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Minimalist DIY Body Scrub, Shampoo & Moisture Masque | ECO Friendlyo you ever feel the need to just begin afresh, start anew? I do. All the time! That’s why this minimalist DIY body scrub is one of my favourites for ECO friendly self-care. I’m big on exfoliation. You should be too. It not only strips away dead skin cells (and helps to clean out pores), it also improves lymphatic drainage and allows you skin to breathe, meaning it can do its job eliminating and detoxifying the body better. A good exfoliation routine can be game changer supporting healthy skin, but it can also be a major uplift on a day you just need to hit reset and get a fresh start! Similarly, clarifying shampoos have their place in a good hair care routine (especially if you use lots of product or anything containing silicones). I am personally a curly girl, and I use a completely detergent-free system for my hair called New Wash, but before I do moisture treatments I prefer to use a clarifying rinse to make absorption all that much easier for my hair. If you need a whole-body fresh start — this pair is it. And why stop at clean? When we can go one step further with a conditioning treatment, making us refreshed and rejuvenated! Applying a rich moisturizing masque to hair and skin is the perfect way to complete your transformation. Being the laid back, minimalist, au naturale, traveller type that I am (who absolutely adores a good pampering), I hacked together this minimal 2 ingredient whole body detox and restorer that is ECO friendly, incredible for your skin & hair health and totally zero-waste! Minimalist DIY Body Scrub, Hair Clarifier (Step 1): 2 handfuls bicarbonate soda Bowl Essential oils (optional) Detox Your Hair & Skin Take your two handfuls of soda into the shower with you and start with your head. Get your hands wet and stick them into the bowl (OK, I actually just take the jar into the shower with me, but it would be better with a bowl and I want what’s best for you). Rub your hands into you scalp giving it a massage, then squeegee the bicarb soda down the hair shaft adding more as needed. Dip your hands back into your detoxifying soda and start rubbing your skin from the extremities inwards — start with your feet, ankles, shins, calves, thighs, buttocks, then hands, wrists, forearms, biceps and shoulders — spend extra time on places that get ingrown hairs, have fatty tissue build-up or are prone to clogged pores. Rub your own back. Massage yourself. Leave it sit a minute! Let the soda draw out impurities and detoxify your whole self. Zero-Waste Moisturizing Masque (Step 2): Coconut Oil (cold pressed does not clog pores, if body acne is an issue — get cold pressed) Essential Oils (check out which ones to use and get a good deal here) Restore Moisture, ECO Friendly Style Now that you’re so fresh and so clean, wander around towel drying your hair and listening to some fresh tunes (link above) until you’re skin is dry to the touch but still plump with dampness. Get your hands slathered up with oil(s) and start again at you extremities working in circular motions upward towards the heart centre (this helps detoxification by bringing blood towards the heart pump and lymphatic fluid to drainage). Spend extra time anywhere that needs extra love: buns & breasts, knees & elbows, any areas that have got too much sun, your décollage. By this time, your hair should be semi-dry but still moderately wet. This is important for absorption. Dip your finger tips into the oil and start working into tips. The amount will depend on your hair type, but you should know how much oil you typically need. Work through from tips to about midway up the shaft for a leave-in conditioning. You can completely coat the hair up until midway or all the way to the root if you are looking for a wash-out moisturizing masque. If dry scalp is an issue, massage a small amount into scalp while hair is very wet. Pro-tip: try a dropper in softened coconut oil to get at the scalp and avoid oiling the hair. The Magic of ECO Friendly Self-Care The after effects of this combo is absolutely sublime skin. And although I use pretty intense exfoliators on my face for acne, I’m still sort of amazed by what the soda does, its such a silky fine texture left after cleansing — the closest thing I’ve found to this kind of clean is using a motorized facial brush! Plus, coconut oil is one of the best moisturizers you can use. Even on the face! Virgin coconut oil is non-comedogenic and can even fight acne. Versatility is the Name of the Zero Waste Game These two products are both extremely versatile. I found an article online with 77 uses of coconut oil! My favourite eco friendly minimalist life hack is a using baking soda as a fruit & veggie wash, but there’s a heap of other uses. Plus, they’re easily found in bulk (zero-waste). ECO Friendly Minimalism can be Luxurious Add a few drops of essential oils to either or both, I love to scent my coconut oil for luxurious moisture. Low-waste, minimalism, tip: buy oils that have multiple purposes like lemon or lavender for DIY cleaning products. If you don’t feel like a scrub, use these ingredients for a soak in the bath instead! (Some claim the detoxifying benefits of bicarbonate soda are even better in the tub.) I hope you love this simple & effective natural beauty life hacks much as I do. Let me know how it goes in the comments. I love to hear from all you phoenixes rising up from the ash of dead skin cells! Peace and so much LL.   Related