. Rene Angelil 1988 - 2016 The celebrity’s career boomed at a quite young age. When she turned 12, her parents decided to record a few songs and send them to Angelil, who was a renowned producer in Canada. He was really amazed by a young starlet’s skills and even took a mortgage on his house to begin her career. The two love birds began dating when Rene was 45 and a rising star only 19. They did their best to keep this relationship from the public eye and it worked. In 1991 they secretly got engaged and in 1994 announced their wedding that happened that same year. The ceremony took place in Montreal and was even broadcasted live. However, not everyone was happy for this union. The celebrity’s mother had a problem of her daughter being with a man, who is 26 years older. But this issue was solved as their love was obvious, natural and real. As any other newly created family, Celine and Rene wanted to have kids but faced certain troubles conceiving. They had been trying to have a baby for several years in a row and finally their firstborn Rene Charles drew his first breath. After that the singer had several miscarriages until she finally gave birth to twins. The first problems in paradise happened in 1999 when a music producer was diagnosed with cancer. After two years of fighting with the disease, he went back to normal. Unfortunately, in 2014 the throat cancer was back and the artist cancelled all her tours to be with the spouse. Angelil passed away in 2016 being 73 years old. His death was a big tragedy for the whole family. He had been together with the singer for 28 years with 21 of them being a married couple. Pepe Munoz 2016 He is a Spanish illustrator, who shares a tight bond with the celebrity. In accordance with some publications, Pepe has been close with the singer since the death of her husband. It was added that he kept her close, isolating her from friends and making her listen to everything he said. From the other side, there are sources that defend Munoz and one of them is Celine Dion herself. In an interview with Extra she explained that Pepe is her gay friend, who helped her mentally, physically and spiritually to cope with a loss of beloved Rene. Do you want to see more? Subscribe!
Emma Roberts Boyfriends List (Dating History)Emma Roberts Boyfriends List Emma Roberts is a remarkable American actress who can boast of an impressive professional resume. However, her dating history is not less interesting, since she dated quite a few famous men. Let’s look at the list of her ex-boyfriends, fiancés, and a current soulmate. Alex Pettyfer 2008 The co-stars of Wild Child met on a set of a movie. Despite their young age, they fell in love and it was a really whirlwind affair. Alex even tattooed Emma’s initials on his finger. They had been together for almost a year before going separate ways. In an interview with Glamour UK, the actor shared he didn’t regret breaking up with Roberts. Ryan Sheckler 2008 – 2009 After the split with Pettyfer, the movie star moved on with a professional skateboarder. Their union lasted just five months. Perhaps, it could last longer if Ryan didn’t start seeing AJ Michalka. It turned into a love triangle and Roberts decided to leave it. Dathan Kuppin 2009 – 2011 He is a tennis player but is not as popular as Emma. Nonetheless, it didn’t stop them from becoming a real deal. They were linked together in 2009 when they were seen having dinner. For the next two years they were together, enjoying the time before calling it quits in 2011. Chord Overstreet April 2011- May 2012 The speculations about these two love birds being an item emerged soon after they were spotted together at the 2011 Coachella Music Festival. According to the Daily Mail, it was an on and off relationship, as they used to fight a lot and then get back together. It all ended after one year and Overstreet started seeing another actress. Evan Peters 2012 – 2019 The celebrities began dating in 2012 while working on a movie Adult World. In December 2013 the actress was arrested on suspicion of domestic abuse, as Peters had a bloody nose. Nonetheless, she was released as Evan didn’t press any charges. In March 2014 the couple announced their engagement but they didn’t make it down the aisle and split in May 2016. A few months later they reconciled and in January 2017 got engaged for the second time. But the situation repeated and they went separate ways in 2019 for good. Christopher Hines 2016 Following a short breakup with Peters, Emma got romantically involved with Hines. They were introduced to each other by a mutual friend. Even though they were together for a few months only, the union was confirmed official by both parties. Garrett Hedlund 2019 – present time Roberts is currently in a relationship with a Triple Frontier star. They are often seen together at different places, holding hands and kissing. Recently they have celebrated one-year anniversary of being together and it is obvious that they are comfortable with each other. So, let’s see what the future holds for them. Do you want to see more? Subscribe!
Sabrina Carpenter Boyfriends List: Dating HistoryDo you know who Sabrina Carpenter is linked up with now? And who are the lucky men she was romantically involved with in the past? Let’s have a look at her dating history to know more about the American singer and actress’ love life. Bradley Steven Perry May 2014 – August 2015 He is a talented movie star, who is known for his parts in Good Luck Charlie, Mighty Med, Lab Rats: Elite Force and others. The two love birds began dating in 2014 and were called one of the most romantic pairs ever. In addition to that, millions of fans considered them to be a really hot couple. However, after a year of dating, both of them went silent. They stopped posting mutual pictures on social media, they were not seen together anywhere and finally, they stopped being vocal about their feelings. As it turned out, they went separate ways but remained close and supportive of each other. Amir Mitchell-Townes September 2015 Amir who is more known by the stage name AMIRacle is a remarkable rapper and movie star. He rose to stardom thanks to a role in a sitcom Girl Meets World, where Sabrina also took part. In addition, he collaborates with many other celebrities, creating and releasing music. He was rumored to be linked up with the famous singer in 2015, when they started posting mutual pictures on social media, including Instagram, where they have millions of followers. Then he appeared in Sabrina’s music video Hold Tight, which only proved their feelings for each other. However, despite all speculations that were going around these two artists, it turned out that they were just friends. And even though they demonstrated certain chemistry both on and off camera, it was nothing more than friendship. Corey Fogelmanis 2015 – 2019 He is a multi-talented person, who deals with sports, photography, acting and dancing. Lots of speculations about their relationship emerged when they began featuring in the Girl Meets World. According to many publications, they were a real deal but just preferred to hide their feelings from the public eye as well as fans. On the one hand, these two love birds shared cute videos of them being together and in one of the Instagram posts, Corey even wrote that he loved Sabrina. On the other hand, they later stated there was absolutely no love affair. The actress confirmed that they simply supported each other and had been the best friends. She also added that the closeness between them that was seen by millions of people was nothing more than a natural way of behaving between two people, who share a tight bond. Griffin Gluck Summer 2019 till present He is an actor who met Sabrina on-set of Netflix‘s Tall Girl. In March 2020 they posed together at the premiere of Griffin's new movie Big Time Adolescence. Do you want to see more? Subscribe!
Heidi Klum Boyfriends List: Dating HistoryA stunning German-born model and TV personality Heidi Klum dated quite a few well-known men. So, let’s have a closer look at her dating history that includes three marriages, two kids and several ex-boyfriends! Ric Pipino 1997 – 2002 He is a well-known hair-stylist, who walked Heidi down to the altar in 1997. They had a beautiful wedding in New York that included German traditions. After five years of married life they filed for a divorce. Despite the split, they remained good friends. Anthony Kiedis November – December 2002 Romantic feelings between a model and a frontman of Red Hot Chili Peppers began soon after her divorce. They were seen enjoying time in Sydney, being pretty affectionate. However, this fling ended as quickly as it started. Jay Kay 2003 He is a lead singer of a band called Jamiroquai. He met Klum on a set of the band’s music video Love Foolosophy. Their romance was so short that according to some publications it was just a rumor. Flavio Briatore March 2003 - November 2004 The chemistry between an Italian racing manager and Heidi sparked very quickly in 2003. Despite a 23-year age gap, they were going strong as a couple and the model even got pregnant with her first baby. However, soon after that Flavio was spotted kissing Fiona Swarovski, who is a jewelry heiress. This led to Briatore and Klum split and their baby was welcomed soon after that. Seal 2004 – 2012 These two love birds started dating when Heidi was pregnant with Flavio’s baby. After a year of being together, Seal proposed to her on top of a glacier in Canada. Of course, the model said “yes” and their wedding ceremony took place in Mexico in 2005. In a marriage, they parented three kids. They were a real deal and that’s why their divorce in 2012 was a big surprise for millions of fans. Martin Kirsten 2012 - 2014 Following the separation from the second husband, the model got romantically involved with her bodyguard and had been with him for two years before calling it quits. Vito Schnabel 2014 – 2017 The runway star and a New York based art dealer started seeing each other in 2014. At that time Klum was 44 and Schnabel 31. Perhaps, that was the main reason for their on and off relationship. Just a month before their breakup the People magazine reported of a couple taking a break. Tom Kaulitz 2018 – present time In 2018 Klum worked as host at Germany’s Next Top Model and that’s where she was introduced to the guitarist of Tokio Hotel by a mutual friend. Soon after that they were seen kissing at America's Got Talent in March 2018 and in April they were already vacationing in Mexico. They made their first public appearance at the Cannes amfAR Gala in May 2018. As one insider shared, it was love at first sight for both celebrities and their 16 years age difference doesn’t play any role, as they just love being together without worrying about what people might say. On Christmas Eve of 2018 Tom proposed and made it a really wonderful day for the whole family. In February 2019 they secretly got hitched and have been living happily ever since. Do you want to see more? Subscribe.
