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Alexis Smith
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Three Facts of LED Solar Lights You May Not KnowSolar lighting structures have been spreading all over the world. When it comes to choosing solar lights for outdoors, it is very important to know that the fixture is designed and what its illumination power. LEDMyplace introducing LED Solar Lights system which is an essential step to utilizing natural sources as much as possible. According to the market analysis, energy consumption has been increased by 75% by using incandescent lamps, HID lighting fixtures, metal-halide fixture, and fluorescent lamps. The solar outdoor lighting fixtures don’t consume electrical energy and generate it’s my own by utilizing the sunlight. In this article, we provide a quick overview of three facts about the LED Solar Lights. Knowing all the technical considerations will help you to analysis which solar light fixture is perfect for your application. Variants of LED Solar Lights Every solar lighting fixture depends on the technology used in the system. Choosing the right fixture for space can be challenging but before purchasing it you must decide the space, where you want to install it. There are some fixtures listed below for different space: Solar LED Wall Pack: By replacing the metal halide lamp with the solar led wall pack can lead you to save 100% energy and offer the exact same lighting output as MH fixture do. 5W solar wall pack can replace 60W metal halide fixture. It emits 5700K day white light color temperature. With the beam angle of 110-degree, this fixture illuminates space with mercury-free lighting. The fixture has installed motion sensor allows you to detect any motion and notify you with an alarm. What is the Motion Sensor? The Motion Sensor is a device that detects physical movements and gives the users an alert notification through embedded devices such as smartphones, smart TVs, tablet computers, and security systems. LED Solar Street Lights: The available wattage of this fixture is 20W, 40W, and 60W which replaces 50W, 90W, and 110W metal halide lighting fixtures. With the beam angle of 140x70°, it brightens the outdoor area with 6000K cool white lighting output. It is an IP67 rated product that can save itself from unwanted insertion such as water and dirt. With the 50,000+ hours long operational life, the fixture doesn’t require maintenance cost. High lumen output can illuminate the space from the 15ft pole. LED Solar Flood Light: It is a new LED outdoor lighting fixture which is a direct substitute of metal halide fixture. The fixture comes in the wattage of 15W (replaces 40W), 30W (replaces 80W), and 60W (replace 120W MH fixture). The CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) of the fixture is 6000K cool white light which is perfect lighting for outside space. The CRI (Color Rendering Index) is more than 80 which specifies that the fixture emits the quality light to the surface to specifies the true color of objects. Facts of LED Solar Lights After grabbing the information about the solar led fixtures, here are some facts that you should know before buying LED Solar Lights: Average Efficiency: The efficiency of this fixture is more than any led lighting fixture. The reason behind is, it is a totally eco-friendly fixture and doesn’t consume electrical energy to operates. This lighting fixture offers high lumen output per wattage as compared to other fluorescent lights. It means you will get better lighting at low cost Fixture Construction: It has been made of die-cast aluminum which doesn’t get heat-up the fixture, this heat sink feature increases the operational life and durability of the product. The fixture has a huge battery lithium back-up which can store the electrical energy which can illuminate the areas for 2-3 days without recharge the battery. Surge Protection: The solar led lights have an inbuilt surge protection feature which protects the fixture from thunder strike during the bad weather. What is Surge Protection? It is an electrical device that protects the equipment against power surges and voltage spikes. Without this electrical device, anything higher than 120V can create component issues, reduces the lifespan of internal devices, and burned wires. Where to Buy? To pre-order LED Solar Lights, LEDMyplace is an online store which offers years warranty on our every lighting fixture. If you find this article informative, appreciate it by hitting the like and spread the information to your relative ones.
Why Does An Industrial Or Commercial Unit Need To Have LED Pole (Shoebox) Light?When running a business, it’s important to take control on cost-cutting and minimize the money to get wasted and also it shouldn’t drown the efficiency of the operations making it a crucial task to invest time and energy. Saving money doesn’t mean the business should spend less but it's simply meant to achieve the same or a better result of any particular operation. One of such points to consider is lighting. This article is solely directed to business units having a parking area or already using HID Pole lights. Lately, businesses have been moving towards energy efficiency and LED lighting is slowly penetrating into the landscape. We all know that we can’t stay without lighting. Why should you consider moving to LED lights for your outdoor area lighting? I have broken down this article on LED Pole Light in the following points: Businesses are already moving into LED Pole Lighting Businesses save a lot of money and energy each and every time on the energy bills LED Pole light is durable and long lasting Technical points Businesses are already moving into LED Pole lighting According to the research by grandviewresearch.com, Industrial and commercial LED lighting market size was estimated at USD 21.53 billion in 2014 and is expected to witness significant growth over the forecast period. It significantly means that the businesses out there are already moving into LED Lighting technology. If you haven’t then you must do it today. LED pole lights become one of the crucial parts of industrial & commercial LED lighting category. Businesses save a lot of money and energy each and every time on their energy bills Better lighting is not the only aspect of LED Pole lighting that is out there, but it simply means that it saves your wallet from getting empty. Let’s consider an example, Imaging you have a parking lot with 30 poles each with a height of 15 feet and you 30 HID Pole lights, each consuming 400W of energy. That’s a total energy consumption of 12,000 Watts. You can achieve the same brightness with 150W LED Pole light by saving 250W on each lighting fixture, 7500 Watts of saving on 30 lighting fixtures. More than 50% of energy savings will directly save your money. LED Pole light is durable and long lasting Unlike any residential area, Businesses must have lights on all day long. This puts a lot of strain on the lighting fixture, although the continuous operation is not as damaging as turning them on and off a lot. As such, you need lights that can last as long as possible so that you don’t have to replace them on a regular basis. LED Lights are built to be durable and reliable, meaning that you can have the same lighting fixture in your business for up to 10 years or so. This is even with a constant flow of energy through them. LED Pole lights come with Aluminium housing and the construction itself would make the fixture stay intact for years. Better Wattage, Lumens, Beam Angle and comes with multiple accessories LED Pole lights are better than HID lights in all aspects. While HID lights suffer from high maintenance costs and performance challenges, LED pole lights come with a list of technical points that support its performance. You can install a photocell sensor which turns the light ON and OFF when the sun sets or rises respectively. Also, an additional motion sensor would bring in more value to your light when it would turn ON only when an object comes under the LED pole light fixture. LED Pole lights require 50% less energy than HID pole lights. That is, 150W LED Pole light can replace 400W HID Pole light and still perform better. LED Pole lights give out more 30% more lumens than conventional lighting LED Pole light cover larger beam angle making it ideal for outdoor area lighting LED Pole light has a higher power factor as it uses the input power efficiently LED pole light has a higher color rendering index and makes the area look clear with high-quality light output Conclusion Even U.S. Department of energy clears states that the LED Pole light is mercury free and it plays a major role in achieving eco-friendly lighting in commercial spaces. While we see many businesses are operating their pole lights with HID lights, we also see many are rapidly moving towards LED lighting and making a difference for their business and society. LEDMyplace.com is a one-stop online shop for all the LED lighting solution. While we are really proud of helping our customers find the best LED lights in the market, we also make it important support our customers to understand lighting technology and help them make self-decision. Are you already using LED pole lights? Let’s take the discussion to the comments section below.