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10 Ways to Keep The Travel Spirit Alive While at HomeWe all know the feeling after returning from an amazing trip. Sometimes, getting back to the daily routine can be really hard and all we went to do is to book another trip and flee from our every-day life. However, that's often not possible due to work, financial situation or other things. What is possible tho is to make the time until your next trip more bearable. To help you with it, I'm sharing 10 easy ways to keep the travel spirit alive while at home. In that way, you can happily look forward until you can finally pack your bags again!(This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a certain percentage of a sale if you purchase after clicking.)1. Organize Your Travel PhotosThe first way to keep the travel spirit alive is to sort and organize photos from previous trips. Besides memories, the photos you've taken will always remind you of your amazing adventures. It would be a pity if you couldn't find them anymore so make sure you'll store them in a safe place. For example, you can make a photo album (physically or digitally) to collect all the precious moments. Maybe you captured two or three very special moments that you want to print, frame and decorate your home with? No matter what you decide to do with your travel photos, looking at them will definitely put a smile on your face and bring back great memories! 2. Create a World Map Are you counting the countries you've been to? If so, what about a world map with all the places you have explored? You can either be creative and create one on your own or you can buy a scratch-off map or get a laminated wall map to put pins on. It's a fantastic feeling to return from a trip and scratch off a country or add one more pin to a place. Moreover, you can also mark the places you want to explore next, for example, by using a different pin color!3. Explore Your Own BackyardWhen was the last time you explored your own backyard?Another easy way to keep the travel spirit alive is to discover unknown places close to your home. Sometimes, this can be even as exciting as traveling to a new destination. Try to see your own home city through the eyes of a foreigner and you'll discover many things you haven't seen before. Maybe try a new restaurant instead of having lunch at the same place again and again. If possible, rent a bike or a scooter and drive around without having a specific destination in mind. It's also the perfect way to get to know your city to the fullest! 4. Plan a Short Weekend TripIf you're in desperate need of a short getaway, plan a weekend trip to a place nearby. Weekend trips are always great to get a break from your every-day routine. You don't necessarily have to fly for that kind of trip. Simply pick a place located around 2-3 hours from your home that you've always wanted to visit. Luckily a year has 52 weekends so you can do many of these short getaways!5. Reconnect With People You MetI don't know about you, but I met so many fascinating people from all over the world on my travels. Reconnecting with them and staying in touch is a great way to keep the travel spirit alive. Either via Whatsapp, Instagram or Facebook - thanks to the digital age we live in there's nothing easier than chatting with friends that are 5,000 kilometers away from you. It's always interesting to hear what their life in a different country is like and what they're up to. Maybe you can even plan a future trip together and meet again somewhere on this planet!6. Start Planning Your Next TripYou probably just got back from your recent trip but there's no better time to start planning your next awesome adventure! The best way is if you make a list of destinations you want to visit next. Do some research about the best travel season, how many days you'd need and what activities you want to do there. Moreover, you can already start saving some money so you're able to book your next flight as soon as possible! TIP: Before you're off on your next adventure, don’t forget your travel insurance to cover non-refundable travel expenses. I use the simple and flexible one from World Nomads to be protected against unforeseen events.7. Help Others Plan Their TripSometimes it's hard for other people to understand how you feel after coming back from a trip. Nevertheless, your adventures may have inspired some of your family members and friends to travel somewhere as well. So if not for yourself, why not help your beloved ones to plan an unforgettable trip? It's not only a good way to connect better with them but you can also get ideas and discover new, exciting destinations for your own next getaway! 8. Learn a New LanguageI know it's impossible to be able to communicate with everyone on this planet - even though we wish. However, you can easily extend your vocabulary with phrases of a foreign language! Learning a new language is not only the perfect way to keep the travel spirit alive, but you can also stimulate your brain. You can either learn the language from a country you've already been to or from a destination you're planning to go to next. Every traveler should know at least a few phrases of the local language. In my opinion, two of the best places to learn a new language online are Duolingo and Babbel.9. Cook Exotic DishesWhat was the most delicious dish you've eaten abroad? Whether it's Indian lentil dal or spicy red curry from Thailand, you can easily try and cook it at home! Of course, it won't be the same as you'd eaten there but it will most likely bring back some great memories. In addition, you can improve your skills in the kitchen and even cook for your friends and family! The good thing is no one will know how it actually tastes so even if you screw it up, no one will probably recognize. ;) 10. Write About Your TravelsWriting about your travels doesn't necessarily mean you have to start a blog as I did or write an entire book.You can simply put all your amazing travel experiences on paper or screen. Think about every single detail from your trip and try to remember the most beautiful but also maybe some disappointing moments. Also, try to relive the taste of the tasty food you tried, the unfamiliar sounds from outside the window and the sight of new places you discovered.Writing about your travels is also a fantastic way to help you find out what you loved and/or hated about a certain destination. In that way, you can also fully digest everything you experienced, what you did and maybe also how it changed you as a person. Do you have some more ideas on how to keep the travel spirit alive while being stuck in daily life? If so, I'd love to read them so leave them in the comments below!Like it? Pin it!