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VirtualU.net Reputation Management Convention Las Vegas 2020 Part 2 - Training Courses on ORM & SEOReputation Management Convention Las Vegas 2020 Part 2 - Seminar Courses are Hands-On for 1-4 Day Training Classes all-in-one Digital Marketing, ORM, SEO, SMM, Data Removals, Privacy Laws & Cyber-Law. https://virtualu.net/virtualu-net-digital-marketing-convention-las-vegas-2020-seminar-courses-on-digital-marketing-orm-seo-smm-data-removals-privacy-legal/ Digital Marketing Conference Las Vegas 2020 Part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oeGpoC7--Ks About VirtualU Seminar: Why us? VirtualU's complete program on how to own your “Virtual You” by controlling the message, the Internet and your data at the same time. We have innovated many tried and true techniques for over 25 years that have resulted in 1000+ success stories for our customers. Whether its your reputation, brand or company, we show you the real value these techniques have brought real customers. Training Classes will be taught by Chris Edwards, the founder of Reputation Savior in 2010, VirtualU in 2018 & DoctorU in 2019. VirtualU “Virtual You” which launched on May 1st 2018 in response to the privacy and personal data issues revealed at the Facebook Congressional Hearings. This effort by our team has resulted in more avenues, new guidelines and new laws to control your data in 2020; which will be presented in this all-in-one course. Since 2010, Reputation Savior has lead the reputation management and search engine optimization markets, and executed them properly, the first time. In 2012, we produced a DIY Kit for those who want to do their own ORM or SEO in-house using our 50 page E-Book, Video tutorials & Vital trade-secret documents. In 2018, we added a live reputation monitoring APP, personal data removals from over 100+ sites, advanced SEO with Google Auto-Suggest controls and legal help. The 1 day course will include the full presentation of our $500 DIY Kit materials; which will be provided to you with your attendance to the class at no charge. https://virtualu.net/about-us/ Seminar Features 1 day class for 8 hours and 4 days over 1-4 weeks, 40+ hours of total training Training follows our DIY Kit e-book and course handouts. Bring a computer. Real-life scenarios, Real customer case studies, Real examples & Live results Get real life situational analysis, problem solving, Q&A & getting you started Seminar Benefits: Get all-in-one course from Innovators in ORM since 1996, SEO 1999 & Shop.com 2001 See real customer case studies that increase Sales, Reputation, Brand, Reviews & Views Getting started now for you or your business on each technique with hands-on training Take home solutions, unlimited potential using your free time and increase market share Course & Class Objectives: Become a Digital Marketing, Reputation Management & SEO expert certified by industry Acquire advanced knowledge from our experts with 25 years of the Industry experience Learn tools, technologies, processes to become perfectly efficient and maximize effectiveness Learn how to control your online brand to maximum friends, likes, followers, visits and sales Learn the various Metrics, reporting and tracking mechanisms for each marketing campaign How to manage the top 200 social media sites - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc Learn “market making”. New product strategies. Taking over your local search market.Protecting against online attacks, consumer complaints, product reviews, negative publicity “You own Your Data” & Your Reputation (Facebook Hearings). Learn it, Live it, Love it! Who is this course designed for: This course can be taken by Digital marketing, Social media, marketing, website and internet marketing professionals, high profile personalities, business owners, office managers & CEO's. Course Prerequisites: Preferred basic knowledge of computers, internet browsing, MS office, minor html and minor picture, audio and video editing. If not, you will be instructed how to download and use them in the process of the getting started course. Class Dates: 32 Hours Advanced & Comprehensive Training Schedule 4 Weeks | 8 hours training each day in 2 sessions 9 AM – 6+ PM US Pacific time each day (all day) 1 Day on March 14th 2020 – 4 Day from March 16 to April 6th 2020 Seminar Pricing: 1 Day seminar is 8+ hours at $500 for a person. Get a 25% discount for advanced payment. Get our $500 VirtualU Personal Do It Yourself Kit for free with your registration. Full 4 week seminar or 4 days for 40+ hours is $2000. Get a 25% discount for advanced payment. Get our $1000 VirtualU Business Do It Yourself Kit for free with your registration. As a guarantee, the price of your seminar acts as a coupon that can be applied to products or services listed on our website. Takeaways: Become a certified Internet professional in all areas covered by this course. Certificate of completion. VirtualU 424-249-0271 https://virtualu.net