Miley Cyrus Boyfriends List: Dating HistoryMillions of people across the globe know Miley Cyrus as a gifted singer and actress. But what is she like in personal life? Let’s find out more about her past relationships and flings! Nick Jonas 2004 – 2006 When Nick and Miley began dating they were just teens, who met through Disney Channel connection. According to Jonas’ brothers, he was really into her and she even inspired him to write a song called Lovebug. However, after two years they broke up. Justin Gaston 2008 – 2009 Justin is an actor and model, who took part in a reality show Nashville Star that was organized by the singer’s father. And that’s eventually how they got to know each other. At that time Miley was 15 and Justin 20. They had been together for 9 months before calling it quits. They say the main reason for it was the artist’s friendship with her ex Nick Jonas. Liam Hemsworth 2009 - 2013 The couple first met in 2009 on a set of movie called The Last Song. For both of them it was love at first sight but they made their first public appearance as an item only in 2010 during the Oscars. In August 2010 they split but reconciled quickly within three months. In June 2012 Liam proposed with a 3.5-carat diamond ring and of course, the singer said “yes”. Unfortunately, they didn’t make it down the aisle and instead, announced their split in September 2013. The breakup with the love of her life was very hard for Miley and she even unfollowed Hemsworth on social media. Mike Will Made-It October 2013 His real name is Michael Len Williams II and he is a well-known producer who worked on one of the singer’s albums. The rumors of them being a couple started spreading when both of them were spotted together at a New York party that was dedicated to Cyrus’ album. They looked very comfortable with each other. Kellian Lutz December 2013 The speculations of these two celebrities began growing because they were seen kissing and partying in Las Vegas. Nonetheless, the Twilight movie star claimed they were just close friends, who liked to hang out together and nothing more than that. Jared Leto February 2014 According to Us Weekly, a short-lived romance between Cyrus and Leto started after the pre-Grammys party. They were noticed talking a lot and definitely enjoying each other’s company. However, their relationship status has never been confirmed. Patrick Schwarzenegger 2014 – 2015 Their first public appearance was during one of the American football games. It looked like everything was fine between them until Patrick was spotted partying with his ex in Mexico. It is obvious that this union simply wasn’t meant to be and so, shortly after 5 months they went separate ways. Stella Maxwell July 2015 Maxwell is a Victoria’s Secret model, who met Miley through mutual friends via Instagram. Even though this affair lasted only a month, they enjoyed the time in Disneyland, where they were seen kissing. Also, Stella appeared in the singer’s music video. In an interview with Elle, the celebrity shared that she is pansexual and very open to new relationships no matter how long they will last. Liam Hemsworth 2016 – 2019 In May 2016 Liam confirmed that they are back together. In October of the same year, they got engaged and in December 2018 had a beautiful wedding. However, after just 8 months of a married life, everything was over. The film performer filed for a divorce and wished Cyrus nothing but happiness. Kaitlynn Carter August – September 2019 It was quite a surprise for everyone, when the singer was spotted kissing Carter during a vacation in Italy. Upon their arrival back to LA, they were seen several more times. As it was reported later, they could never become a real deal, since Cyrus didn’t want anything serious. Cody Simpson October 2019 – present time Following the split from Kaitlynn, the artist moved on with a talented Australian singer. It would be interesting to know that they have been friends for many years and Simpson even shared that Miley was his celebrity crush. It looks like everything is serious between them and Miley even took her new boyfriend to Nashville to meet her parents. Do you want to see more? Subscribe!
Erin Andrews Boyfriends List: Dating HistoryErin Andrews is a famous sportscaster and a TV personality who dated talented actors as well as professional athletes. So, let’s have a look at the list of her relationships to learn more about her personal life! David Wright 2008 It was rumored that Erin was romantically involved with a baseball star but it was never confirmed by any of the parties. However, there is a NSFW tape, where they can be seen together. Maksim Chmerkovskiy March – July 2010 It is no secret that Andrews took part in Dancing with the Stars and her partner was Maksim. The chemistry between them on screen and off screen was obvious and undeniable. Unfortunately, this union lasted only a couple months. Aaron Rodgers Early 2011 The couple was first noticed together in Green Bay, having lunch. After that they were seen a few more times in each other’s company but none of them confirmed being an item. In one of the interviews, the football quarterback claimed that it wasn’t anyone’s business. That’s why it still remains unclear whether they really ever dated or not. Josh Hopkins 2011 These two love birds were linked together, as they were enjoying time at Lollapalooza in Chicago. Their affair was indeed, very short-lived. Chace Crawford 2012 A Gossip Girl actor and a sportscaster dated briefly in 2012. Many people couldn’t first believe that they are really together, as Erin was eight years older and looked more like his mom. However, the celebrities didn’t care about public opinion at all and just continued going strong. It is still unclear why, but they split after several months of dating. Jarret Stoll 2012 – present day A former NHL star started seeing Andrews in 2012. After five years of being together, they tied the knot officially. The couple had a very beautiful wedding on a mountain top in Montana. The territory was decorated with flowers, chandeliers and bright colors. They don’t have children as yet but they do have a cute dog named Howard. Do you want to see more? Subscribe!
Jennifer Garner Boyfriends List: Dating HistoryA stunning film performer Jennifer Garner dated many well-known men. If you want to know more about the actress’ past relationships, ex- boyfriends, ex-husbands, dating rumors and a current soulmate, then you are at the right place! Scott Foley 1999 – 2003 The two love birds met on the set of a movie Felicity back in 1998. A year later, they started dating and in 2000 tied the knot officially. Unfortunately, they didn’t last long and in 2003 filed for a divorce that was finalized that same year. In an interview with Allure, Jennifer stated that her ex-spouse is a really nice man but they just couldn’t understand what hit them and they simply imploded. Michael Vartan August 2003 – March 2004 The celebrities started out as co-stars in an American action thriller TV series called Alias that had been lasting from 2001 and up till 2006. According to Vartan, they were just friends but with time their feelings grew into something more and they confirmed being a couple in summer of 2003. After a year of being together they called it quits for unknown reasons. The actor shared to USA Today that they began as friends, were friends during the relationship and will be after, despite the split. It looks like they really remained close, as they congratulate each other with birthdays every single year. Ben Affleck 2004 – 2015 It would be interesting to know that prior to dating, both actors played in Pearl Harbor of 2001 and Daredevil of 2003. In 2004 they went public with their romance and in 2005 had a beautiful wedding. That same year, the couple welcomed their firstborn, a daughter Violet. In 2009 they became parents for the second time to Seraphina. In 2012, the third kid, a son Samuel became a wonderful addition to the family. The union broke up in 2015 when they announced the split. After that the actor was in rehab for alcohol abuse and Garner eventually filed for a divorce in 2017 that was finalized a year later. Nowadays, they are friends and caring co-parents to their three children. John Miller 2018 – present day Soon after the divorce, the actress got romantically involved with a CEO of Cali Group. It was reported that Miller feels to be the happiest man alive when he is with Jennifer. In 2019 another insider added that they look super in love with each other and no one would be surprised if they got engaged any time soon. Do you want to see more? Subscribe!
Meek Mill Criminal HistoryRobert Williams aka Meek Mill has started his career in hip-hop in 2003. By his 32 years, he has managed to become famous not only for his songs, but also for his two criminal affairs. In 2008, rapper got sentenced to 11-23 months in prison. The reason was drug dealing and gun possession. After release, a probationary period of 8 years was supposed. At the beginning of 2009, Mill got freedom under a five-year parole agreement. At the end of 2012, Meek broke the probationary period, and was required to notify the Court about his travel plans. In May 2013, Mill again was accused in breaking the probationary period. It was done because the celebrity was not able to give the information about his concert plans. This situation led to the order to visit etiquette lessons. In June 2013, it was admitted that Meek did not tell the Court about his trips again. Also, he had missed the etiquette lessons. The Judge claimed that Mill had many problems, and the Star would rather do his best. But the celebrity thought that his performances were more important than any lessons. On July 11, 2014, the sentence from three to six months of imprisonment was announced. Hip-hopper gained freedom on December 2, 2014. On December 17, 2015, he violated the conditions of parole again. The judge refused to give him another chance and required him to stop his professional activity before February 5, 2016. On this date, there was announced about 90 days of house arrest starting from the 1st of March. A probationary period of 6 years was supposed. Then, there were 8 additional days added to house arrest. On March 11, 2017, Meek had a new trouble with law at the airport in St. Louis because of attacking two people. On November 6 same year he got from two to four years of imprisonment. At the beginning of 2018, there were investigations conducted into the judge, and an officer involved in Mill's initial accusation. It was revealed that those individuals were corrupt. An appeal was filed for the annulment of Mill's sentence. On July 24, 2019, Meek's appeal was granted. The celebrity received the support of such a famous personality as Jay-Z. Mill claimed that he was glad that his case shed light on the corruption. Unfortunately, our hip hop star lost a possible profit of several million dollars due to many canceled concerts.
