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Nikki Sharma
Our Campus seamlessly simplifies Institute processes while conveniently bringing administrators, teachers, and students together. It's student management system
Improve Efficiency With Timetable Management For Teachers & StudentsOur new timetable and attendance management system is designed to simplify class scheduling and attendance marking. Experience the advantage of a well-planned scheduling system that integrates ease and reduces complexity. Why a timetable management system is needed? We all know the challenges of a poor scheduling and time table management system. With the beginning of each academic year begins the pressure of scheduling and arranging time slots, making allotments, planning for absent teachers, and what not, the list is just endless. But with a simple integration of an efficient Timetable Management system for teachers and students, it becomes easier to plan, schedule, publish, and maintain overall activities in an academic year. With Our Campus Timetable management system an institution can simply plan and execute their activities as per their requirement and choices. These are a few aspects to help you maintain a better workflow without spending much time in tedious manual scheduling process:Multiple Teachers per period: Assign multiple teachers for practical sessions Different Daily Plans:Allocate different days with variation in class timing, at different time slots and weekdays Multiple Subjects per period: Schedule as many periods in a day as per the requirement Class wise time table: Class-wise and subject-wise timetables and share with teachers, parents and students Schedule Assembly and Breaks: Include assembly and multiple breaks in your daily timetable Multiple Periods Per day: Assign multiple periods in a day, depending on the dayHow it works?Create time table Pattern Add periods to each day Add teachers to each subjects Share with parents and studentsUnique Features of the Attendance Management System Scheduling class made easy Add or remove classes, schedule new classes, and make other changes to the timetable. It simply saves time and energy to operate on a centralized system. Attendance Management The system integrates annual calendar, daily attendance, leaves, special notes, remarks to students and teachers. Hence the time and energy is saved along with paper. Rightly prioritize all activities Plan and schedule classes strategically as per the need of the session. Allot different timeslots for different days and times thereby improving productivity and efficiency. Why you should go for Our Campus Timetable and Attendance Management System?Well timed schedule Equitable distribution of faculty Timetable rearrangement as per the situation Plan events and holidays with calendar plannerConclusion There are very few systems that are well planned and designed to suit all your institution’s requirements year round. Our Campus has been designing and developing systems to suit the needs of the UK Education sector. Our Timetable Management system simplifies institute processes while conveniently bringing administrators, teachers and students together. Join hands with the next generation student information management system and get ahead with the advantage of simplified technologies. To know more write to us at Our Campus and we would be happy to guide you. » Read more about: Improve Efficiency With Timetable Management For Teachers & Students »
Assessment Management System: Our Campus Software AdvantageYour staff and faculty members are constantly involved in the hectic process of assessing student performance from time to time and to do so manually is a huge work load. Well, Assessment Management System is here to your rescue. It makes complete assessment process paper free, without repetition. Customized and ready to use formats for assessment allows faculties to create question banks for different courses which can be uploaded in variety of formats such as images, files, documents, and media to be used as per the requirement. The system allows faculties to upload, send/receive and track assignments while they can also send online reminders to students. Students can submit their assignment online using the system. On submission, faculties can grade and share the feedback with students and parents for a transparent process of assessment. Major features of Our Campus Student Assessment Management system are:Customized Marking Schemes Marking can be customized as per the requirement and can be done need based as per the subject or exam requirement. Streamlined Examination Exam times stresses both students as well as faculties, but with the support of Our Campus Assessment Management Software exams can be easily planned and executed by pre-defining the seating arrangement, resource distribution, and responsibilities to be given. Simplified Evaluation It becomes easier to evaluate and view data from time to time as per the need of the situation thereby reducing the paperwork time and the complex process of searching through the physical documents to view or display an individual’s performance records. Records Activities The School Management Software keeps track of every activity assigned by faculties and the actions taken by students on them. The system keeps all the information related to one’s performance and behavior at one place, safe and secured. Grades Conversion Faculties can easily convert numbers