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What Is SEO And How Does It Work? [Ultimate Guide 2020]Why you would want to rank using SEO and SEO is search engine optimization also known as organic search you also may as hear us say organic listings we’re going to talk a little bit about why you would want to rank your website in organic search okay what is search engine optimization. How to get your pages ranked or indexed on Google organic search: So let’s move on to what is SEO so sticking with our ice-cream blog theme really. SEO search engine optimization really is the practice of increasing your pages that Google has indexed up the rankings so the end result is we want all our pages to be ranked number one for particular keywords. So if you want to be ranked for ice cream recipes well there’s certain things you need to do so. That’s generally how it works we need to apply search engine optimization to increase a page for keyword. We want to be found for so let me give you an example so let’s just say there’s a hundred students that participated in an essay competition and so the competition in this particular case is evaluated. On the basis of is the content relevant are they using suitable titles for their essay do they have structure. When they’re participating in this essay are talking about the essay and do they have a suitable synopsis and is the content neat and readable. These seem all logical for an essay competition well guess what they seem logical for SEO because that’s exactly how SEO works it’s exactly all those points. I just mention about structure logic readability organization title all those things are what’s important in SEO and so we need relevant content we need titles for our pages. Google needs to be able to see structure we need to have synopsis of what the page is about and that’s called a meta description and then again that the content needs to be readable and that’s important and so in order to be readable again.Just Click On link to know more http://bit.do/fkueL