Jennifer Lawrence Boyfriends List: Dating HistoryA big Hollywood star Jennifer Lawrence is very talkative when it comes to her professional career. But as soon as it is about her private life, she prefers to keep it secretive. That’s why very often her relationships stay under the radar. So, let’s look at her previous dating history and find out everything about her spouse! Nicholas Hoult 2010 – 2014 The co-stars of the X-Men: Days of Future first met on a set of a movie and quickly struck up a romance. They had been dating for three years and looked like everything was really great between the two. However, in 2013 they announced their split. Within a short period of time they reunited to break up once again in summer of 2014. In her interview to the ABS News, she shared that the breaking up point was really hard and she couldn’t understand who she was without Hoult. The actress also added that she couldn’t wait to get married and have children. In 2016 Jennifer and Nicholas were seen chatting during the Golden Globes, meaning they walked separate ways on good terms and perhaps, even remained friends. Chris Martin August 2014 – August 2015 Shortly after Hoult, Lawrence moved on with the frontman of Coldplay. Their pair was a big surprise to millions of their fans, as at that time Martin was still finalizing the divorce with Gwyneth Paltrow. Nonetheless, the two love bird didn’t care much about public opinion and used to spend a lot of time together. They traveled on a private jet, the movie star often visited Chris’ concerts, they were at Harry Style’s 21 birthday party together, etc. Unfortunately, it all didn’t last long and the first rumors of their split surfaced in 2014. Despite this, the couple remained together just to call it quits in 2015. Liam Hemsworth December 2015 The celebrities were filmed together in the Hunger Games films. Technically, they have never confirmed being a couple and their affair was really short-lived. But during the appearance on Watch What Happens Live, the actress mentioned that they did have some kisses off-screen and that Hemsworth is a really hot guy. Darren Aronofsky September 2016 – November 2017 The two were first linked together while they were working on Mother! movie. When it was over, they began dating despite the 22-years age gap. Their relationship was blossoming very quickly and they were seen together at many places, such as intimate dinners in New York, red carpets, restaurants, etc. After a year of being together, they decided to go separate ways. In an interview to Vogue, Lawrence shared that it was one of her best dating experiences ever. Cooke Maroney June 2018 – present day After the split from Aronofsky, the celebrity got romantically involved with the director of New York City’s Gladstone art gallery. They did their best to keep the relationship out of the public eye as much as possible. However, the actress was seen wearing a massive ring and in January 2019 the couple confirmed that they are engaged. In autumn of 2019 they officially tied the knot and their wedding was attended by 150 guests, including Amy Schumer, Adele and other famous people. Lawrence’s publicist confirmed to the Associated Press that the wedding took place at the Belcourt of Newport mansion in Rhode Island. Congratulations! Do you want to see more? Subscribe!
Vanessa Hudgens Boyfriends List: Dating HistoryIt is no secret that a gifted movie star Vanessa Hudgens is apparently single right now. But the list of her ex-boyfriends is not that short and she can boast of really long-term relationships. So, let’s take a look at her dating history. Zac Efron 2005- 2010 The two actors first met back in 2005 on a set of a High School Musical, where they were co-stars. At that time they were just teens and so, the chemistry quickly sparked between the two. They had their ups and downs throughout the years but they have always managed to stay professional. In one of the interviews, Vanessa shared that dating Zac really made a difference in her life, as everything was almost always smooth and organic. When they suddenly announced their breakup in 2010, millions of fans hoped for a reunion but as the actress said – that’s definitely not going to happen. Nowadays, they are not in touch and lost any contact. Josh Hutcherson 2010 Soon after the split with Efron, Hudgens was rumored to be romantically involved with another actor. Josh and Vanessa are talented Hollywood film performers and both of them played in Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. After that, many publications claimed they were a couple. Later, the movie stars gave an interview to The Daily Mail, where Hutcherson mentioned that his heart was broken but in a joking way. Many people still believe that they were just good friends. Austin Butler 2011- 2019 The relationship between these two love birds started when Vanessa was 22 and Austin 19. During almost 9 years of being together, they have worked really hard on their couple and both of them have changed a lot. In an interview to the Women’s Health of 2018, the celebrity admitted that she would really like to marry Austin, have kids with him and travel the world but she is not in a rush. Everyone’s clock is different and they respect each other’s wishes. This couple had been really going strong for many years until they realized that they stayed together out of habit but not feelings. In addition, they wanted completely different things in life. Finally, their working schedules were so busy that they simply couldn’t find time for each other. Their long-term union broke up in 2019 but they still care for each other. Do you want to see more? Subscribe!
Selena Gomez Boyfriends List: Dating HistoryA famous singer Selena Gomez was linked to quite a few famous men. And no wonder why, since she is really gorgeous and talented. So, let’s see who she really dated and who was with her just according to the rumors. Taylor Lautner 2009 The celebrities first met in early 2009 in Canada, where Selena was working on Ramona and Beezus, while Taylor was filming New Moon. They had been together for a few months and broke up as soon as they were done with work in Vancouver. However, it is obvious that they remained friends, as they post mutual pictures on social media from time to time. Cameron Quiseng 2010 There appeared some speculations about these two love birds dating when they were noticed playing bowling. Some publications stated that it was a real date, whereas others claim they were just good friends. That’s why it still remains unclear whether they ever actually dated. Justin Bieber December 2010 – April 2014 The two artists were first linked together in the end of 2010. According to Us Weekly, they were noticed having a date at IHOP. But both of them denied any romantic feelings. Nonetheless, they then began appearing at various public events together, which only proved that they were a couple. Things went south for these two in 2014 when Gomez found Kylie Jenner’s photos on Bieber’s phone. This led to a breakup and her new boyfriend. Orlando Bloom April 2014 The two of them were seen flirting at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Some sources said, they hooked up just to make Bieber jealous, whereas in fact, there wasn’t any romance. Justin Bieber June – October 2014 In summer Justin uploaded a picture on Instagram, saying that his and Selena’s love is unconditional. However, they didn’t manage to last long and within a couple of months walked separate ways once again. They say, Kendall Jenner was the main reason for the split. Zedd January – March 2015 At first, the singers worked on music together and dropped a song I Want You To Know. But it didn’t take fans long to understand what was really happening. Even though they had been romantically together for just three months, it made Zedd feel very uncomfortable after the relationship was over. His phones were hacked, reporters called his parents, etc. Niall Horan December 2015 The rumors began swirling after they were spotted kissing and hugging at Jenna Dewan’s birthday party. Then they were seen on a couple of romantic dinners and Selena even went to London to support the One Direction member. In the interviews she was giving, she friend-zoned Niall, claiming they were nothing more than friends. Samuel Krost January 2016 The couple briefly dated in the beginning of 2016. They were photographed cuddling and holding hands many times, which gave everyone a thought that they were together. They even went on vacation to Costa Rica. After the split, Krost confirmed their relationship on Instagram but then deleted that post. Charlie Puth March 2016 Both of them collaborated on Puth’s song called We Don’t Talk Anymore. Even though they denied being an item at first, Charlie then eventually confirmed to Billboard that it was a very short-lived but impactful relationship. Orlando Bloom May 2016 The actor got back in Gomez’s life once again when they were seen cuddling at a launch party in Las Vegas. However, at that time Bloom was dating Katy Perry who quickly squashed the rumors of Selena and Orlando being together. The Weeknd January – October 2017 The singers broke the Internet after they were seen kissing in Santa Monica. Then they traveled to Italy and became an official couple in spring of 2017. They were simply inseparable and even got a cute puppy. Their love lasted 10 months until they broke up. The main reason for it was the fact that the singer started seeing one of her ex-boyfriends again. Justin Bieber October 2017 – March 2018 The iconic couple got back together and it didn’t take them long to make it clear for everyone that they were dating. The love story fell apart for the third time as Justin fell in love with a model Hailey Baldwin, who he married in autumn of 2018. Niall Horan October 2019 The two love birds were seen multiple times hanging out in groups but they were often very close to each other with his hand being around her waist. Nothing is official as yet, so let’s just wait and see! Do you want to see more? Subscribe!
Dak Prescott Girlfriends List: Dating HistoryAmerican football quarterback Dak Prescott has always been popular among women. He is handsome and successful and that’s why he attracts a lot of female attention. He had several relationships with some of them being really serious. So, let’s see who he is dating now and who his ex-girlfriends are. Kayla Puzas 2014 – 2016 The first athlete’s serious relationship started in 2014 with a graduate of Georgia Southern University, Kayla Puzas. They had been together for two years and looked like a lovely couple. Nonetheless, the separation was painful for both of them and Kayla even erased all mutual pictures with Dak from her Instagram and other social media accounts. Dallas Nicole Parks 2016 – 2017 She is a model, who appeared in Playboy. Also she often takes part in Miss Social, which is a non-nude social media competition. The couple had been together for less than a year and perhaps they would keep going strong if Dallas didn’t leak information about her relationship with the sportsman. The point is that she is very popular and active on Instagram. So, she wrote a post there, saying that Prescott is not a person he wants to seem. Of course, millions of people reacted to this social media meltdown that resulted in a breakup. Park was later trying to explain that her phone was simply hacked. However, it was already too late. Yasmine Lee 2017 – 2018 The two love birds were first seen publicly together in autumn of 2017. Afterwards they posted a few stories on social media that were quickly picked up by many newspapers and magazines. And even though they never confirmed their status, Yasmine did give a few hints. For instance, she mentioned attending some of the sportsman’s games and watching one person in particular. This union lasted a year. Ireland Borba 2019 Looks like Prescott is into models, as Borba is another model who was linked to Dak. They were dating for a few months before appearing in public together at a Top Golf in Tampa. It is not known for sure whether they are still dating, since the lovers are not seen together, don’t post anything on social media, etc. For now, it is definitely the celebrity’s latest girlfriend. Do you want to see more? Subscribe!
