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5 Benefits of Engineered Oak Flooring for Your Home! - NexusFlooringWhat is Engineered Oak Flooring? Engineered oak flooring is the best alternative to solid oak flooring. It is made of ‘Oak’ and is quite a feasible flooring option. Engineered Oak flooring looks not just exactly like Solid Oak flooring but possesses qualities that Solid Oak flooring doesn’t have. Here is all you need to know about Engineered Oak Flooring:- Durability The Engineered wood flooring has very high durability and can be used for making floors that have a very high footfall It has multiple layers bonded together making engineered wood more stable and versatile Cost Effective The maintenance cost of engineered oak flooring is really very low The Installation cost of engineered wood flooring is less than that of solid wood flooring Production cost is also less Maintenance Engineered Oak Flooring is very easy to clean and maintain And when your style or lifestyle changes than you can easily re-install the floor to give a new look More Choices It looks the same as real wood but is also available in endless finishing options, colors, and widths Due to the popularity of engineered wood flooring around the world, there are far more pre-finished options available compared to solid wood flooring Engineered wood flooring is suitable for underfloor heating, whereas solid wood flooring is not Easy to Install It is really easy to install the engineered wooden flooring. Nowadays, it's coming with so many options You can either use a professional installation or DIY, depending on your choice The success of the engineered flooring is that it can be installed anywhere. You can install on the ground level, above or below ground level Order A Free Sample Today! Click on the “Order Now” to order a free sample Contact Us :- 21, Broadway Building, Boston Road, London, W7 3TT Ph. No. - 07587876661 / (02088403244) Email_ID - info@nexusflooring.co.uk To get more information, visit our website :- https://nexusflooring.co.uk/ Checkout our latest collection of Engineered Oak Flooring - https://nexusflooring.co.uk/category/Engineered-Wood-Flooring
Get French Country Chandeliers – The One Step Room MakeoverA chandelier is an exquisite piece of jewelry for any living space, the shape and body of it comprise of delicate and intricate artwork. An opulent chandelier works well for a majestic space, whereas if you have a tiny space and yet want to add some rustic glam then choosing French country chandeliers is an ideal option. When you are looking to illuminate the whole of the dining space, then installing a set of these shabby chic bowl shaped chandelier will give a gothic touch. The intricately designed ivory candle-like a holder for the bulbs looks similar to skeleton fingers. The metal pattern gives it a unique distressed style, excellent for Halloween party decor and interior themes that love mystery and intrigue. The fireplace is identifiably a cozy area for reading and snoozing continues feeling the warmth even when it’s not wintering with the silver finish wood chandelier. A dramatic centerpiece for the ceiling above, the silver body emulates low key sophistication. The six sockets fashioned like candle holders illuminate the space with a smooth glow. Neither too bright nor too dim the light drawn from these modern chandeliers set soothing vibrations for repose. Pale color scheme or soft wallpaper combined with ambient lighting is the perpetual answer for a darb hallway. Painting the walls in white and hanging a metal finish rustic chandelier comes as a convenient substitute for natural lighting. Its near figurine like design looks feminine and is crafted with steel and resin. The antique white scroll-like handles are inspired by conventional European light fittings. A graceful eye-catching elements that attracts one's attention straight to the ceiling as soon as one gets into the home. Individuals who live in narrow terraced houses or compact modern apartments can embrace this design trick to eliminate dark corners. Chandeliers for bedrooms conjure up images of luxurious furnishings and beddings along with flat or vaulted ceilings. Few of them have exposed brickwork or wood beams running parallel with distressed wooden floor work. The country-style modishness can be preserved by hanging wood beaded chandelier that dangles from a neat chain work. It throws enough spotlights to an expansive headboard or a tasteful collection of artwork in the bedroom. It comes in the right dimension and makes space look airy and introduces the country chic personality of the room. Sometimes you just need a statement piece in the house that will highlight the shiny or matt textures. The grade of detail that sets the feel for the entire interior theme, particularly if it's done in esque blocks of blue and painstakingly gilded staircase or an ornate roof. A huge fresco on the ceiling illuminated with the toned lights from this two tier white wood dangler can transport you back to the Renaissance period. The textured classiness of the distressed wood with candle stem decorated with golden tassels. Sculpted to perfection with wooden drops and floral patterns compliments any vintage styled decor theme. A desirable collection awaits for art connoisseurs at LNCHome. People who love to be finicky about their decor selections and fill their abode with paradise-like fixtures will never be let down with the vast accumulation of French Country modern chandeliers. Then dust off those old lamps and ceiling lights and get ready for an instant urbane room makeover with these incredibly reasonable and grand light fixtures.
