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Jony kumar sorkar
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Audit Management Software for Internal, External, Supplier, IT and Regulatory Audits- Qualityze IncQualityze, The Innovation leader in the world of Quality. Are you still mapping your audit processes the traditional way? If yes, you are probably missing out a lot of growth opportunities. Your audit team is spending most of its productive time in manual data entry, which is hard to track, manage, and evaluate. In addition to the collection of quality data, there are many other audit processes that require ample amount of time from Audit planning to Audit execution such as : *creating checklists *managing audit findings *reducing audit cycle time and costs, etc, while fostering continuous improvement. The data records being generated every hour adds to the complexity of conducting manual internal audits. The smart move is implementing a cloud-driven audit management system like Qualityze that can manage operational and compliance risks with end-to-end process management of your internal and external audits. Qualityze Audit Management is a next-generation audit management system. It is a cloud-proven, global capable solution that features an intuitive user interface and includes capabilities such as digital signature, audit trail, email approval, audit calendar, audit scheduler and much more. The Qualityze Audit Management enables organizations to create checklist library with customized audit checklist templates, perform effective audit planning, improve overall audit program efficiency while reducing cost, manage audit findings, drive continuous improvement, offer greater visibility of audit results. You can conduct self-assessment audits, offline audits and much more. Qualityze Audit Management helps any organization to implement industry standard best practices to:  Create an Audit Plan  Schedule an Audit  Prepare an Audit  Execute Audit  Track Audit findings and initiate CAPA  Perform Follow-Up / Closure Audit The automation of tasks and integration with your existing enterprise systems helps reduce audit cycle time. You can leverage automatic tracking of audit activities, audit checklist, audit evaluation criteria's, uniform Audit methodology and corrective action tracking tools through Qualityze Audit Management System – A single stop solution for your audit management needs. Qualityze is built upon the world’s most secure and reliable platform, Salesforce.com, which enables your quality teams to manage end-to-end quality from anywhere around the globe. It also comprises the features like Alerts, Notifications, Electronic Signature, Audit Trails, Reports and Dashboards. Do you want a standardized audit management system across your organization to make the most of your audit findings? Get Qualityze today to streamline your audit processes the smart way! All you need is your Qualityze user license and you are ready to go. You are just a click away from experiencing Qualityze, click on the Request Demo button. For more information, you can call us on 1-877-207-8616 or email at info@qualityze.com and our customer success team will be right there for you. Get Qualityze to Transform your QMS into a Quality Decision Making Engine! Website: https://www.qualityze.com/ Webpage URL: https://www.qualityze.com/audit-management/