Brad Pitt Girlfriends List: Dating HistoryIt is no secret that Brad Pitt dated quite a few women. Throughout the years, the actor’s tastes changed and so did his girlfriends and wives. So, let’s have a look who, when and for how long captured his heart. Sinitta 1980s The singer and movie star dated briefly but there are no details about it. Robin Givens 1986 – 1987 She is a former model, a writer and an actress who had been together with a film performer for a little bit less than a year. Shalane McCall 1987 The couple had a short-term relationship when both of them acted in the TV show Dallas. Christina Applegate 1989 The two had a brief affair that didn’t result in anything serious. Jill Schoelen 1989 The two love birds met on a set of a film called Cutting Class. The chemistry soon sparked between the two and they got engaged after a few months of dating. However, Jill then broke up with Pitt. E. G. Daily 1989 He was rumored to have an affair with an American singer and voice actress E.G. Daily. Juliette Lewis 1989 - 1993 Both actors had been on and off relationship for four years, after which they decided to call it quits. Geena Davis 1991 It was rumored that Brad had a fling with a co-star from Thelma & Louise. Jitka Pohlodek 1994 She is a model, who was first publicly seen with the film star during the premiere of Legends of the Fall. But as any other union, this one also didn’t last long and ended within a few months. Thandie Newton 1994 – 1995 The British actress had been romantically involved with Brad for almost a year before calling it quits. Gwyneth Paltrow 1995 - 1997 The celebrities met on a set of film in 1995 and soon after got romantically involved. They had been together for two years and then decided to walk separate ways. Demi Moore 1998 It was reported that actors briefly dated in 1998. Jennifer Aniston 1998 – 2005 The couple had been dating for two years before tying the knot in 2000. After five years, they divorced because Pitt fell in love with another beautiful actress. Angelina Jolie 2004 – 2016 After the breakup with the first spouse, he was almost immediately noticed with Jolie. In 2006 they became parents to a daughter and in 2008 welcomed twins. Brad also became a dad to Jolie’s three adopted children. In 2014 they had a beautiful wedding but in 2016 Brangelina filed for a divorce that was finalized in 2019. Sienna Miller 2017 The actress was first linked to Pitt 10 months after his separation with Jolie. They were spotted together having a nice time during one of the dinner events in LA. Then they were seen once again at the Glastonbury Festival. Sat Hari Khalsa 2018-2019 She is a holistic healer as well as a jewelry designer, who was linked to the celebrity at the Silverlake Conservatory of Music Gala. Us Weekly mentioned that she is an earthy woman with a beautiful mind and that’s what Pitt is attracted to. Alia Shawkat 2020 The mystery woman the actor was rumored to date turned out to be his good friend. They were seen together many times, attending comedy shows, concerts, art galleries and other places. The inside sources claim that even though they spend a lot of time together, the actor is not interested in having any relationships now. Instead, he is focused on work and 6 kids. Do you want to see more? Subscribe!
Robert Pattinson Girlfriends List: Dating HistoryPersonal life of one of the hottest actors Robert Pattinson has always been interesting to millions of people worldwide. Many of his characters are very often super romantic but what about real life? Is he as romantic off screen? Let’s check this out! Nina Schubert 2003 – 2006 The actor started dating a worldwide known model at the age of 17 while she was 20. It was one of his very first serious relationships and it would be interesting to know that they used to be neighbors. According to many publications, the couple was madly in love and they even lived together for some time. However, in 2006 their ways parted as Robert decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career and Nina remained in Britain, developing her path as a model. Despite the break up, they remained friends and are often in touch. They can even call each other any time of the day and night and ask for advice. Nikki Reed February – June 2009 The actors had been together for four months before Robert left to be with another co-star. Kristen Stewart 2009 – 2013 The dating rumors about the Twilight co-stars first appeared in 2009 during the shooting of the first film. But at that time Stewart was romantically involved with Michael Angarano. During the second part of the vampire saga, Kristen and Michael walked separate ways and so, chemistry between Pattinson and Stewart began to heat up. Their status as a couple was confirmed in 2009 and for the next three years everything was great between the two until the actress got the roles in Huntsman and Snow White in 2012. In 2013 she was caught cheating on Robert with the director of these movies. In such a way, the union broke up. In one of the interviews, the actor shared that he doesn’t have hard feelings towards his ex-girlfriend anymore and he is over it now. Dylan Penn 2013 Dylan is a daughter of Sean Penn and can be often seen in public. She was rumored to date the celebrity for a few months in 2013. FKA Twigs 2014 – 2017 She is a famous singer, who began seeing the actor in 2014. They were so much in love that in 2015 even got engaged. Nonetheless, they never made it down to the altar and called it quits in 2017. The main reason for a breakup was their busy and hectic schedules. That’s why the movie star decided to end it. Mia Wasikowska September 2017 – June 2018 Mia is an Australian-born actress, who had been with a handsome actor for almost a year. Unfortunately, there is no information about their love story. Suki Waterhouse July 2018 – present day Soon after the separation with an ex-fiance, the celebrity was noticed in the company of a stunning model. At first, everyone thought it won’t last long but the couple proved them wrong. They were seen together in Paris in 2019, having a nice time at a Dior dinner party. It is rumored that the lovers got secretly engaged during Christmas of 2020, as they were celebrating this holiday with Suki’s family. Do you want to see more? Subscribe!
Drake Girlfriends List: Dating HistoryIt is no secret that a famous rapper Drake dated quite a few women. All of them are from different spheres of life, starting from models, singers and finishing with porn stars. So, let’s have a look at his past relationships and a current one. Nicki Minaj 2009-2010 Being both stars signed to the same label, no wonder they got close. Despite the fact that they never confirmed their romantic feelings, there was definitely something between the two. On the one hand, Drake was clearly saying that he had a crush on Nicki and that he would want to marry the rap queen. On the other hand, they insisted on being friends. Rihanna 2009-2013 The artists had been in an on and off relationship since 2009. Sometimes they appeared at various public events but eventually everything went south after four years of being together. Maliah Michel Late 2010 The artist briefly dated a US model and maybe something could work out between the two but Drake didn’t like her stripping career. Serena Williams 2011 – 2015 Throughout these years, the singer was often seen watching the athlete playing tennis but they never confirmed anything. Sophia Marie January- March 2012 The American model had a short-term affair with Drake and even featured in one of his music videos. Rita Ora April – August 2012 These two love birds were working together on Rita’s single R.I.P and so, there started appearing rumors that they are more than just friends. Then the singer appeared in Drake’s video which only proved their mutual feelings. However, the rumors stopped as quickly as they began. Tyra Banks October 2013 Being a guest at The Ellen DeGeneres show, the rapper claimed dating a top model. They even went to Disneyland but their love story lasted only a couple of dates. Both of them remained friends. Zoe Kravitz 2013-2014 The artist was first spotted with an actress at a Beyonce concert. Then they started posting mutual pictures on social media. And even though they had been dating for less than a year, it was official. Amber Rose 2015 The famous model was linked to a rapper after they were seen together on New Year’s Eve. Though they deny everything, there was definitely a fling between the two. Hailey Baldwin June 2016 The model was rumored to date Drake as they were noticed having a nice time at the rapper’s pool party organized on Memorial Day. Later, it turned out they were just friends. India Love October 2016 An Instagram model had a short affair with the artist, who later mentioned that it was nothing serious and could never grow into something important. Jennifer Lopez December 2016 – February 2017 The stars got together during Christmas time of 2016. She was seen at the songwriter’s New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas. Nonetheless, this union also didn’t later long and they broke up within a few months because of busy schedules. Sophie Brussaux January 2017 Both lovers were spotted on a trip to Amsterdam. In May of the same year she shared that Drake asked her to get an abortion after telling him about her pregnancy. She didn’t listen and gave birth to a baby-boy in October 2018. Just a year later the rapper admitted having a son and even posted a photo with him. Malaika Terry May 2018 This pair was noticed many times in Toronto. It looked like he was pretty comfortable with a bikini-model but once again it didn’t last long. Zmeena June 2018 The celebrity was spotted with an Instagram model in one of the restaurants holding hands. After that, she uploaded pictures with Drake and got lots of negative comments. Stefflon Don November 2018 She is the British rapper who was seen with Drake in Miami. They also used to exchange flirty messages and there was obvious chemistry between them. Bella Harris 2018-2019 She is a model who works for Elite New York City agency. At first, they started out as friends but then got closer. The couple lasted almost a year. Imaan Hammam February 2020 The lovers were seen together for the first time in winter of 2020. According to the sources, the artist really enjoys his romance with a supermodel. They also came together hand in hand to the New York Fashion Week. Do you want to see more? Subscribe!
Lonzo Ball Girlfriends List: Denise GarciaLonzo Ball is a professional basketball player, who has managed to build a successful career despite his young age. But what is known about his personal life? Is it also successful? Let’s have a look! Denise Garcia 2014 – present day She is a popular Instagram model from California, who is also known to millions of people thanks to appearing in Ball in the Family reality show. The couple began dating back in 2014 at high school and even though they experienced many ups and downs throughout the relationship, they are still together. In the end of 2017 the couple announced Garcia's pregnancy and both of them were very happy about the news. In July of 2018 they welcomed a baby girl and named her Zoey. However, just a few months after that the two love birds broke up and Denise started threatening Lonzo, asking for $30.000 per month as child support. And if he doesn’t pay the money, she will write a book, describing all the truth about the entire Ball family. A few months later everything blew over; they quickly reunited to separate once again in 2019. And even though it wasn’t their first time of not being together, it was painful for both of them. In an interview to the USA Today radio, the basketball player said that they called it quits but are doing fine and keep co-parenting their daughter. In 2020 the lovers reconciled again and are planning to launch a baby apparel line soon. Ally Rossel 2019 In 2019 SportsGossip published an article about the sportsman and linked him to a new woman. The relationship between Ally and Lonzo were always unclear, since there wasn’t any evidence of their affair. They were just spotted together during a couple of outings but nothing more than that. Do you want to see more? Subscribe!
