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Teacher - Banker - Farmer. Highly Competent person who can work in various field. Love to do something different, interesting with new stuff, eager to learn new
Coffee Percolators: An Explanation and RoastDo you like your coffee to have a little kick? Then try a percolator! It's like tasting a shoe! Seriously. Why are these still a thing? I don't know but let's talk about them! These links have been sitting on a hot plate all day. Hope they're not too stale Technology Connextras (the second channel that stuff goes on sometimes): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClRwC5Vc8HrB6vGx6Ti-lhA Technology Connections on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TechConnectify The TC Subreddit https://www.reddit.com/r/technologyconnections You can support this channel on Patreon! Thanks to contributions from viewers like you, Technology Connections can continue being as weird and unpredictable as it is. If you’d like to join the so-cool-as-to-be-refrigerated people who bring these videos to you, you can find out how at the link below. Thank you for your consideration! https://www.patreon.com/technologyconnections And thank you to the following patrons! Jeff Gunn, Liam , Jason Heckenlively, Andira Muttakim, Jesus Villafranca, huitz, Jace Fuse, Denis Phillips, Jon Adams, Eric Noriega, peter pan, lastsecondsave , Marcus Congdon, Loni Nix, Bernardo , Damnable Nook, Elijah Gould, Tyler Warren, Kevin Ingersoll, Jason Jenkins, C. A. Patrick Voigt, Andrew Hangsleben, Alex , Mike Jacob, Trent Lloyd, Prashant Sinha, reavisrk ., coudy , Matthew Stoldal, Kristi an Berry, Charles Gillanders, Gavin , Danielle Duarte, sheepish.alpaca , Juhani Saarinen, Ashley Hakker, M10360 , Zufalligeule , Adam Rose, Nuzzo Salvatore, Jake Austin, Alex K, Thibault Martin-Lagardette, Eric Hoppe, Rob Lion, Nikolaus , Ohad Lutzky, Marek Standio, John Julian, Karen Scarfone, Edward Harris, Ulises Vargas, Jean-Baptiste Dubois, Michael Young, Mirror, Rebecca Valentine, Consonant Analysis, Justin Howell, wingee , Cyle Lapread, Chris Miller, David Cawthon, Dolphinhats , Brian Taylor, Arnas , Jacob Kubacki, Steven West, Bob Meyers, BEAVIS, Scott White, Rabbits Watching, Chris Gibbons, Michael, Merton Hale, Nodar Rocko Davituri, Dawn Swain, JCRail , Bill Holland, James , Micah Catlin, AZbytes , Sebastian Schagerer, cody thompson, Francis O'Brien, Bryan Culver, John Goldhamer, Bob Holt, lxlumen , John-Paul Holt, Alex Nelson, Ruleryak
Where I’m Looking Forward To Going When Lockdown EndsWe're now 9 weeks into lockdown in the UK and, although restrictions have been eased slightly, we're still pretty limited in terms of where we can go and what we can do (and with whom!). But I'm ok with that - people's lives are much more important than my personal freedom. However, now things are moving in the right direction I'm starting to think more about where I want to go when we can move about more freely. We won't be heading overseas this year that's for sure - I don't think it's worth the risk, so we'll be staying in the UK instead. And since the weather this year has been so good, I'm really looking forward to it! Walking in the Peak District As you'll know if you've been following my blog for a while, I love to get out into the countryside and walk. And one of my favourite places in the UK to do that is the Peak District. Hopefully we'll be heading there soon to enjoy the stunning views and great walks... [caption id=attachment_4164 align=aligncenter width=2560] I love walking in the Peak District![/caption] Spending the day at the beach It seems such a long time since I saw the sea and I can't wait to walk along the beach and hear the waves crashing... unfortunately we live pretty much as far away from the coast as you can get in the UK! My favourite seaside resorts in the UK are too far to go for the day so we'll just have to head to one of the nearest ones (maybe Hunstanton) which is around 2 hours drive away... [caption id=attachment_4165 align=aligncenter width=2560] I'm looking forward to hitting the beach...[/caption] Camping in Wales I love camping and we were planning on a two week camping road trip this summer around Wales and the South West. This isn't going to happen now obviously but I'm hoping that towards the end of the summer holidays we may be able to get a weekend camping in Wales in (although this will only happen if more of the restrictions are lifted). [caption id=attachment_2985 align=aligncenter width=3264] We're looking forward to going camping again[/caption] There are lots of other places I'd like to go, such as Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, but I don't know when things like museums will be open again to visitors... it may be a while I guess unless they are able to maintain social distancing (which could be tricky). [caption id=attachment_3402 align=aligncenter width=4608] Old meets new at the brilliant Portsmouth Historic Dockyard...[/caption] Where are you planning to go when this is over - or maybe restrictions have already been lifted where you are? Let me know your plans in the comments below... Happy Travelling & Stay Safe! Kate