into grades with the help of a simple tool in the system to ensure that conversion is not a constraint to productivity. Report Card Generation Creates a detailed report of each individual, section, department wise to provide complete data when needed.The Student Management System comes with a few benefits to the management and its staff thereby improving their efficiency. Advantages of the system:Maintain Academic Profiles Master Setup for all Exams Different Exam Group creation Terms Exam Creation Simplified Entry Format Systematic Evaluation Scheme Grade Sheets Percentile CalculationOur Campus’s Student management software is designed to cover all aspects of student learning and development including educational, ethical and personal growth. It assists in assessment process to meet the specific requirements of an institution. It also helps management align their resources more efficiently along with their goals. If you wish to implement an effective School Management System or College Management Software within your institution write to us at info@ourcampus.com and we will get back to you with our efficient solutions to help you grow your institution.  » Read more about: Assessment Management System: The Our Campus Advantage  »
Colour LCD Signature Pad - DeltaColour LCD Signature Pad Delta The Delta is a signature pad with a 10.1' LCD to display A4 pages in original width. Suitable for displaying graphics, buttons and documents, as well as for signing in real-time. Contents can be easily scrolled with the included pen. The Delta Signature pad is equipped, naturally, with the patented security of signing PDF documents inside the pad and of encrypting the biometric signature using a public- RSA-key. Furthermore, it comes with the 'Secure Mode', which only uses a reduced amount of data for the real-time display on the PC monitor. Hence, the biometric characteristic of the signature cannot be reconstructed. Other devices on the market encrypt the data transmission, but decrypt the biometric data for the real-time display on the PC. With monitor extensions, even the mouse pointer is moved: The signature can easily be spied out and captured. With signotec Signature Pads, you have the good feeling to get the highest security for capturing biometric signatures. The Delta pad can be placed on the desk in a space-saving manner or can be brought into an oblique position with its integrated stand. In addition, it comes with a 75 VESA- mounting fixture for mounting on third-party VESA mounts. There are two pen holders for the best ergonomics and the respective application: either horizontally above the device or inclined to the user. Highlights 10,1 full-color display with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixel. Battery-free pen with 2048 pressure levels. Ergonomic pen holder. Resolution of sensor of 5080 LPI. Transfer rate of 4D signature data at 500 Hz. Only one USB-cable for connection. Optional Ethernet- port for network integration. Extremely robust surface with a lifetime of over 30 million signatures. Patented security for the conclusive signature of PDF documents. Magnetic resonance technology: The surface reacts to the pen only. Unique ID (serial number). Free basic software 'signoPAD-Tools' and a powerful SDK 'signoPAD-API' are included. Note: For signing PDF documents evidentially, we recommend our software ' signoSign/2 ', which has to be purchased additionally.
Color LCD Signature Pad - OmegaCOLOR LCD SIGNATURE PAD OMEGA The LCD signature pad 'Omega' is the big brother of the successful 'Sigma'. A signature capture device 'Made in Germany' with an unparalleled price/performance ratio. With outside dimensions of 180 x 191 x 15 mm it is extremely compact with an especially appealing design. This device allows you to set clear trends at your POS. The powerful signature pad captivates with a flat surface without edges between sensor and housing. The design makes for ultra-ergonomic signing. Pen and sensor convey a feeling similar to writing on paper. Plus, the rounded sides allow the heel of the hand to transition smoothly from signature tablet to table, without disrupting the signing process. The pen itself has the size and feel of an actual ballpoint pen and works entirely without electronics and power supply. Replacing the passive pen is inexpensive and the pad can continue to be used if the pen is lost. The outside of the Omega can be customised to meet the customer's wishes, in any colour, and even be imprinted with the customer logo. Data transmission from pad to PC is secured, preventing biometric characteristics from being intercepted. Developing the electronics, firmware, driver and applications ourselves allows for optimal coordination of hardware and software. Particular emphasis should be given to the unique 10 freely programmable memory spaces on the pad where recurring content can be permanently stored. This results in an enormous speed benefit for the graphics layout as these are not repeatedly loaded onto the pad but instead simply retrieved. This large internal storage can also be used for slide shows. Graphics can be permanently stored on the pad. You determine the display sequence and duration. The slide show runs independently, without connection to the software. Simply plug into a USB port and you're ready. READ MORE.. Technical Specifications, RSA Security Features, Download Datasheet, Related Softwares etc. http://www.sigplex.co.uk/colour-lcd-pad-omega.html