Trina Truax, BFA, MS
Art Therapist, Live to paint, create and paint create to live. Sr. Inpatient Therapist, acute psych unit, First Hospital Behavioral Health.
Modern Media Holdings Ltd acquires majority stake in ArtReview / ArtReviewArt Review Ltd and Modern Media Holdings Ltd are pleased to announce the acquisition of a majority shareholding in ArtReview, ArtReview Asia and artreview.com by Modern Media, China’s leading high-end communications group. As a result, ArtReview, ArtReview Asia and artreview.com will join a multimedia publishing organisation that includes The Art Newspaper China, LEAP, Modern Weekly, Nowness and Numéro, among other titles, and a group that can bring the magazines’ content to new platforms and new audiences worldwide. The magazines will continue to operate out of their London headquarters and regional offices. Announcing the acquisition, Thomas Shao, chair and founder of Modern Media Holdings Ltd, said: ‘Modern Media’s art platform (Modern Art) lives by the motto “Integrate Art into Life and Rebuild Society with Art”. This is a philosophy we share with ArtReview, giving me high hopes and confidence for our future together. Modern Media will consolidate its diverse resources: its brand network, funding streams, technology infrastructure and marketing clout, to support ArtReview and ArtReview Asia’s development, focusing especially on the expansion of digital and data platforms. Together we will also continue ArtReview’s innovation into live events and cross-regional and interdisciplinary fields of collaboration.’ ‘ArtReview has a long and important history in the shaping of twentieth and now twenty-first-century art history,’ said Dennis Hotz, former sole shareholder and chairman of Art Review Ltd. ‘In recent years the brand has launched innovative new products such as the influential Power 100 ranking of the key individuals driving the contemporary artworld, and ArtReview Asia, which offers specialist coverage of the dynamic Asian art scene and an alternative perspective on the history of contemporary art. Modern Media, a company that has art and the creative industries at its heart, is ideally placed to build on the achievements and heritage of the magazines and take ArtReview and ArtReview Asia forward to engage with an increasingly globalised, multiplatform and fast-moving artworld.’ About ArtReview ArtReview was founded in 1949 with the belief that art had a vital role – in terms of imagining new futures and alternative presents, and reinterpreting the past – to play in rebuilding civic society in a postwar and increasingly postcolonial world. The magazine aims to ensure that art and the discourses that surround it are accessible to the widest audience possible. For the past 70 years it has facilitated a multilateral dialogue between artists, audiences and the thinkers who have shaped art’s history: from Henri Matisse to Hito Steyerl, and from Clement Greenberg to Nicolas Bourriaud. From Pop art to institutional critique, many of the contemporary scene’s best-known movements were given a voice (often for the first time) within the pages of ArtReview. About ArtReview Asia In 2013 ArtReview Asia was founded on a similar philosophy aimed, during the rise of globalisation and the rapid expansion of contemporary art in Asia, at developing a history of contemporary art as viewed from this new and distinct perspective, one that is increasingly tied to more global contemporary issues of identity, culture and belonging. It seeks to explore and uncover the specific contexts from which art throughout the continent emerges, looking at art in relation to different or overlapping cultures, and more broadly, at histories and forms of expression that are often overlooked or marginalised in traditional Western publications. About Modern Media Established by Thomas Shao in 1993, Modern Media Holdings Ltd is a wide-ranging cross-media communication group covering culture, art, fashion, lifestyle and business. The company publishes some of the most popular titles in China and has a significant online presence, including the recently acquired video platform Nowness. Internationally focused and socially driven, the company has established Modern Space, a 4,300 sqm complex facilitating photography and contemporary art, and is also a shareholder of Photofairs | Shanghai, which was launched in 2014 and is the largest art fair dedicated to photography in Asia. artreview.com modernmedia.com.cn This year's nominees are: First Site, Colchester Hepworth Wakefield, Yorkshire John Hansard, University of Southampton MAC, Belfast MK Gallery, Milton Keynes Towner Art Gallery, Eastbourne The winning organisation and selected artist will be announced in Autumn 2019. The shortlist was complemented by the publication