Glasxperts BlogWood is a versatile building material that has found numerous applications in modern day architecture. The traditional miracle building material has become even more efficient and adaptable with rapid technological advancements. Apart from its versatility, wood is popular for its unmatched durability and strength. Lighter than steel, wood also provides a structure with the resilience and stability it requires to last long. Being a fantastic insulator, wood is an ideal companion for builders and end users alike.Today, wood can be used in numerous ways to elevate the look and feel of your modern space. From being used in the construction of doors and windows to deckings, claddings, screenings and even floorings, the versatility of wood is unrivalled.Wood with its unique properties is the ideal choice for homeowners as well as for commercial space developers.. Real solid wooden doors and windows do not jam or swell, even under unfavourable weather conditions. They’re highly durable and resilient, therefore ideal for areas exposed to moisture – such as the bathroom, main entrance door, balcony door, etc. Choose wooden front doors designs made with solid wood as opposed to ply or veneer and enjoy an unmatched blend of traditional durability and modern aesthetics. As for windows, you have the liberty to choose between sleek casement windows, elegant sliding windows or you could also customise as per your style. Wood is extremely popular among architects and interior designers alike for its easy adaptability and unmatched versatility. Apart from traditional uses in doors and windows, solid wood is also used as a high-end solution for sun shading and privacy screening in commercial as well as residential spaces.When it comes to constructing a luxurious bungalow, the backyard must also play its part in lending your space an allure. The ultimate solution for luxurious backyards - wooden decks have an understated elegance that cannot be beaten. A wooden deck can pass off as internal solid wood flooring and can easily be constructed as an extension of the indoor space. Made using natural solid wood, the deck would remain resilient to sunlight, rain and rot for decades to come, allowing you a space to host small parties and enjoy star gazing.
10 Ideas for Displaying Common Objects as Unexpected Works of Art on WallThere are plenty of ways to give life to bare walls. With some creative placement, a colorful collection of vintage bingo cards, weather vanes, a gnarled branch, mismatched framed mirrors or anything else you like can become an eye-catching wall installation and an expression of your personal style. Take a look at these 10 ideas for displaying common objects as unexpected works of art. EmailSave 1. Weather vanes. Collections of almost any kind have the potential to make great wall pieces, but objects with interesting patterns, colors, shapes or expressions especially add character to a room. Take a look at this collection of metal weather vanes mounted with brackets in the foyer of a home in upstate New York. Each animal stands out against the white wall, while the different patinas pick up tones from the side tables’ metal knobs and the warm wood of the floor. Each vane is unique, but they all work well together in a grouping. EmailSave 2. Vintage board games. Drawn to the colors, typography and original wooden construction, interior designer Kress Jack picked up this set of vintage bingo cards at a flea market. “I knew they would make a great art installation somewhere and just waited for the right project,” Jack says. The right project turned out to be a family room in Mill Valley, California, for clients who wanted a game room feel with vintage flair. Jack created narrow shelves for the bingo boards by mounting sections of quarter-round trim with the flat side up. EmailSave 3. Nets and other tools. Old farm implements, boat paddles, glass floats, fishing nets and other tools and equipment all tell a story. As wall art, they can add a sense of intrigue to a room. For example, you might not instantly recognize the pair of Portuguese eel trapsabove this fireplace in Portland, Oregon. They’re hung with plenty of room to breathe, letting their graceful form and rich texture of the weaving stand out. EmailSave 4. Mismatched mirrors. The owner of this relaxed home in Point Pleasant, New Jersey, used a collection of vintage mirrors set on a pair of rails to adorn a large wall in the living room. The mirrors face the front of the house, reflecting light from the living room windows and defining the eclectic vintage style of the interior from the get-go.To make a mismatched collection of nearly anything work well together, look for elements, colors or materials that establish a theme. The white frames and vintage styles tie this collection together, even though the mirrors vary in size and shape.See more of this home’s collections of flea market finds EmailSave 5. A strip of dramatic wallpaper. Using a single strip of wallpaper as floor-to-ceiling art can be a great way to introduce a colorful accent or rich pattern without fully committing to covering the walls. To make this look work, go for papers with bold color washes, dip dyes and large, fantastical prints, such as botanicals or birds. Avoid single colors, which can look more like a partially painted accent wall than art, and skip the small-scale prints, which will get lost from a distance. If you’re renting, using liquid starch to mount the wallpaper will allow you to remove it later without damage to the walls.t EmailSave 6. Eclectic tapestries. Think beyond quilts and traditional tapestries when you consider textiles for wall art. Anything woven with interesting details, like the pieces of metal in Moroccan wedding blankets or tiny mirrors in Indian tapestries, can make great wall accents, adding texture to a room.In this home of an interior designer and her daughter, a vintage shawl with long fringe hangs half as wall art, half as a canopy, and adds to the colorful, bohemian vibe. EmailSave 7. Wood slices. Cross sections of tree trunks and branches arranged in a river-like design across this wall bring a natural, organic element to the contemporary living room. The design is particularly eye-catching because of the graphic bullseye look of each piece of wood. Using light-colored wood such as birch would give a more subtle result but still add rich texture. EmailSave 8. License plates. A group of vintage plates hung as a collection looks more grown-up and intentional than a single plate. The interior designer of this Denver home used a set of vintage plates from Colorado and elsewhere to give an in-between space in the living room more character. EmailSave 9. Natural branch. A pale branch silhouetted against a dark accent wall creates a distinct display in this midcentury modern room. It can be tricky to figure out how to mount wooden branches. Smaller pieces with sections that lie flat to the wall can be attached with long screws. Heavier branches require mounting brackets or wiring. EmailSave 10. Handkerchiefs. A framed collection of silk handkerchiefs enlivens the wall of this living room in Ibiza, Spain, and picks up the bright cobalt, turquoise and red of the rug. To get the scarves to lie flat, the interior designer used floating glass frames. One standout scarf framed or hung from a wooden poster hanger could also anchor the room. EmailSave Tell us: What everyday objects have you turned into wall art? Share your photos in the Comments.