The Criminal History of 21 SavageShéyaa Bin Abraham-Joseph also known as 21 Savage started his career as a rapper in 2014. By his 27 year of life he also has three criminal charges. In October 2014, the celebrity had a criminal case about drugs that were found in his car. But later the charge was dropped. On February 3, 2019, the musician was arrested. The police stopped the car in which except of 21 Savage there were his cousin and two other men. The target of the police was those three men. They were accused in gang activity. But later it was announced that the rapper had been staying in the US illegally for the last several years. It turned out that he was a citizen of England and his visa expired in 2006. In different interviews, the singer always affirmed to be born in Atlanta, Georgia. And his team claimed that Shéyaa had been trying to get a visa since 2017. Soon the public was shown his birth certificate, where it was noted that he was born in London. The lawyer claimed that in 2006, when the rapper`s visa expired, he was only 12 years old. The lawyer also stated that 21 Savage did not try to hide his origin and tried to get a visa from 2017, and there was official confirmation of this in the relevant state department. The celebrity had really officially applied for a type of non-immigrant visa offered to victims of crime and their families who were willing to help law enforcement officials investigate or prosecute criminal activity. The musician was released from custody. He was allowed to travel across the United States but not abroad. On February 15, 2019, the singer was arrested. He was charged with theft. The fact is that in 2016 a promoter paid him 17 thousand dollars for the concert. But the concert did not take place. And 21 Savage did not return money. The promoter sued him. Later he was released because it was not a crime, but a civil dispute. So, the rapper was often close to the prison, but did not wind up in it. Darling, you have to be careful!
NBA Youngboy Arrests: His Criminal RecordsNBA YoungBoy or as he was born Kentrell DeSean Gaulden is an 20-years old rising star from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This young talented rapper was highly evaluated by critics and colleagues, including such music icons as Nicki Minaj, 21 Savage, Meek Mill, and others. By this age, he managed to release eight mixtapes. To note, just one track out of fourteen in “38 Baby'' isn't freestyle. Apart from the dynamic career start, the rapper has succeeded in breaking law multiple times and becoming a father of four children. The celebrity has a really impressive criminal experience. His “adventure” story began on November 28, 2016, when the star was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder with the use of firearms. According to the investigation, Kentrell and his comrades were shooting at Kentucky Street in South Baton Rouge. Fortunately, there were no casualties. As a result, the rapper was sentenced to two counts and bond of two hundred thousand dollars. On the top, 250 hours of community service were included. YoungBoy was condemned to three years of active probation and conditional ten-year term. Before his sentence on August 23, 2017, he spent almost seven months in jail. The next arrest happened on February 25, 2018 right before his stage performance. This time the guy was accused of repeated assaulting, kidnapping, and gun violence. He was released on March 16, 2018 on bail. The story went on in February, 2019. An accident happened at the Atlanta Hyatt House hotel. The star with his then girlfriend, Starr Thigpen, was physically assaulting a local employee. The both were marijuana-drugged. In total, there were over three motions made to send him to prison instead of probation term. Any posting in social media was banned for the celebrity. That year, the rapper was also involved in a deadly shootout which took place in Miami on May 17, 2019. The investigation proved it was a defense-case, so no ''punishment'' was received. Police claimed this was an assassination attempt against the rapper and his then-moment surrounding. However, YoungBoy violated the probation and was to be arrested for at least a month for the investigation. Kentrell’s criminal story is full of charges and uncertainty. The fans just hope he would be able to choose one of his roles to never become a threat for society. His music is so much beloved, and the rapper will tour in 2020. The nearest concert is to be held in Houston, TX on March, 6. Subscribe!
Henry Cavill Girlfriends List: Dating HistoryHenry Cavill is one of the most handsome and hottest men on the planet Earth. So, no wonder that he is constantly surrounded by stunning and much younger ladies. Would you like to know who they are and how their relationships developed with the Hollywood actor? Then keep watching! Ellen Whitaker 2009-2012 She is a well-known showjumper, who met the movie star at the Olympia International Horse Show in 2009. The couple had been very happy together, enjoying each other’s company, traveling, visiting various public events, etc. In 2011 they even got engaged but unfortunately, never made it down the aisle. In 2012 they broke up, saying that the main reason for it was the distance, as Henry headed to Hollywood to feature in Superman and Ellen moved to Newcastle, where she could deal with horses. Gina Carano 2012-2014 It didn’t take the celebrity long to start dating a new girlfriend and this time it was a mixed martial arts fighter and an actress. They were first spotted together in autumn of 2011. In summer of 2013 it became known that the two split up but in October of 2013 they were seen together again, drinking wine in a restaurant. After the short break up the lovers reunited and even bought a cute Akita puppy. Nonetheless, even the four-legged friend couldn’t keep them together and in 2014 they finally called it quits. It is still unknown why it happened but it was definitely Gina who dumped Henry. Kaley Cuoco July 2013 During a short break up from Carano, Cavill had a fling with a Big Bang Theory star that lasted less than two weeks. On the one hand the actors had very public dates, meaning that they could have done it for the media to talk about them. On the other hand, who knows, maybe there was really some chemistry that finished as quickly as it began. According to many sources, Kaley and Henry remained friends. Marisa Gonzalo 2014-2015 No one could ever believe that an animal rights activist Cavill would start a romantic relationship with an animal-killer. However, it was really like that to the huge disappointment of millions of his fans. This girl is known for posting pictures of killed animals and then making a boast of it. In addition to that, all she wanted from her date is to get fame and popularity. Unfortunately, it took the actor too long to realize that. Henry left Marisa when he found out that she had leaked all the pictures from their vacation. The break up was so serious that Gonzalo even deleted all her social media accounts for almost a month. Tara King 2015-2016 The film performer has always liked younger girls and when he met Tara at a nightclub, she was 19, while he was 33. This union lasted a little bit less than a year but it was obvious that for Tara, Henry was the love of her life. After the breakup they tried to remain friends and Cavill even invited King to his birthday party that she gladly attended but the relationship was over. Lucy Cork 2017-2018 These two love birds had been together for a year but it was never meant to grow into something more serious, as Cavill is a “free agent”. Soon after the break with a 25-year old stuntwoman, the actor was already looking for new love. Do you want to see more? Subscribe!
The Criminal History of Blueface (Johnathan Pinky Michael Porter)An American rapper and songwriter Jonathan Michael Porter, known by his stage name Blueface, managed to do something important by his 23 years. This young man has gained fame and a son. For a while, he has been raising his son by himself and used to be home daddy. In 2017, he started his career in hip hop and was twice arrested. For the first time it happened on November 16, 2018 in the evening. A suspicious man tried to rob the rapper at a gas station. Having decided to defend himself or just to take revenge, Blueface shot in a robber's car. The shot caused the driver to lose control and led to a car accident. Shooting in a car with a person inside is a crime, not self-defense. Therefore, the celebrity was arrested and kept in prison for two days. He was released after making a bail of 50 thousand dollars. The second arrest happened on February 1, 2019. The police raided a group of people. Among them there was our celebrity, too. Most of those people had unregistered weapons. Some of them managed to get rid of the guns. But Porter and several others were taken into custody. Taking into account that the rapper had been arrested for a crime related to firearms before, he was threatened with three years in prison for his unregistered gun. But the problem was resolved with a bail of 35 thousand dollars. Immediately after making a bail, he gained freedom. Blueface continues getting popularity not only among fans, but also among the hip hop elite. However, the fact of two cases related to firearms at such a young age makes everyone think he should be more careful with guns if he wants the justice system to be fair to him further. For the first two episodes, he has managed to escape the jail.
Elon Musk Girlfriends List: Dating HistoryA worldwide known billionaire Elon Musk is always surrounded by Hollywood beauties. Perhaps, that’s why the list of his ex-wives and girlfriends is not that short. So, let’s have a look at Tesla's founder relationships, marriages, divorces and kids. Justine Wilson 2000-2008 She is now a well-known Canadian author, who had been married to Musk for 8 years. The couple began dating when both of them were studying at the Ontario’s Queen University. Soon after their wedding, they welcomed a firstborn, a son who they named Nevada. Unfortunately, at the age of just 10 weeks he passed away from a sudden infant syndrome. Later, Justine and Elon became parents to twins in 2004 and triplets in 2006. And even though they were raising five kids together, they filed for a divorce after eight years of married life. They remained close and co-parent the kids. Talulah Riley 2008-2016 After the spit from the first spouse, the founder of SpaceX got romantically involved with a British actress. After two years of being together, they tied the knot officially and had been a happy married couple until they called it quits in 2012. Nonetheless, this breakup didn’t last long and they got hitched again in 2013. In 2014 Musk filed for a second divorce but it was later withdrawn. In 2016, the media started saying that their divorce proceedings were underway once again. And this time it was true, with Riley herself filing for a divorce from her husband. That same year everything was successfully finalized. They split on good terms and frequently see each other. Cameron Diaz March-May 2013 According to some sources, after the first divorce from Riley, Elon had a short-term affair with a famous Hollywood movie star. Their romance started after Diaz purchased a Tesla. Although, it ended as quickly as it began. Amber Heard 2016-2018 The relationship between these two love birds had been on and off since 2016 till 2018. When Heard divorced Johnny Depp, she found her happiness in Musk. They were often spotted together at various events between 2016 and 2017. In early 2018 they tried to get the feelings back but decided that it would be better to walk separate ways. Nowadays, even though they are not together anymore, they still care for each other. Grimes 2018-present time For many people, this couple is very bizarre and most probably won’t last long. Musk and an indie musician met over Twitter when they both joked about artificial intelligence online. Soon after that, they came together arm-in-arm at the 2018 Met Gala. They were even spotted together at Kim Kardashian’s Christmas party with Kim taking a picture with them and uploading it on social media. At the beginning of 2020 Grimes shared a picture on Instagram and wrote about her pregnancy. In the revealed photo one can clearly see a baby bump, meaning that Elon is going to be a father for the sixth time. Do you want to see more? Subscribe!
