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The Ant’s Rule Book of Life & What Human Being Should Learn from AntsAnts make up around a quarter of the earth’s animal numbers, with more than a million of them to every human. Humans may think they rule the world, but the tiny ant can tell us how to do it better.  Mind Your Business We often like to talk about others, our friends, society and how bad the world is. We have lots of time to talk about others and poke into other’s business. Ants on the other hand mind their own business. Prepare Ahead Ants are constantly preparing for a season which is yet to come. It has a stark contrast with human behaviour. Your priorities can sometimes be driven by what you feel like doing. Teamwork Helps Everything an ant does is for the benefit of the colony and they will work until they are done. Almost an auto pilot, each ant knows their duties and they do everything they can to get those duties completed. Adapt to Surroundings You can find ants just about anywhere. Ants know where to search for resources and you should do the same. Be quick to adapt to your surrounding and don’t wait for a wake-up call. Hard Work Matters Ants are noted for carrying objects that are bigger than them. This is only made possible through sheer hard work and determination. They are not scared of heavy tasks. Be Brave Ants teach you that no matter how terrifying things may look up ahead, you should never chicken out. They are a lot braver than your typical action movie hero. Sense of Discipline Without a mistake they march one after another in a line. Without any dispute or accident, they move about in order. But everywhere in life man finds loopholes to divide. Spirit of Sharing The ants share everything they get. They never eat anything alone. But what do we humans do? If we find something immediately, we try our best to hoard it in a secret place. Ignore Diversions If you put your finger in an ant’s path, it just walks around it and soldiers on it. It won’t let your stupid finger hinder its work. You should do the same not let silly problems get in your way.