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Olivia Harry
Balocha►Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi►Full Song►Porani Yadain►Wattakhel Production►Saraiki Culture SongBalocha►Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi►Full Song►Porani Yadain►Wattakhel Production►Saraiki Culture Song https://youtu.be/TdWWzEFXyjo Music Label: *Wattakhel Production* Download From Youtube https://youtu.be/2Fb5y8HzWps ____________________ Sat *Gilla Teda Kariay* As your Caller Ring Back Tune ____________________ *Mobilink* Type *Get* *396402* And Send To 230 ____________________ *Telenor* Type *ST* *5250034158* And Send To 230 ____________________ *Zong* Type *01444514* And Send To 230 ____________________ *Ufone* Type *Get* *93044858* And Send To 666 #AttaullahKhanEsakhelvi # Balocha #PuraniYadin #FullSong PLEASE SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS & FAMILY The Latest Saraiki and Punjabi song 2019 by Gilla Teda Kariay Official music video. The new Saraiki Punajbi song 2019 has been released by Watta Khail Production and is the Saraiki love song of the year. Sharafat Ali Khan Baloch songs are inspired from Saraiki poetry and deep emotions. An emotional song from a versatile talented Saraiki Punjabi singer. More Hit Song Sharafat Ali Khan Baloch Only On Wattakhel Production 1: Tain Tur Wanjrain►Sharafat Ali Khan Baloch►Mukhra Raj Raj Ke Saraiki Song 2019 https://youtu.be/0qdhS3CGHjc 2: Sharafat Ali Khan Baloch | Farah Lal | New Saraiki Hits Tuhfah | 2018 https://youtu.be/YE09BmWO1nA 3: Yar Di Shadi - Sharafat Ali Khan Baloch - Wattakhel Production Official Saraiki WEdding Song https://youtu.be/oGItlGUMJEk 4: Gilla Teda Kariay►First Time Duet Song►Sharafat Ali Khan Baloch & Nadia Hashmi https://youtu.be/M3J3KjO3Huc 5: Shala Bakht Boland Hovi►Sharafat Ali Khan Baloch & Anwaar Ali Khan Baloch https://youtu.be/vH5Qw-LN4Uo 6: Sharafat Ali Khan Baloch - Eha Gal Soch Ke Chup Kar Gaye Han https://youtu.be/dDW9mgxOmtU 7: Kiun Russa Wada He►Sharafat Ali Khan Baloch►Ghar Ni Anda Saday Latest Saraiki And Punjabi Song 2019 | https://youtu.be/ZVgUErFIgX4 8: Changa Hondei Shoq Awana Da►Sharafat Ali Khan Baloch►Latest Punjabi & Saraiki Song 2018►HD 4k Video | https://youtu.be/Kl8q2H1OIZw 9: Sami Meri Waar (New Andaz Ke Sath) _Sharafat Ali Khan Baloch https://youtu.be/0vJ_ZLcqbxs 10: Mast Nazron se Allah Bachay | Singer Sharafat Ali Khan Baloch | Latest Saraiki & Punjabi Song https://youtu.be/NC8eHeeLNic 11: La Poori Tankha Desan►Sharafat Ali Khan Baloch►Saraiki And Punjabi Song 2019 https://youtu.be/oHku6nKcrvU 12: Chitta Romal Sharafat Ali Khan Baloch | Latest Punjabi And Saraiki Song https://youtu.be/ztX8buh36qE 13: Baki Gallan Phone Te Karesan Dholy Nal | Sharafat Ali Khan Baloch https://youtu.be/b5GnbtpB_qE 14: Mahi Degar Wela Jaan Thenday ►Sharafat Ali Khan Baloch https://youtu.be/H59Ihuk0YSE 15: Gal Karan Te Gal Meri►Sharafat Ali Khan Baloch ►Latest Punjabi And Saraiki Song https://youtu.be/qNKPiM-mUm4 16: Sharaban | Sharafat Ali Khan Baloch | Latest Punjabi And Saraiki Super Hit Sharabi Song 2018 https://youtu.be/Zwkcf_ArXpc 17: Yadan Terian ►Sharafat Ali Khan Baloch►Full HD Video► Punjabi Hit Song https://youtu.be/3fC3nYWcN5c 18: Barsat Ke Maosam Main►Anwaar Ali Khan Baloch & Sharafat Ali Khan Baloch https://youtu.be/fUEKLfxUxHI 19: Yara Dildara We To Jan To Piara We ►Sharafat Ali Khan Baloch ►Latest Punjabi Song https://youtu.be/Wzy2y8wr6c4 20: Yaar Tan Wat Yar Hondin►Sharafat Ali Khan Baloch►HD Video► Saraiki Song 2019 https://youtu.be/bnmTClFaLSM Watch and Subscribe WattaKhelProducitons now for top Punjabi & Saraiki songs video in HD ► Subscribe Now: https://www.youtube.com/wattakhelproductionpak Stay updated! Wattakhel Production Has Well Equipped ,In-House ,Quality Voice Recording Studio, Production House For Shooting Dramas, Telefilms, Songs And Live Shows And An Ultra Modern , Sound Proof Facility For Indoor Live Audio And Video Shootings. With Its Excellent Infrastructure, State Of The Art Equipment, Dedicated Team of Experts, Countrywide Distribution Network, And Participation Of Most Popular Artists, Performance Of Wattakhel Production Remains Outstanding In Its Area Of Business. Links https://www.facebook.com/WattakhelProduction -------------------------------------- https://soundcloud.com/wattakhelproduction -------------------------------------- http://www.dailymotion.com/wattakhelproduction -------------------------------------- https://www.youtube.com/Wattakhelproductionpak https://www.youtube.com/DSdMusic https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6L2hwz3t5vFTwPwoBIIEdg -------------------------------------- https://twitter.com/WattakhelPak -------------------------------------- C.E.O►Rabnawaz khan(03006027999..03003651786)