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Dr. Oz apologizes for pushing 'trade-off' of reopening schoolsWhen Fox News host Sean Hannity wondered what it would take to reopen the country, he turned to his trusted source on all things medicine and science: Mehmet Oz, the surgeon and TV personality better known as Dr. Oz. "First, we need our mojo back," Oz said Tuesday night, in a soundbite that has since gone viral. He suggested that some things could be opened "without getting into a lot of trouble," such as schools. "I tell you, schools are a very appetizing opportunity," he said, adding that resuming classes, according to his reading of a new medical journal analysis, "may only cost us 2 to 3% in terms of total mortality." That death rate, he concluded, "might be a trade-off some folks would consider." His suggestion sparked an enormous response on social media - prompting his somewhat apologetic statement late Thursday: "I misspoke," he said in a video released on Twitter, acknowledging that his words had "confused and upset people." The goal, he said, was to discuss "how do we get our children safely back to school" because he is "being asked constantly how we'll be able to get people back to their normal lives." It was one of dozens of pronouncements that Oz has offered on Fox since the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, during which the network has turned to him on a range of topics outside his background as a cardiothoracic surgeon. When should schools reopen? What drugs are effective against covid-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus? When will there be enough ventilators? Oz isn't a virologist or a pharmacologist or a logistics expert, but he doesn't hesitate in answering with the confidence of an expert, name-dropping corporations, elected officials and medical journals along the way. Oz, 59, who also hosts a syndicated daytime show, has long been a popular and controversial figure, and has faced...