of the Freelands Foundation Research Report, which investigates the representation of female artists in cultural organisations across Britain. Carried out by Dr Kate McMillan from the Department of Culture, Media and Creative Industries at King's College, London, this year's report highlighted the disproportionately high percentage of senior staff at art and design institutions compared to graduates from those schools; found that the secondary markets continue to be dominated by male artists; and pointed out the continuing disparity between men and women on the rosters of London's major commercial galleries. More positively, it identified a significant increase in the number of solo exhibitions at noncommercial galleries in the capital. The full findings can be found at www.freelandsfoundation.co.uk. 5 June
Selections from the URBAN NATION Biennale “ROBOTS AND RELICS: UN-MANNED”“What if…” What If... UN Biennale. Berlin September 2019. (photo © Nika Kramer) That’s how curator Yasha Young began the UN Biennale in Berlin this month. A fantasy-infused ramble through a future jungle teeming with dark pop goth and an animated gorilla, the multi-featured installation by the outgoing Creative Director was meant to pose questions about a possible future, or many possible futures on an Earth deeply scarred, reclaiming itself from man/womankind’s folly. Millenium FX Ltd. Gorilla Albert. UN Biennale. Berlin September 2019. (photo © Nika Kramer) Spread along a 100-meter path and teeming with small surprise exhibits popping from the savage magic of two-day overgrowth, the installation appeared to take inspiration, at least in part, from the wildly successful Berlin exhibition two years ago called, “The Haus”, by a trio called Die Dixons. That one featured 175 artists creating immersive, site-specific futurist/fantasy installations on the five floors of a former bank – inviting dance troops and performances and thousands who cued for hours around the block. INTI with Millenium FX Ltd. Gorilla Albert. UN Biennale. Berlin September 2019. (photo © Nika Kramer) One of artists at UN’s “ROBOTS AND RELICS: UN-MANNED”, Herakut, was also in the Haus exhibition and here under the roaring U-Bahn on Bülowstraße produces one of the best synthesis of technology and fantasy. Their sculptural painted theatrical character of Mother Nature is straight from a childs’ imagination, blinking eyes forming a blue inquisitive aura around its visage. Hera of Herakut. UN Biennale. Berlin September 2019. (photo © Nika Kramer) Herakut. UN Biennale. Berlin September 2019. (photo © Nika Kramer) No doubt many visitors winding through this late summer wildness were feeling quizzical to one another, confronting the various staged scenarios by 27 artists and asking “what if…”. Perhaps a lush and greener version of the traveling “29 Rooms” selfie house we saw in Brooklyn a few years ago, this one blended themes of post-disaster with a glistening dark leafy future girded with idiosyncracies and Hans Ruedi Giger airbrushed human/machines locked in biomechanical reverie. “They carry us off into barren deserts with relics of human existence,” says the press release, “colorfully patterned animals in overgrown areas as well as spherical light worlds.” Coderch Malavia Sculptors. UN Biennale. Berlin September 2019. (photo © Nika Kramer) Plotbot Ken. UN Biennale. Berlin September 2019. (photo © Nika Kramer) Frederique Morrel. UN Biennale. Berlin September 2019. (photo © Nika Kramer) Dan Rawlings. UN Biennale. Berlin September 2019. (photo © Nika Kramer) Vermibus. UN Biennale. Berlin September 2019. (photo © Nika Kramer) Vermibus. UN Biennale. Berlin September 2019. (photo © Nika Kramer) Pappas Parlor. Berlin September 2019. (photo © Nika Kramer) Ekow Nimako. UN Biennale. Berlin September 2019. (photo © Nika Kramer) Ekow Nimako. UN Biennale. Berlin September 2019. (photo © Nika Kramer) Vegan Flava. UN Biennale. Berlin September 2019. (photo © Nika Kramer) Vegan Flava. UN Biennale. Berlin September 2019. (photo © Nika Kramer) Goin Art. UN Biennale. Berlin September 2019. (photo © Nika Kramer) Goin Art. UN Biennale. Berlin September 2019. (photo © Nika Kramer) Urs Koller. UN Biennale. Berlin September 2019. (photo © Nika Kramer) Urs Koller. UN Biennale. Berlin September 2019. (photo © Nika Kramer) NesPoon . Pedro Estrellas. UN Biennale. Berlin September 2019. (photo © Nika Kramer) Filthy Luker . Pedro Estrellas. UN Biennale. Berlin September 2019. (photo © Nika Kramer) Filthy Luker . Pedro Estrellas. UN Biennale. Berlin September 2019. (photo © Nika Kramer) Quinte55enz . Pedro Estrellas. UN Biennale. Berlin September 2019. (photo © Nika Kramer) Nomad Clan. UN Biennale. Berlin September 2019. (photo © Nika Kramer) Nomad Clan. UN Biennale. Berlin September 2019. (photo © Nika Kramer) Theater Anu. UN Biennale. Berlin September 2019. (photo © Nika Kramer) Theater Anu. UN Biennale. Berlin September 2019. (photo © Nika Kramer) Theater Anu . Gehard Demetz. UN Biennale. Berlin September 2019. (photo © Nika Kramer) Outings Project. UN Biennale. Berlin September 2019. (photo © Nika Kramer) Participating artists include: Coderch & Malavia // Cryptik // Dan Rawlings // David de la Mano // Dima Rebus // Ekow Nimako // Filthy Luker // Frédérique Morrel // Gerhard Demetz // Herakut // Inti // Julien de Casabianca // Louis Masai // Milenium FX // NeSpoon // Quintessenz // Nomad Clan // Rune Guneriussen // Sandra Chevrier // Theater Anu // Vermibus Special shout out to Tobias Kunz, Annette Dooman, and the entire Studio Kunz team, Jens Rüberg and team and the YAP team. We wish to express our gratitude to photographer and BSA contributor Nika Kramer for sharing her photos with us. Follow Nika on Instagram @nikakramer
Valentina Brostean // Inky Illustration Agency // Fashion illustrator // modern illustrator // hire modern illustrator // Inky IllustrationValentina Brostean (born in Novi Sad, Serbia, in 1983 currently based in Turin, Italy) graduated from Faculty of Fine Arts Novi Sad, holds the BFA degree in graphic design and MFA degree in Illustration and Book design. Valentina Brostean is a multi-disciplinary visual artist. Her work is figurative, narrative and surreal, very immaginative and expressive, full of chaos and details, hidden characters and symbols. Being very eclectic and experimental she prefers creating in various mediums across many fields of visual art. With a serious passion for the graphic world, strong and expressive, cutting edge visual language and wild imagination some would dare to call her visual warrior! With more than 10 years of experience in the creative business, her artistic practice is related to different art sectors, ranging from fields of culture (curated gallery exhibitions on the international level) to illustration and graphic design. She’s specialized in collage illustration, magazine and fashion editorials, book covers and character design – using both traditional and digital media, collaborating mostly with clients spanning art, culture and commerce. She seeks powerful – cutting-edge solutions for creative and brave clients, applying bold aesthetics and surprising outputs across all platforms. Currently she’s working as an independent multidisciplinary artist focusing on her personal self-expression through the creative process and collaborating with worldwide clients such as Armani Exchange, Washington Post, Corriere della sera, Bicycle USA etc also with various galleries on international level - always seeking for new creative challenges which allow her to apply her eclectic creativity.
The Beauty of Art, Writing and Self-Expression: Montblanc Meisterstück Calligraphy CollectionCalligraphy, the ancient Greek word for “beautiful writing”, is the art of giving handwritten letters and text a graceful and artistic appearance. While it may have its origin centuries ago across different cultures and continents, the art form has become increasingly popular today among makers and handwriting aficionados looking to put pen to paper in a creative and personalized way. Exquisitely formed ink letters require skill, patience and practice, but also the right tools. Elevating the Art of Writing Montblanc has been synonymous with the art of writing, developing writing instruments by continuously pushing boundaries and applying new mechanisms to keep it at the forefront of writing technology. Since 1906 the nib, referred to as the very soul of every Montblanc writing instrument, continues to require a lot of patience and skill to craft by pairing high precision tools and manual work that takes years to master. Hand-sculpted from solid gold by master artisans who oversee 35 skilled steps, each nib is the result of absolute expertise, intuition and boundless patience. With its new Meisterstück Calligraphy Collection, Montblanc leans into its know how to elevate the art of hand lettering with a new nib, the Flex Nib. Made from gold to bend and spread more easily, it allows for more elaborate and more expressive calligraphy, with vertical lines varying from just 0.3mm to 1.4mm thick depending on the pressure applied to the pen. The renown Meisterstück Yellow Gold 149 carries the new Flex nib made exclusively from gold with special flexible features that allow a variety of writing styles and delivers a remarkable writing sensation. Due to the slenderness of the tines and the special geometry of the nib point, a high level of precision can be achieved whilst writing. The Flex nib wings close rapidly when writing pressure is reduced, an important characteristic for many