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Halloween Must- Have's For Your Inner Witch, Goddess or Fairy Princess - Being Fierce After FortyGrown-Up Halloween Treats Halloween is my holiday! I think it’s pure brilliance that Halloween happens in autumn! Connect these two ideas – Jack O’Lanterns and velvet cloaks and you’ve got wild magic, sister! Gothic fantasies made me fall in love with Halloween! It fits my imaginary world of medieval castles, floaty white gowns, Victorian houses and magic spells! The weather transition and Halloween seem to be made for each other! Think cooler wind and willowy figures! Think autumnal sunsets, anticipation for magic and mischief, friendly ghosts, flying broom sticks and supernatural vibes all around! Part Christian and part pagan, Halloween celebrates life, reaches out to the spirit world, and connects our love for our dearly departed. Halloween Creativity and Magic Halloween is one holiday that is filled with so much creativity, imagination and fairy dust! It’s one occasion where you can dream without limits – flying on broomsticks, diving with mermaids, maybe even dating the Prince of Darkness, and being driven by a pumpkin carriage! October, in general, prods me to create a lot of art. As I get cozy indoors, it’s hard not to be inspired to paint, craft, journal or bake! My space will be buzzing with distress inks, ribbons, acrylic paints and the work! My kitchen will see an increase of spices, herbs, and pumpkin recipes of all kind. I create more, I journal, doodle, and write. Dears, there are plenty of really awesome, highly nourishing grown-up Halloween treats that can be had! And here’s my list of 12 things that will help you make Halloween magic! Lotions and Potions Sage Smudges : No self- respecting witch can live without smudges, wiccan goods, astrology boxes as well as lotions and potions to feed her inner goddess! Smudge usually made out of sage has been made even in our Native American Indian ancestors’ times and lit to cleanse the home of malevolent spirits, a.k.a. “Bad vibes”. Here’s 3 of the best herbal smudge variants for Halloween: 1. Sage Spirit 2. Smudge Wand – Sage/Sweet Grass 3. Sage Spirit, 21-Piece Pack Wicca or not, it will leave some earthy fragrance in the house. The antibacterial effects of sage will cleanse the air. The burst herbs does have some medical benefits, so don’t be afraid that you’re being woo-woo when you light one! Buy It Here: herbspro.com Related Articles: The Hygge Lifestyle: 9 Autumn Wreaths to Fall For 4 Epic Ways To Live Your Best Life Indoors This Autumn Self Care Routines For Busy Women Click here to see more! 2. The Sacred Ritual Lights Out Bath Salts The name explains itself, and so expect a lot of magic and sparkles during bath time. The herbs and essential oil that comes into this cosmic bath and body treat! It’s the autumn self care treat so that you’ll want to read a great book and soak. Melt away stress and open-up up to many possibilities in your life each time you find yourself with time to reflect! And oh, blessed be! Buy It Here: anthropologie.com Click here to see more! Click here to see more! Oh My Goddess! You’re a New-Age Enchantress! 3. Goddess Provisions This is the creme dela creme of subscription boxes for New Age goddesses! A craftfully-selected subscription box filled with earthy herbs, powerful ritual oils for your magical moments, bath salts, vegan beauty products and skin care that’s sure to cast a powerful spell! Buy It Here: cratejoy.com Click here to see more Click here to see more 4. Box of Shadows Celebrate Samhain with your own wiccan subscription box! Tarot cards, altar decor, metaphysical books, crystals, and so many good things that will make Hallow’s Eve extra spellbinding! Share it with your coven or have it entirely for your own enjoyment! A treat to all new age fans, modern-day witches, spiritual seekers, and DIY healers! 3 box tiers: The Initiate (beginner), The Priestess (explorer), The Supreme (advanced seeker) Buy It Here: cratejoy.com 5. The Sacred Ritual Release Bath Salts Soak in this reviving bath, simmer in self love and unleash your inner Goddess. Read some great books or magazines, light a candle or two, or even recite a few affirmations. Me time becomes so much more like a sacred ritual when you can be intentional at taking care of yourself. Buy It Here: anthropologie.com Click here to see more 6. Halloween Lamp If you wanna have a Halloween that is a little bit country and a little bit goth, then this one’s for you! Without being too in-your-face, it can accent your living room or bedroom throughout the year. You can enjoy that Halloween vibe without going overboard on the theme! Buy It Here: wayfair.com Click here to see more Click here to see more 7. 6′ Maple Leaf and Pumpkins Garland Your front porch is such a great focal point for autumn and Halloween festivities! This set is a whimsical and yet grown-up incarnation of autumn frenzy! Click here to see more 8. 24″ Wicked Witch Wood Sign Get weird and wonderful, even crack a broom stick or two with these witchy accents! It’s fun Halloween humor that you can keep by the door the whole year round, darlings! Buy It Here: wayfair.com Click here to see more Click here to see more Click here to see more Queens of Goth 9. Whimsical Art Prints A little bit of self-promotion. Ok, make it a LOT of self-promotion! I breathed life to these artwork through the years and how they’ve have piled up! I usually get into a creative mood every autumn. I managed to have a solo art exhibit once and also signed-up with Red Bubble in order to make my artwork available to as many people without getting swamped! This one, a mystical female, is one I created two years back! It’s available in canvas print, wood, metal, throw pillows, journals, and even face masks! (PLEASE!) Buy It Here: redbubble.com 10. Gothic Romantic Artwork This one was created October 25th 2016 with a corresponding Gothic romantic poetry. Also available in Red Bubble and will definitely tickle your little black heart! Ships worldwide! But It Here: redbubble.com Click here to see more Click here to see more 11. The Witches Roots™ by The Witches Moon® Samhain shall become really special this year with this brilliantly-curated wiccan box! These guys just made vibrating higher into the wiccan abode very easy! Think wiccan herbs, crystals, talismans, ritual body oils, spell candles, and incense. Bathe in healing oils, salts and herbs. You can see how the creators behind this product have done their research and practice the life of solitary witches Buy It Here: cratejoy.com 12. Akasha-Rede-Workings Enlightenment, healing, Old World magyk, and inner orbit! This box comes in two magical varieties, Apothecary Box and our Monthly Spell Box. Each month you will receive a complete spell box with healing or ritual herbs, crystals, candles, incense and BOS pages explaining the detailed description of each item and how to perform your spell, or a set of 8 herbs candles and oils. BEST THING!!! TRAVEL SIZE!!! New Spell Monthly New herbs monthly BOS Pages Crystals Lotions Buy It Here: cratejoy.com Embrace Magic! That is my grown-up take on having a Halloween treat! Yea, cats wearing black hats included! Whether you want to steep in self care with a little fairy dust sprinkled in it or if you want to give spirituality a Wiccan twist ( I did 20 years back and found my big magic in life!), I took on 22 long days to research the best tools we can enjoy this coming Halloween! During uncertain times such as this, I believe that self rituals can’t be more important as a restorative part of our day! Enjoy the season as Mother Earth cools down. She’s allowing us to also slow down, be more retrospective, focus on our inner growth and heal. While we’re at it, why not add some whimsy twist to make it more enjoyable? That way, we can look forward to our self care rituals and make our home a place of healing and also fun. 0 0 vote Article Rating Related posts:Life Begins at 40: Why I’m Grateful & Loving MidlifeStart Over After Forty: It’s Not Too Late for a Life ResetThe Science of Self Love: How To Have A Love Affair With Yourself