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Busitechnews: Get Latest Business News, Technology News & Trending Topics Around The World at
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Mother , wife , writer, researcher and educator. Have profane interest in children's development. Especially in STEM development.
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I was born on 6 August 1956 in San Francisco, California to Janet and (the late) Richard Hovis. I grew up in Santa Monica, California where I attended element
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Digital, Transmedia & Interactive Storyteller with a love of edtech, travel, nature, science, and culture. Sharing my stories through Roamancing & Ahimsa Media.
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Healthy lifestyle company featuring clean eating, healthy recipes, meal planning, workouts & unique tracking software to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle.
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Where women feel, see, and claim their power.
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Forensic Accountant Offering Skincare Tips for Corporate Professionals
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Read. Decide. Invest.
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The web pages I add to mix are those I find interesting, ironic, outrageous or entertaining in some way. I don't necessarily agree with their views.
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