How to Safely Jump From a Bridge or Cliff Into a River or Body of Water - Without Getting Hurt!There may come a time in your life where you'll suddenly find yourself having to reenact the parkour moves of Uncharted's Nathan Drake in order to save your life. Jumping from a bridge or cliff into the water below in order to escape rabid dogs or evil henchmen will probably be one of those times. On a serious note though, this is something you should never do unless you absolutely must. While high jumps can be performed safely for recreation, in a crisis scenario you most likely will not have been able--or had the time--to gauge the depth of the water, see if there are jagged rocks nearby, and so on and so forth. In other words, you probably won't be jumping from a safe place where people regularly go diving. To begin, when attempting a high fall in an emergency (let's say over twenty feet or so) into a body of water, you will not know much about your surroundings-- specifically the depth of the water--as previously discussed. This is what makes impromptu jumping particularly dangerous. If you're jumping from a bridge into a river or other body of water with boat traffic, try to land in the channel--the deepwater area where boats go under the bridge. This area is generally in the center, away from the shoreline. Moreover, stay away from any area with pylons that are supporting the bridge. Debris can collect in these areas and you can end up hitting something when you enter the water. No need to make your risky move riskier! Finally, after surfacing from the jump, immediately swim to shore. How to Jump Properly & Safely 1. Jump feet first and