calligraphy styles. Variation of line breadth is achieved by exerting pressure, with varying breadths producing different hues of colour on paper. With the Meisterstück Calligraphy edition, Montblanc pays tribute to the golden age of calligraphy and illumination, celebrating the beauty of language and the importance of culture transmitted by writing. Masterpieces prized by kings, princes, cardinals and noble families in the medieval times and the Renaissance, illuminated manuscripts were elaborate expressions of calligraphy. In their pursuit of accomplishment, illuminators applied radiant colours and gold leaf to manuscripts to enhance the magnificent lettering of scribes. Real gold leaf is applied to the black lacquer cap and barrel of the Meisterstück Calligraphy, then covered by a translucent lacquer. The gold leaf for this edition is hand applied, giving each piece its very own character. With fittings in black PVD, the edition is available as a Fountain Pen with the 18K solid gold flexible Expression Nib, as a Fountain Pen Le Grand with the standard Meisterstück 18K ruthenium-coated nib or as a Rollerball Le Grand. To complete the Meisterstück Calligraphy writing experience, Montblanc introduces three different notebooks in black leather with gold or silver foil, as well as a red colored metallic foil. The paper inside each notebook is by Awagami, a manufacturer that has been making paper since 1825 for some of the world’s leading artists, photographers, designers, bookbinders and conservators. Each notebook tells the historical evolution of calligraphy in three chapters: Western, Islamic and East Asian. The notebook features a writing exercise at the end of each chapter. A tribute to Japanese artistry, the Meisterstück Calligraphy Maki-e Limited Edition 88 brings together the centuries-old artistic heritage of Chisō, one of the leading yuzen kimono atelier founded in 1555 that created elaborate silk kimonos for the Imperial court, with the Japanese craft of maki-e lacquer. In a process that takes three months to complete, the ancient “urushi” lacquering technique has been used on the cap and barrel of the edition, applying, smoothing, sanding and polishing many paper-thin layers of blue semi-transparent “urushi” lacquer by hand. Gold powder and tiny particles of cracked abalone shells are then skilfully interspersed between the layers. The design captures the Japanese philosophy of the eternal beauty of calligraphy standing in opposition to vanity, a symbol of inescapable mortality. The cherry tree blossom, one of the most important symbols in Japanese culture signals the beginning of spring and also stands for youth, awakening into life and budding love. As a counterpart to the cherry blossom in spring, the autumn moon celebrates a rich harvest. The cap of this Edition is decorated with an Au 750 white gold inlay in the shape of the full moon and delicate cherry blossom twigs in Au 750 gold. The barrel is decorated with yellow gold inlays representing the skull, symbol of vanity. With a limitation number of 88 in reference to the lucky and prosperous nature of the number 8, the Meisterstück Calligraphy Maki-e Limited Edition features a 18K rose gold rhodium plated flexible calligraphy nib, with special blossom design. A celebration of the rare art of kara-kami, an unbroken tradition of craftsmanship since 1624 using paper, paint and wooden printing blocks, the Calligraphy Kara-Kami Fine Stationery notebook features premium handmade Karakami paper with gold leaf with thin washi paper dividers and traditional Japanese binding on the backbone. Precious objets d’art for any calligrapher’s desk, Montblanc has commissioned a Gold Leaf and Black Urushi Lacquer Box LE3 and a special Cracked Shell, Gold and Urushi Lacquer Box LE1 made in the great Japanese tradition with urushi lacquer and featuring artwork made of precious gold and shell inlays. The Montblanc Meisterstück Calligraphy Collection is available from September 2019 from Montblanc boutiques worldwide. For more information, visit www.montblanc.com About Montblanc Synonymous with excellence in craftsmanship and design, Montblanc has been pushing the boundaries of innovation ever since the Maison first revolutionized the culture of writing in 1906. Ingenuity and imagination continue to be driving forces for the Maison today as it advances its expression of fine craftsmanship across product categories: luxury writing instruments, watches, leather goods, new technologies and accessories. Reflecting upon its ongoing mission to create fine lifetime companions born from bold ideas and expertly crafted through the skills of the Maison’s artisans, the iconic Montblanc Emblem has become the ultimate seal of performance, quality and an expression of sophisticated style. With its origins deeply rooted in the culture of handwriting, Montblanc continues to assert its cultural commitment around the world honouring modern day patrons who support the advancement of the arts, as well as wide-ranging initiatives that promote arts and culture. 