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Feathered Pipe
Editor’s Choice Award: Montana’s Feathered Pipe Ranch is a Scenic, Down-to-Earth Yoga Retreat Where Couples Can UnwindFeathered Pipe Ranch strives to help guests disconnect from the outside world and reconnect with themselves and others. Situated in the picturesque mountains near Helena, Montana, its retreat center has hosted meditation and yoga wellness activities since well before they were trendy. Couples often travel to Feathered Pipe Ranch for romantic getaways, where they can devote their time to practicing yoga and spending time together in nature. “We find that many couples come to our programs to develop practices that help them focus on themselves, and each other,” said Eric Myers, Feathered Pipe Foundation IT and Networking Director. Couples who want to attend a yoga retreat at Feathered Pipe Ranch will have plenty of time to spend together, as the shortest packages it offers are a week long. “It takes five to seven days for someone to settle in, decompress, and be open to what is surrounding them. A weekend trip isn’t long enough,” Eric said. Feathered Pipe Ranch isn’t a retreat that requires a hefty fee to book. Instead, the retreat center offers affordable packages and options that make it accessible to more people. Couples can choose their desired accommodations, which range from a yurt or a glamping tent with a queen size bed to a more upscale chalet. Once at Feathered Pipe Ranch, guests can attend daily yoga/meditation sessions, which take place for a few hours each morning and another few hours later in the afternoon. In the meantime, guests are free to explore on their own. “You get to experience nature in the Rocky Mountains and the surrounding National Forests. People can wander and be with themselves, and not have to worry about noise and the hustle and bustle of everyday urban life,” Eric said. Serious Programs, Classes & Experiences in a Calming Setting Feathered Pipe Ranch …