Klay Thompson Girlfriends List: Dating HistoryThe basketball star Klay Thompson is one of the best shooters in sports history. And while his professional career keeps developing rapidly, there are many curiosities going around his personal life. So, who are the ladies he was romantically involved with and who is he dating now? Let’s find it out! Hannah Stocking 2014 – 2015 It is no secret that the sportsman’s love life has always been quite complicated, as it almost always includes cheating, various rumors, etc. Dating with a swimsuit model Hannah wasn’t that smooth too. After being together for almost a year, Stocking caught Thompson cheating on her. That same day she wrote about it in her Instagram, where she has about 18 million followers but deleted the post a few days after. Of course, this led to a split and a huge scandal on social media. Today, ex-lovers are not on good terms. Tiffany Suarez December 2015 After the breakup with Stocking, Klay wasn’t sad for a long time and was soon noticed in the company of a basketball player. She is originally from Miami but moved to Virginia where she rose to prominence in 2013. She is considered to be one of the most beautiful female basketball players of all time. So, no wonder she easily attracted the athlete’s attention. They were first spotted together on a date after which she posted a picture of them with a caption “Thank you for an amazing night”. Many people thought that this union would be long-lasting. However, it ended within a month. Carleen Henry June – August 2018 She is an Instagram model and it is a common knowledge that Thompson has always been into young beautiful girls. He was spotted with Carleen on exotic islands during the offseason. The athlete dumped her after just a few months, because she shared too much details and information about their relationship. As a consequence, Henry and all her friends unfollowed the basketball player on Instagram. Laura Harrier November 2018 – present time These two love birds were first linked together in late 2018 after they were seen together at The Staples Center. After that the actress was seen with Klay on a regular basis but none of them confirmed their romantic status. In summer of 2019 there appeared rumors of the pair’s breakup because of Thompson’s cheating. But within a short period of time they got back together. Due to the fact that both of them don’t talk about their relationship, it is pretty hard to understand where they stand now. But, according to their social media accounts, where they upload common photos, they are going strong as a couple. Eiza Gonzalez June 2019 The rumors of a sportsman being unfaithful on Harrier turned out to be truthful. He was spotted with one of the most stunning actresses in Hollywood, having dinner in one of the restaurants in Beverly Hills. In accordance with the source, he made a reservation for a private table, so that they could be alone. It didn’t take long for the celebrity to realize that Eiza wasn’t for him and he managed to reunite with Laura. Do you want to see more? Subscribe!
Tim Tebow Girlfriends List: Dating HistoryTim Tebow is a former professional American football player, who is currently dealing with baseball. With a resume like that, of course, many girls would love an opportunity to date him but he isn’t single anymore! Let’s have a look at the sportsman’s past relationships, dating rumors and current relationship status! Camilla Belle October – December 2012 She is a talented actress, producer, writer and a director. In addition to that, she is also involved in charity activities that are aimed at helping kids in poverty. Nobody knew she dated Tebow until the moment they were spotted touching each other and holding hands at an October party in Jacksonville. They were playing bowling and were quite affectionate. There was definitely certain chemistry between the two, so what could have gone wrong? Unfortunately, the reason for their breakup still remains unknown. During one of the interviews, the athlete shared that it just didn’t work out. Olivia Culpo September – November 2015 The union of a well-known American movie star and a TV presenter with the former footballer lasted only three months until Olivia called it quits. They both did their best to keep their relationship out of the public eye but it didn’t really work out. According to some sources their romance was never serious, whereas other sources state that they would move only forward if Tim didn’t decide to remain abstinent. The sportsman was 100% into Culpo, as he used to present her various gifts, send love letters and do many other things that demonstrated his serious intentions. But the thing that he kept his word to remain a virgin until marriage, ruined it all. In accordance with other publications, their amicable split had nothing to do with the sex thing. It is also known that they remained friends but rarely see each other. Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters 2018 – present time The model and the women’s right activist became Tim’s soulmate in summer of 2018. After a year of dating, the athlete proposed to her. In the words of the former footballer, he didn’t feel nervous making a proposal, as he felt that she is his ideal match. Perhaps, that’s why everything went smoothly! After the proposal, Demi, who is very active on social media and Instagram in particular, posted a picture with a 7.25-carat engagement ring. The wedding took place in Africa in 2020. Nowadays, the newlyweds enjoy each other’s company and are planning to expand their family in the nearest future. Do you want to see more? Subscribe!
Daniel Radcliffe Girlfriends List: Dating HistoryWho is Daniel Radcliffe’s soulmate now? Who are the lucky ladies he was romantically involved with or linked to? Here you will find all information about the actor’s love life! In case, you are wondering, if he is married- the answer is NO. Laura O’Toole 2007-2008 Being both actors, they met in a theatre, where they performed in one play. Soon after, they started dating but surprisingly enough, never made their love story known to the public. This union lasted only a year and they broke up, remaining friends. According to the Irish actress, they are still on good terms and have a really nice time when they see each other. Alana Dawes February - March 2008 Due to the fact that the couple had been together for only two months, there are no details about their dating history. Olive Uniacke May – December 2010 She is a stepdaughter of the “Harry Potter” producer, so it is no surprise that these two got to know each other from the very first movie and became close. Olive worked as a PA on the set of several movies, where the film performer starred. Then the celebrity was seen with her walking in London a couple of times and even celebrating his birthday in Russia. And even though they were spotted together and linked as a couple, none of them ever confirmed anything. Rosie Coker 2010-2012 She is a production assistant who had been with the movie star for two years. It would be interesting to know that they first met in 2007 but felt like they were more friends rather than a boyfriend and girlfriend and so, decided to just stay in touch. In 2010 things changed and they began seeing each other until it grew into something serious. The couple didn’t only date but lived together in Radcliffe’s apartment in New York. That’s why the break up was really hard for both of them. Erin Darke 2012 - present time Erin is a Michigan-born actress, who featured in dozens of successful films and was invited to take part in different TV shows. She is 5 years older than Daniel but the age gape doesn’t play any role for them. They met on a set of Kill Your Darlings of 2012 and the chemistry quickly sparkled between the two. The thing is that in one of the scenes they had to film sex, thus their meeting was quite intimate. These two love birds have been together for eight years already but still haven’t made it down to the altar. However, looking at their social media accounts, where they post pictures, it is obvious that they are in love. Also, they frequently visit public events and premiers together supporting each other. Do you want to see more? Subscribe!
Rickie Fowler Girlfriends List: Dating HistoryRickie Fowler is known all across the globe as a professional golf player. Being a celebrity in the sports industry, his personal life is interesting to millions of female fans. It is no secret that he had been an eligible bachelor for quite a long time but what’s his current relationship status? Alexis Randock 2014- 2015 Relationships between a famous golfer and a bikini model were developing rapidly from the very beginning. They both were supporting each other in their professional careers and often posted common pictures on social media. However, after a little bit over a year, the union broke up. Neither of the parties ever confirmed that but fans noticed that they stopped posting photos on Instagram. According to some sources, it was Fowler, who left Randock, as he got sympathy for a fashion buyer Lauren Barr, who was a contestant at The Bachelor TV show. They were spotted together a couple of times but it never grew into something serious. Allison Stokke 2017- present time She is a well-known pole vaulter who was included in the list of 30 best US female athletes of 2015. Allison majored in sociology and used to compete in pole-vaulting. She became an international star after a video of her completion went viral in 2008. For many years, she had been taking part in various tournaments, winning medals and awards. She reached unbelievable success as an athlete and in 2016 decided to finish her career to become a fitness model. Nowadays, she works with such famous brands as Uniqlo, Nike and others. The two love birds were first seen together in 2017 at the MotoGP Grand Prix. Within a year they got engaged and in 2019, tied the knot officially on a beautiful beach in a circle of close people and families. Nowadays, Stokke travels with her husband around the world, supporting him at different tournaments. Both of them are very active on social media and frequently post photos on Instagram that is followed by hundreds of thousands of people. Do you want to see more? Subscribe!
Liam Payne Girlfriends Ex and Now: Dating HistorySince the establishment of a boys band One Direction, Liam Payne’s personal life has always been interesting to millions of girls worldwide. How many women has he been in a relationship with? And who is he dating today? Let’s find out everything about his past and present right now! Danielle Peazer 2010-2013 The relationship between Liam and Danielle were long-lasting and very exciting for both of them. However, while Payne was developing his singing career, touring around the globe, Peazer was growing professionally as a dancer and model. Their busy lives didn’t leave them a chance for a nice future together. Sophia Smith 2013-2015 It would be surprising to know that they studied at the same school and were childhood friends. It looked like everything was fine between the two until they suddenly called it quits after two years of dating. During one of the interviews, the artist shared that long distance played its role and they both made a decision to stay friends. Cheryl 2016-2018 A famous singer first met Payne when he was 14, at an audition for The X Factor, where she was a judge. In 2016 began appearing rumors about their romantic feelings, which turned out to be truthful. In 2017 the couple became parents to a baby-boy, who they named Bear. Unfortunately, in 2018 this beautiful union broke up for unknown reasons. Cairo Dwek August 2018 According to some sources, the singer can be linked to this model, as they were spotted dancing together on Snapchat. But this relationship has never been confirmed and most probably it was just fun for both of them. Maya Henry August 2018- present time Six weeks after the break up with Cheryl, the celebrity was spotted with a new girlfriend. She is a model, who rose to fame after a multi-million dollar party that was organized for her 15th Birthday. In his words, she brought him happiness back and he just loves spending time with her. The two love birds often share common pictures together on social media and it seems like they are really in love with each other. Also, they visit public events and red carpets together. Do you want to see more? Subscribe!