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November 2018 HoroscopesNovember 2018 Horoscopes Aries There are many important and happy developments this month, Aries. And these will have a long-term impact. Jupiter makes a major move (once every year) from your 8th House to your 9th House - on the 8th. This is a signal for prosperity for the next 12 months. There will be more travel in your life. Students at the college level will have good fortune in their studies. And even those preparing to enter college should start hearing good news. Uranus moves back into your sign on the 6th. This brings more personal freedom and personal changes. You’re back to experimenting with your body and personal image for a while. This will go on until March of 2019. Venus, your love and financial planet will start moving forward on the 16th. This will bring clarity and confidence in financial and love issues. A struck relationship or business deal can start moving forward again. Health is basically good and will get even better after the 22nd. Job offers and changes in your health regime need more study from the 17th onwards. Your health and work planet, Mercury, starts to retrograde then. A happy job offer comes on the 27th and 28th - but don’t rush into it. Check out the details. The month ahead (and the year ahead) is prosperous - especially from the 22nd onwards. There is luck in speculations from the 24th to the 28th. Creative people find their work more marketable that period too. Children and children figures prosper. The planetary power is 80% and sometimes 90% in the day side of your Horoscope. So, the career is important and will be successful. Taurus The love and social life have been good all year but is especially good in the month ahead. Your love planet, Pluto, is moving forward and you’re in the midst of a yearly love and social peak until the 22nd. On the 8th Jupiter makes a major move (this only happens once a year) from your 7th House of love to your 8th House. The month ahead (and the next 12 months) seem sexually active - more so than usual. The spouse, partner or current love interest will have a spectacular financial month - but the next 12 months will also be prosperous. Hopefully no one has to die, but you have aspects for inheritance. Perhaps you are more involved with estates or named to some administrative position in an estate. A very good month (and year) for either paying down debt or borrowing - depending on your need. If you have good ideas there are investors ready to back, you. Uranus moves out of your sign on the 6th and won’t return until March of 2019. So, you are less restless and rebellious. This move should also improve the love life. Health and energy gets better as the month progresses. On the 8th Jupiter moves away from his stressful aspect. On the 16th Mars moves away from his stressful aspect and on the 22nd the Sun follows suit. The power in your 8th House favors detox regimes. Hip and neck massage is also excellent. With Uranus’ move back into your 12th House it is good to further the career through getting involved in charities and altruistic projects. (Your spiritual planet Mars will be in your house of career until the 16th as well - reinforcing what we say). Gemini Love is the main headline this month (and for the next 12 months). Jupiter, your love planet, moves into your 7th House of love on the 8th. Jupiter will be in his own sign and House and thus will act more powerfully on your behalf. Mercury, the Lord of your Horoscope, spends the month in your 7th House. On the 22nd the Sun will enter your House of love and you begin a yearly love and social peak. For singles this is likely to bring a serious love relationship. Even a marriage in many cases (or a relationship that is like a marriage). With the Lord of the Horoscope in the House of love, you are unusually popular. You’re there for your friends and partner. You’re unusually devoted. There is more interest and focus on social matters and this makes all the difference. You’re in the mood for love. Health needs more watching this month - especially from the 22nd onwards. 