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Joyous Montessori
Joyous Montessori is a unique school providing children with early education based on the renowned Montessori philosophy. 3 locations in Texas.
Joyous Montessori on Healthy Snack Alternatives for Kids to Take to SchoolEating healthy is an important habit that all young children should develop. Although eating healthy lunches and dinners is great, kids should also be given health-conscious snacks to take to school with them. Joyous Montessori is a unique school providing children with early education based on the globally renowned Montessori philosophy. The school has locations in Keller, Lewisville, and Fort Worth, Texas, USA. All of their centers have trained and certified staff members who are passionate about children and focused on quality care. Joyous Montessori has compiled a list of healthy, delicious, and quick-to-make snacks that parents can give their children or even that children can make themselves. Cheese and crackers are one of the most well-known snack combinations. The issue is that many crackers are high in calories and sodium, but low in fibre. Cheese and crackers are also very easy to over-indulge in. Believe it or not, while popcorn is usually seen as junk food to only have on special occasions — like a night out at the movies — it can be quite healthy! Air popped popcorn without any artificial flavoring or butter is quite healthy, notes Joyous Montessori. You can add a dash of salt, garlic powder, paprika, or even a little bit of sprinkled or grated parmesan cheese for an added bit of flavor. Show your kid that there are plenty of other kinds of chips out there beyond potato. Case in point: kale chips. Many adults are aware that kale is a superfood, but they may have been under the misconception that you need to eat it in salad to reap the benefits. It’s been proven that typically children have more energy requirements than adults in order to help them grow and mature in a healthy way. For every human being, food is seen as fuel. As a result, says Joyous Montessori, it is vital for children to have healthy snacks to properly fulfill their energy requirements. In addition, encouraging healthy snacking habits from a young age will help your children develop and maintain healthy habits as they mature, lowering the risks of conditions including obesity, diabetes, and even heart disease. To get more info on this topic, please read the source material of this video: https://medium.com/@joyousmontessori/joyous-montessori-on-healthy-snack-alternatives-for-kids-to-take-to-school-b17d4a0412ff?sk=37c954404e1b2e6d6f4435ee2c34cde0 For more information about Joyous Montessori and their services, please visit: https://joyousmontessori.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Joyous-Montessori-103304674599533 https://twitter.com/joymontessori https://www.linkedin.com/in/joyous-montessori https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/joyous-montessori