Shaquille O'Neal Girlfriends List: Dating HistoryShaquille O’Neal has always been very popular among women. Perhaps, that’s why he dated quite a few of them. Let’s see the NBA superstar’s lucky ladies, their relationships, dating rumors, love life and common kids! Arnetta Yardbourgh 1992-1996 The year 1992 was very productive for the celebrity not only in terms of professional career but also relationship status. He started dating a beautiful woman and they even produced a baby-girl together. Even though the couple didn’t stay friends after the break up, Shaq is very close with his daughter, helping her and supporting her in everything she needs. Shaunie O’Neal 1998-2009 These two love birds started dating in 1998 and after four years, decided to tie the knot officially. In 2002 they had a very beautiful wedding but five years later their paradise was hit by trouble and they separated. However, they quickly reunited but then again it didn’t last long and they divorced. During their married life, Shaunie gave birth to four wonderful children. According to both Shaq and Shaunie, it wasn’t that easy to maintain a good and friendly co-parenting relationship right after the divorce. But they managed to cope with the situation for the sake of kids. Karrine Steffans 2004-2005 She is a well-known author, video vixen and an actress who had a fling with an NBA former athlete. Due to the fact that it was nothing serious, there is no much information about their dating history. Dominica Westling 2009-2010 A Swedish actress had an affair with O’Neal while he was still married to Shaunie. In 2010 the messages between Dominica and the basketball favorite were made public and it became clear that he really cheated on his wife. Looks like the celebrity really can’t let a beautiful lady pass by. Nicole Alexander 2010-2012 She rose to fame thanks to winning Flavor of Love and taking home $250.000. She was very attracted to handsome and tall Shaq while he loved her beauty and personality. He took good care of Nicole and presented her gifts and romantic holidays until their love parted ways. Laticia Rolle 2014-2018 After Alexander, the sportsman moved on to the beautiful model. In 2016, the couple got engaged but never made it down to the altar. It was O’Neal who broke up with the beauty. In her turn, she removed all common pictures from Instagram. Annie Ilonzeh 2019 She is a famous actress, who is mostly recognized due to her role in a movie Chicago Fire. Even though the couple had an age gap of over a decade, they were doing very good but as all his previous relationships, this one didn’t work out too. Dani Nicole 2020 Recently, Shaquille has been spotted by paparazzi with his new partner on a vacation in Spain. She is a model from Texas, who looks very much like his former wife. Let’s see how far this relationship goes. Do you want to see more? Subscribe!
Ed Sheeran Girlfriends List: Dating HistoryA famous singer Ed Sheeran was on the top of his professional career when he decided to take a break and “see some of the world”. But millions of female fans are still curious about his personal life. Let’s find out more about women who he let inside his unusual and beautiful soul. Nina Nesbitt 2012 She is a well-known Scottish singer, who appeared in several Sheeran’s music videos. Even though their relationship didn’t last long, she was the one who inspired Ed to create such songs as Photograph and Nina. Ellie Goulding 2013 Romantic feelings between these two celebrities sparkled very quickly. Ironically enough, it all finished also very quickly after just three months of dating. The reason for their break up was Goulding’s cheating with a member of One Direction, Niall Horan. The pop star even wrote a song about it called Don’t. Athina Andrelos 2014-2015 She works as an artist-tour manager and that’s actually how she met the singer. Despite the fact that this union lasted only one year, Athina became a real inspiration for Ed’s song Thinking Out Loud. Barbara Palvin March 2015 A Hungarian model was romantically involved with the artist for a very short time. There is even no information about their dating period. Nicole Scherzinger April- June 2015 Being both singers, Nicole and Ed met during one of the public events and started dating almost immediately. Nonetheless, this romance also lasted just a couple of months. Cherry Seaborn 2019- present time She is Sheeran’s high school classmate and they began seeing each other in summer of 2015. The couple doesn’t like sharing much about their personal life. That’s why they do their best to keep everything in secret. However, it quickly became known that after three years of being together, they got engaged and one more year later, the singer walked his beloved second half down the aisle.
Aaron Rodgers Girlfriends List: Dating HistoryAaron Rodgers, an American football player, has set several records on the football field. Let's find out something about his victories in love! Julie Henderson June – August 2009 An American model from Texas has been in a relationship with the quarterback for several months. Erin Andrews 2010 TV host and sports commentator was seen with Aaron in a restaurant. The couple refused to give any comments. Hillary Scott April – June 2010 An American songwriter and singer was noticed with the Football Star quite often, especially in Las Vegas. Jessica Szohr 2011 – 2014 This American actress became famous after the role of Vanessa Abrams in Gossip Girl series. So, during three years she was seen with Aaron. The girl visited his games quite often. But their relationship was strange. They took time out too often. Moreover, almost at the same time Rodgers was dating another girl. Destiny Newton 2011 – 2013 A childhood friend from Chico, California, was supposedly engaged with the quarterback. Anyway, the wedding did not take place. Olivia Munn May 2014 – April 2017 An American actress has been in a serious relationship with Aaron for almost three years. It was rumored that they were engaged. But it was only a guess because of the ring on the finger of Munn. Instead of the engagement, the couple announced their breakup. Aaron`s relatives thought that the reason was in fact that Olivia wanted to control everything too much. However, the superstar NFL quarterback admitted that the reason was his inability to concentrate on relationships when him and his partner were being discussed by people from all over the world. Kelly Rohrbach April 2017 An American actress became Aaron`s rescue from loneliness for a short period of time. Danica Patrick January 2018 – present time A new girlfriend of the celebrity is really an unusual woman. She is a former NASCAR driver and the only woman who won in an IndyCar Series race. No doubts that she is equal to her boyfriend in a successful career. According to Danica`s Instagram, the couple seems to be very happy. So, we hope that their happiness will last forever! Do you want to see more? Subscribe!
Nick Jonas Girlfriends List: Dating HistoryIt is a well-known fact that Nick Jonas has a long and very interesting dating history. In addition to that, it looks like he has a thing for older women. So, let’s have a closer look at his past relationships and current status. Miley Cyrus 2006 – 2007 The singer’s first girlfriend was a famous singer and actress whom he met on a set of Hannah Montana. Millions of fans were literally obsessed with them being a couple. However, at that time Nick was 13 and Miley 17. Perhaps, that’s why the union didn’t last long. Selena Gomez 2008-2010 After the break up with Cyrus, Jonas got romantically involved with another singer. After just a few months of dating, they walked separate ways but reunited in 2010. But once again it fell apart quite quickly that same year. Courtney Platt 2009 During the first break up with Gomez, the celebrity was linked to a gifted American dancer. But there is no confirmation of their relationship. Nicole Gale Anderson 2010 Jonas also had an encounter with this American actress. They were spotted together holding hands a few times by paparazzi but surprisingly enough, both denied their relationship. Delta Goodrem 2011-2012 The artist had been with this British singer for almost a year. Despite the fact that Jonas likes older women, the main reason for their break up was an age gap, as Delta was almost a decade older. Olivia Cuplo 2013-2016 After Delta, the celebrity began dating a beautiful model and she was one of his longest-term girlfriends. They had been dating till 2016 before calling it quits. As it turned out later, they were really in love with each other but long distance ruined their union. Kendall Jenner 2015 According to some sources, the artist was said to be with a supermodel and a member of the Keeping Up with the Kardashians reality TV series. They say, Gigi Hadid, who was dating Nick’s brother Joe, set the two of them up. But it has never been confirmed by either Jonas or Jenner. Kate Hudson 2015 Jonas met this stunning actress, who is 14 years older in a circle of friends. They started seeing each other and eventually this connection grew into something more. In one of the interviews, Hudson’s mother called Nick a very nice and good person. Even though the couple is no longer together, they remained friends. Lily Collins 2016 The celebrity briefly dated this model and actress. In the words of Jonas, they had just a few dates which were amazing but it never grew into something more serious. Priyanka Chopra 2018- present time The singer walked an Indian actress down the aisle after just five months of dating. Their wedding was extremely beautiful and looked like a real fairy tale. This famous couple looks really adorable! Do you want to see more? Subscribe!