5 planets (50% of the chart) are making stressful aspects to you, so be sure to get enough rest. Back, knee and abdominal massage will be good. Detox regimes are always good for you. Keep sexual activity in balance. Finance is not a big issue this month. This tends to the status quo. Earnings will more or less be as they have been. The 25th, 26th (but especially the 26th) 27th and 28th are strong financial days. Mercury’s retrograde from the 17th onwards tends to weaken the self-confidence, but with so much focus on others, this might actually be a help. Cancer Health needs more watching this month and the good news is that you’re on the case. You’re not ignoring things. Health needs are changing this month. The liver and thighs are always important health-wise, but after the 8th even more so. It’s also important (and this is the case for the next 12 months) to have a true philosophy of health. Your belief systems are playing a huge role here. Health issues (and every other issue) are always theological issues deeply disguised. This requires some meditation to understand, but it is so. There are happy job opportunities this month. Even those already employed are likely to work side jobs or overtime. Those who employ others are increasing their staff. Mars’s move into your 9th House on the 16th shows career related travel. You’re still in the midst of a yearly personal pleasure peak until the 22nd, so enjoy your life. Having fun - having a loose attitude to life - will also improve the health. Prosperity is good this month too. You’re enjoying the money you have and spending on fun kinds of things. There is luck in speculations too (the 27 and 28 are especially good). After the 22nd your good work ethic creates luck. Money will come from work and productive service. You spend freely this month (especially after the 22nd) but you earn freely too. Uranus’s move back into your 10th House brings more career shakeups and changes. This will go on until March of 2019. Your family planet Venus will start moving forward again on the 16th - this should clarify family issues. Leo Health is much improved this month. By the 22nd there will be no long term planets in stressful aspect with you. (Only the Moon will occasionally make a stressful aspect - but of very short duration.) With more energy all kinds of things become possible. Things that you thought couldn’t be done are eminently doable. There’s more good news. Jupiter will move into your 5th House of fun, creativity and children on the 8th. The Sun will move in there on the 22nd. You are entering a yearly personal pleasure peak - and no one has to give lectures to Leo about enjoying life. They can teach all of us how to do it! You are not only in a yearly personal pleasure peak after the 22nd, but the year ahead will be fun too. Jupiter will be in your 5th House for the next 12 months. Leo heaven. Your Financial Planet, Mercury, will spend the month in your 5th House too. This shows “happy money” – money that you earn in happy ways and that you spend on fun. The only problem here is that you can be an impulse spender. Over spending is the danger. There are some very nice paydays this month. The Sun will travel with Jupiter from the 24th to the 28th. Your financial planet will travel with Jupiter on the 27th and 28th. This brings luck in speculations too - though there can be a delayed reaction. The only financial complication is Mercury’s retrograde from the 17th onwards. Be more cautious with speculation after the 17th. Virgo The planetary power is mostly (80%) in the night side of your Horoscope. By the 22nd your 4th House of home and family will be ultra powerful, while your 10th House of career will be empty (only the Moon will move through there on the 23rd and 24th.) Your career planet, Mercury, will be retrograde from the 17th onwards. So the message here is that career issues need time to resolve and you may as well focus on the home, family and your emotional wellness. The presence of the career planet in your 4th House is another message - your home, family and emotional wellness IS the career - IS the mission - right now. Mars moves into your 7th House of love on the 16th, this can create power struggles and conflicts in love - be careful about this. The spouse, partner or current love seems impatient and short tempered. Try not to make things worse than they need to be. For singles two things matter in love - spirituality and idealism and the sexual magnetism. Having only one of the two won’t suffice. Jupiter’s move into your 4th House on the 8th often brings a move, the fortunate purchase or sale of a home, the acquisition of a new home and the expansion of the family circle. It might not happen this month, but is likely in the next 12 months. Health needs more watching this month - especially from the 22nd onwards. 