Courtland L Bovee
Business Communication Textbooks: Finding the Ideal Fit for Your CourseAs the only business communication series with three distinct textbooks, the Bovée-Thill series offers you more choices for a better fit with your unique needs—whether you focus on writing fundamentals, interpersonal communication, or contemporary media skills. No matter which Bovée and Thill title you choose, you can count on three enduring advantages. First, this series has been leading the market with one innovation after another for more than three decades. Bovée & Thill have consistently led the way with every major revolution in business communication, starting with the shift from print to digital, followed by the growth of social media, the rise of mobile communication, and now the emergence of artificial intelligence and intelligent technology. The digital transformation sweeping through business is creating a host of new communication tools and techniques that students will encounter during their job searches and in the workplace. Much of the new coverage in this text has necessarily focused on technology, but Bovée & Thill take the wide view of how employer expectations and contemporary practices continue to evolve. This also embraces developments ranging from ethics and etiquette to the shift toward a more casual tone in workplace writing. Second, even as they evolve to align with changing business practices, Bovée and Thill texts maintain a solid foundation of communication skills. This approach starts with an efficient writing method that helps students build confidence while producing better writing in less time. The method is applied to every major type of business message and illustrated with numerous model documents that show students the specific writing choices that make messages effective or ineffective. These core writing skills are expanded with practical advice on communication topics that today’s employers view as critical, including collaboration, ethics and etiquette, diversity and inclusion, and the productive use of technology. Third, Bovée & Thill textbooks are backed by an unmatched selection of resources for instructors and students, many of which were pioneered by the authors and remain unique in the field. All these resources are free to instructors and students, and many are available exclusively to Bovée & Thill adopters.