Ryan Seacrest Girlfriends List: Dating HistoryWhy was a famous American TV host Ryan Seacrest considered to be a gay? We suppose it is because he is always stylish and good looking! Today we will discuss his girlfriends. Erica Lancellotti 2002 - 2003 The Star had an open relationship with the lady who owned Bar Candy in New York. Shana Wall 2003 - 2005 A model and actress from California made a real surprise when she started dating Ryan. Everyone expected that Seacrest would announce about his homosexuality. Paulina Rubio 2005 Paparazzi had managed to take photos of the kiss of Mexican singer and the American Idol host. Later, La Chica Dorada affirmed that it was just a friendly kiss. Teri Hatcher 2006 An interesting story has happened with the Star of Desperate Housewives and Mr. Seacrest. They were seen kissing in a public place. Nevertheless, this case did not give start to the relationship. Just a small portion of passion! Sophie Monk 2008 An Australian singer and actress had several dates with the celebrity. Jasmine Waltz April 2009 A bartender was seen with Ryan in Paris. Katrina Darrell 2009 An american actress kissed the host right at the show. They claim it happened only once. Sara Jean Underwood 2009 - 2011 Tv host had been dating this American Playboy model for two years. Also, they took a break several times. Julianne Hough 2011 - 2013 The champion of the Dancing with the Stars show was Ryan`s girlfriend for almost three years. But their breakup happened because of their busy schedules. Shayna Taylor 2013 - present time This girl was a model when they met at the restaurant. Now she is a business woman, chef and wellness influencer. The young lady even left for New York to be closer to her beloved man. After three years of relationship, Taylor was waiting for a proposal and considered it to be logical. But her boyfriend was not ready for that. It is quite strange considering the fact of their 18 year age difference. Shayna is younger. It is she who should not be ready for the marriage. Anyway, this issue was the reason for breakup. However, soon the star couple has reunited. Thus, for more than six years these two celebs stayed in an on-and-off relationship. Besides, during these time outs an American Idol anchorman was not suffering alone. Renée Hall 2015 Ryan had an affair with a pretty young American model who was a single mother. Larissa Schot 2019 Another breakup with Taylor and another affair. A participant of the show America’s Next Top Model was spotted with Ryan when he had a vacation in Southern France. Do you want to see more? Subscribe!
Keanu Reeves Girlfriends: Dating HistoryCanadian actor Keanu Reeves is famous by his numerous perfect roles. As for his love victories, we can't say that there was the same big quantity. Nevertheless, today we will discuss the secret private life of such a handsome man. Sofia Coppola​ 1992 An American screenwriter and former actress had a short relationship with the celebrity. Winona Ryder​ 1992 The actors worked together in the film Bram Stoker's Dracula. There was a scene of their marriage. And the ceremony was held by a real priest. So, the actress has started to call Keanu her husband. Was it only a joke? Jennifer Syme 1998 - 2000 The most discussed relationship of the Matrix’s star was his alliance with an American actress and production assistant. At the end of 1999 their daughter was born. Unfortunately, the baby was not alive. Some time later the couple broke up. A year after, Syme died because of car accident. It was a difficult time for Reeves. The only good news was the success of Matrix. Claire Forlani​ 2004 - 2006 An English actress was seen with Keanu in different places. But officially the couple has always denied that there was anything except friendship between them. Sandra Bullock​ 2006 The Lake House was the second film on which the actors had been working together. In fact, they did not have an affair. But after some time both of them revealed that they liked each other. So, if they did it earlier, they could be such a beautiful couple! China Chow 2008 This British actress and model was noticed with the celebrity during their travelling to the Mediterranean Sea. Alexandra Grant​ 2019 - present time Fans all over the world were in a state of shock when Keanu stepped out with an American visual artist at the end of 2019. The reason for such astonishment was the age of his new girlfriend. Private life of Reeves was really a mystery during the last years. There were different guesses. But the press was sure that the star was dating some young model. Nevertheless, the 55-years-old celebrity officially confirmed his relationship with 47-years-old Alexandra. Their friendship started back in 2009. Who knows, maybe this love story has been lasting for years. Anyway, we respect the choice of Mr. Reeves and wish the couple all the best! Do you want to see more? Subscribe!
Tiger Woods Girlfriends: Dating HistoryTiger Woods is a professional golf player who holds numerous golf records. The same thing is said about his love victories. Most sources say that Tiger had no less than 120 girlfriends. However, let's talk about those few women who were able to touch the heart of the star golfer and hold out in his life for a long time. Elin Nordegren 2001 – 2010 Elin Nordegren was born in Stockholm, Sweden. In 2000, she began her modeling career. Elin met Tiger Woods during the Open Championship in 2001 through mutual acquaintances. In November 2003, the couple announced their engagement. The wedding took place in 2004. However, neither a luxuriant wedding, nor two children became the key to eternal happy life together. In December 2009, Tiger announced that he would take a break in the sport for some time to save his family. Such a decision was associated with his betrayal of his wife. Eileen knew about her husband’s affairs and agreed to keep the family on certain conditions. Nevertheless, on August 23, 2010 the couple divorced. Hence, since numerous mistresses became the reason for Woods' divorce, let's mention some of them. Rachel Uchitel, a nightclub hostess, allegedly was the first lover of a golfer (after marriage), although she officially denied the rumors. Jaimee Grubbs, who posed for Maxim and Ralph, claimed to have a 31-month affair with Tiger. Kalika Moquin, a nightclub executive for the Bank nightclub, slept with the golf star several times on an October weekend in 2009. Mindy Lawton, a waitress at Perkins in Orlando, admitted in 2009 that she had a two-year affair with Woods. Joslyn James was an adult film star who left the industry during her three-year relationship with Tiger. Loredana Jolie was an escort who slept with the sportsmen several times between 2006 and 2008. Julie Postle, a former cocktail waitress at the Roxy NightClub in Orlando, was allegedly involved with Woods in 2004 as a 20-year-old. Devon James, adult film actress, had a two-and-a-half year affair with Tiger. Raychel Coudriet, a 21-year-old neighbour who star golfer had known since she was 14, spent one night with him. Elin Nordegren decided to divorce soon after this story. Lindsey Vonn 2013 – 2015 The second serious relationship of the star golfer was relations with the Olympic champion in skiing Lindsey Vonn. The couple officially announced the start of dating in March 2013. From time to time, they attended each other's competitions. Lindsey stood well with her boyfriend’s children. In 2015, the couple announced a breakup. The reason was their too busy schedules. However, the good news for Lindsey is that she no longer has to pretend she loves golf! Do you want to see more? Subscribe!
Bradley Cooper Girlfriends List: Dating HistoryAn American actor and filmmaker Bradley Cooper has not many girlfriends, but almost all of them are really high-profile. Let's find out their names! Jennifer Esposito 2006 - 2007 This American actress became Bradley`s bride in October 2006. The wedding was in December. In May 2007 they started the process of divorce. In November that year it was finished. Unfortunately, they did not enjoy their short marriage. Some time after divorce the actress confirmed that she considered the relationship with Cooper to be toxic. Isabella Brewster 2009 An american talent agent had a short-lasting relationship with the Star. Renée Zellweger 2009 - 2011 Bradley met this famous american actress in 2006 during joint work on the film Case 39. But the couple began their relationship much later. It happened after release of the film. After two years the Oscar-winning actress decided to have a break. It was not only about her boyfriend, but also about Hollywood. In turn, Bradley decided that his career was the main thing for him at that time. Jennifer Lopez 2011 This famous actress and singer had several dates with Cooper in Autumn. Zoe Saldana December 2011 - January 2013 Another american actress met the Hollywood star while filming The Words. Their love story was not long-lasting, but it was beautiful and they broke up staying friends. Suki Waterhouse March 2013 - March 2015 Then our handsome guy started a relationship with a young English model. The 17-years difference between Waterhouse and her boyfriend was the thing to discuss. Moreover, exactly this issue became the reason for breakup. 37-years old Bradley wanted to create a family. However, his young girlfriend wanted to concentrate on her career. Irina Shayk April 2015 - June 2019 She is a Russian model and a woman who in March 2017 gave birth to their child. Nevertheless, Irina decided to break up because she wanted her boyfriend to spend more time with her and their daughter. But the celebrity was not able to do that because of busy schedule related to the film A Star Is Born. There is an opinion that Lady Gaga was Cooper`s lover and the reason for lack of time for his family. However, Bradley denies these gossips and insist that the chemistry between them was only on the screen. Do you want to see more? Subscribe!
Post Malone Girlfriends List: Dating HistoryAn American singer and rapper known as Post Malone prefers to keep his life private. He is not a fan of publicity while it is not connected with his music. Nevertheless, today we will find out the truth about his girlfriends! Ashlen Diaz 2015 - 2018 Post had a relationship with a girl who ordered his concert for the party. How is that possible? Ashlen was a promoter at a nightclub in Dallas, and she invited the musician to entertain the public. It is interesting that some time before the party Post has been following Ashlen on Instagram. And when they finally met, it was almost love at the first sight. This affair had started even before the fame came to Malone. But soon the couple paused their relationship until 2016. The fans waited for the engagement and beautiful wedding after the reunion. However, Post and Ashlen decided to finish their love story in Autumn 2018. What was the reason? At least, their feelings seemed to be quite serious. So, there are two versions. Some sources claim that Ashlen was the initiator of their breakup because of the busy schedule of the rapper. Also, there is another opinion: it was a mutual decision as both of them understood the difference between their objectives. Anyway, they were too young to choose each other for staying together forever. Unknown girl 2018 Soon after this news Post was seen with a girl whose name is a mystery. A secret lady was spending time with Malone on the yacht during his vacation in Saint-Tropez. That is the reason why she is known as `yacht babe`. Paparazzi were able to take photos of the kissing couple. The celebrity refused to give any comments. Later, the couple was also seen together at the airport of Houston. Now no one knows whether that girl was just a good friend or not only. And if Malone is still dating her, he hides their relationship very well. So, girls, maybe you have a chance! Do you want to see more? Subscribe!