50% of the planets (and sometimes 60%) are in stressful alignment with you. So make sure to get enough rest. Head, face, ankle and calf massage will enhance the health. Physical exercise is also good. You need good muscle tone. Libra You’re still in a period of maximum independence and can have things your way. The only problem is that you’re not sure what “your way” is. Venus is still retrograde until the 16th. So use the time to get clear as to what you want, then after the 16th you can put your plans into action. (Retrogrades have some good points.) Love once again becomes unstable after the 6th as Uranus moves back into your 7th House. He will be there until March of 2019. After so many years of social instability you can handle this. You’ve learned the lessons. Love doesn’t seem serious these days. Its about fun and games - entertainment. Your love planet, Mars is in the 5th House until the 16th and the Lord of your 5th House is in your House of love from the 6th onwards. So marriage is not very likely - nor advisable - these days. On the 16th your love planet moves into spiritual Pisces and your 6th House. Love becomes a bit more serious - but not overly so. Singles are allured to spiritual and artistic kinds of people. Also to health professionals. There are also romantic opportunities at the work place. Good health after the 16th also means good social health. Problems in love or with friends can be the root cause of health problems. So, work to keep the social harmony going. Health is reasonable this month - next month you will need to watch it more. Jupiter leaves your money house on the 8th and the Sun will leave on the 22nd. Until then you’re still in the midst of yearly financial peak. By the 22nd short term financial goals will have been attained and you can focus on other things - the development of your mind. Scorpio The past year has been prosperous and the next 12 months seem equally prosperous. Jupiter, your Financial Planet, makes a major move out of your sign and into your money house on the 8th. Jupiter will be in his own sign and House and thus acting with more power on your behalf. This spells increased earnings and financial optimism. You will be more loose - more happy go lucky - about money. You will earn more and spend more. Assets you already own will increase in value. The money people in your life are supportive of financial goals. On the 22nd the Sun will also enter your money house and you will be at yearly financial peak. The Sun’s conjunction with Jupiter from the 24 to the 28 is a specially nice payday. A prosperous month ahead. The love life is becoming more stable (for a while) this month. Your love planet, Venus, starts to move forward on the 16th and on that same day Uranus retrogrades out of your 7th House. The social judgement is much improved. The spouse, partner or current love is less rebellious - easier to get along with. Your love planet spends the month in your spiritual 12th House. So you are more idealistic in love. The spiritual connection is just as important as all the other kinds of connections. For singles there are romantic opportunities in spiritual settings - the meditation seminar or spiritual lecture or the charity event. Health will be good this month. The two planets (not enough to cause serious problems) that are stressing you out move away from their stressful position. By the 16th there are no long term planets in stressful alignment with you. (Only the Moon - and these are short term situations - will make occasional stressful aspects.) Sagittarius The past year has been marked by internal growth. No one saw it except you. Now this inner growth will become visible to others - and recognized. Jupiter, the Lord of your Horoscope, moves into your sign on the 8th and will be there for the next 12 months. This begins a multi-year cycle of prosperity and high living. Travel is always on the agenda for a Sagittarius - the least excuse will do - but this year (and this month) there is more travel than usual. The 24th to the 28th seems especially favorable for travel. Sagittarius women of child bearing age are more fertile these days. In general you need to pay more attention to the weight. This is a period where you can really put on the pounds. This is the kind of month - especially after the 22nd - where you can have things your way. Personal independence, self esteem and self confidence are at yearly highs. In 2016- 2017 as Saturn was moving through your sign, your demeanor was serious and perhaps cold. But this is all gone now. With Jupiter in your sign you are jovial and ebullient - more of your naturally Sagittarian self (perhaps even more so than usual). This is going to do wonders for the love and social life. Cheerfulness and optimism attracts people. Your love planet will spend the month in your sign - another good signal for love. Love pursues you rather than the other way around. The whole month is good for love, but the 29th and 30th are especially good. But don’t rush off to the altar just yet. Your love planet will be retrograde from the 17th onwards. Capricorn Your career planet, Venus, is still retrograde until the 16th so study career opportunities and goals more closely. Things are not what they seem. Clarity comes after the 16th. Children and children figures are succeeding and helping the career. The month ahead is social until the 22nd. But this is more about friendships and group activities than about romance. Your House of love (the 7th House) is basically empty (only the Moon will move through there on the 25th and 26th). This tends to the status quo. You seem more or less content with things as they are and have no need to make major changes or efforts. The 9th and the 19th are especially good romantic days for singles. Jupiter, your spiritual planet, makes a major move into your spiritual 12th House on the 8th. Thus spirituality is going to be very important now and for the next 12 months. Jupiter will in his own sign and House and very powerful from the 8th onwards. Major spiritual breakthroughs are happening this month and over the next 12 months. These are most joyous when they happen. They change the whole outlook on life. You need to work harder to achieve your financial goals this month. If you put in the extra work you will prosper. Mars is in your money house until the 16th. This shows more spending on the home and family and good family support. Your Financial Planet moves into your 4th House on the 6th and this reinforces the above. It favors the family business and businesses that are run like a family. Family connections are playing a big role in the financial life. Aquarius The past year has been a banner career year. For some of you it has been a lifetime peak, for others just a good year - much depends on your age. The month ahead is also very successful as you are still in a yearly career peak. By the 22nd career goals - the short term ones at least – have been achieved and you’re ready to be involved in what you really love - socializing, networking and making new friends. The next 12 months are also good socially and you will be making all kinds of new friends and connections - and good ones. Health too is improving. By the 22nd there will be no planets in stressful aspect with you (only the Moon, and only occasionally, will make short term stressful aspects.) Love seems happy and you have many opportunities. The only problem is you - you’re not clear about what you want. Uranus, the Lord of your Horoscope, is retrograde. Until the 22nd there are romantic opportunities as you pursue your career goals and with people involved in your career. You’re allured to people who can help you career wise - to people of power and prestige. You’re mingling with these kinds of people this month. After the 22nd love opportunities happen as you get involved with groups, organizations and group activities. The astrology or scientific seminar and the online world are venues for romance. The 24th to the 28th are exceptionally good romantic days. On the 16th Mars will enter your money house. This shows earning through communication - teaching, writing, sales, marketing and PR. Buying and selling - trading - also seems profitable. Pisces You are entering a fabulous career month and a fabulous career year. This is the main headline this month. On the 8 Jupiter, your career planet, moves into your 10th House of career - he will be in his own sign and House - and thus ultra powerful on your behalf. There is career elevation - promotions in your company and/or elevation in your professional status. You have more prestige and status. On the 22nd the Sun will also be in your 10th House and you will be in a yearly career peak. It will be easy to focus on the career this month as even the family seems very supportive. It seems like a family project. Not only is career fabulous, but so is finance - the bottom line. (These don’t always go hand in hand.) Your Financial Planet, Mars, moves into your sign on the 16th bringing windfalls and financial opportunities. You have the “look” - the demeanor of a “money person” this period. People see you that way and you probably dress the part too. Uranus’ move back into your money house on the 6th brings financial changes - but it looks like for the better. You have probably been underestimating your potential. Health will need more watching from the 22nd onwards. As always make sure to rest more. Enhance the health through safe sex and good colon health until the 22nd. After the 22nd thigh massage and liver cleansing will be good. Your love planet will spend the month in your 10th House of career. This is a positive, it shows that love is high on your agenda. You’re paying attention here. The message of the chart is pursue your career goals and love will naturally find you. The 29th and 30th are excellent days for love.